32 Must Have World of Warcraft Gifts For Super Fans

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World Of Warcraft has taken the world by storm since its premiere in 2004. Also known as ‘WoW’, it’s a hugely popular multiplayer game that allows players to connect and complete quests, collect loot, and they can even fight each other! We have put together 32 amazing gifts for World of Warcraft fans for you to choose from!  

  1. Cookbook Gift Set
  2. Cookbook Gift Set

    Calling all beginners and experts, this gift set would make an excellent gift for someone who loves to cook up a stir in the kitchen. This official cookbook set comes with over 100 recipes to experiment with along with a stylish apron. Whether they’re for the alliance or for the Horde, any WoW fan would admire this gift set and will be eager to taste the Azeroth essences and flavors. 

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  3. World of Warcraft Wall Clock
  4. World of Warcraft Wall Clock

    Vinyl, ultra-thin, detailed, and easy on the eye - we think this would make an excellent gift for any true World of Warcraft fan. Ideal for any room around the home, especially the bedroom as it’s silent and doesn’t tick ensuring they’ll still have a peaceful and restful sleep.  

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  5. World of Warcraft Stickers
  6. World of Warcraft Stickers

    50 piece bumper pack featuring individual and unique World of Warcraft stickers! Get creative and personalize your laptop cover, mousemat, water bottle, suitcase, diary, skateboard, walls and so much more! The sticker materials are also waterproof, PVC, and feature protection from the sun. A great way to personalize and show their love for WoW! 

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  7. Horde Travel Mug
  8. Horde Travel Mug

    Featuring the horde logo on both sides, this travel mug will hold their tea and coffee at comfortable temperatures for hours throughout the day. With heat-sensitive coating and crafted from stainless steel, this travel mug would be suitable for both hot and cold beverages.  

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  9. World of Warcraft Socks
  10. World of Warcraft Socks

    An ideal gift if you’re looking for a stocking filler, Christmas eve present, birthday present, or a small additional gift. Players of Classic World Of Warcraft will admire this present and will wear these socks with pride. Looking at the quality of these socks, they tick the boxes! 80% cotton which is super stretchy too ensuring a comfortable fit all day long.  

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  11. World of Warcraft Glasses
  12. World of Warcraft Glasses

    Practical, stylish, and useful - these would make a great gift for someone who’s recently moved home or requires some additional glassware. They’re perfect for World of Warcraft enthusiasts, and you can even choose from a range of styles such as allegiance, class, or race! 

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  13. World of Warcraft Board Game
  14. World of Warcraft Board Game

    This board game will impress any avid world of Warcraft fan. It’s light-hearted, straightforward to play, and will definitely get players reminiscing of the good ol’ days. This strategy board game allows players to conquest and control their races along with their special and unique players in the famous land of Azeroth. We love the exquisite detail that has gone into the artworks of this game and it makes a great entertainer for 2-5 players! 

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  15. World of Warcraft Monopoly
  16. World of Warcraft Monopoly

    Monopoly is a firm favorite with families, friends, and couples alike, and if your loved one is a fan too then this would really impress a World of Warcraft fan! We love the spin on the towns and cities, figure characters, and players have 6 collectibles too chase after. We can guarantee they will have hours of fun playing this. 

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  17. Braided Bracelet
  18. Braided Bracelet

    This leather braided bracelet would look great on someone’s wrist or it could be worn as an anklet bracelet. Suitable for both male and females, World of Warcraft fans would wear this with pride and plus they will always think of you when they wear it, so it makes it a special gift too! 

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  19. Alliance Banner Flag
  20. Alliance Banner Flag

    This Horde alliance banner flag would make a great decoration addition in a living room, kitchen, hallway, study, dorm, workspace, office space, or bedroom. If your WoW enthusiast already owns a few other banner flags, then this would be an added bonus and it would fit in nicely and complement the other flags too. Perfect for a birthday gift or Christmas present. 

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  21. Horde Drawstring Bag
  22. Horde Drawstring Bag

    This sturdy drawstring bag is essential for when their on the move and they need to carry essentials, water, food, books, and more. It’s durable and has been crafted from polyester fabric with a black color throughout and a vibrant red horde logo on the front. It also features a zip-lined pocket on the inside which is an ideal section to hold keys! A great gift for both males and females for either a birthday or Christmas present.  

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  23. MMO Legendary Mug
  24. MMO Legendary Mug

    This is such a practical, useful, and personal gift for any die-hard world of Warcraft fan. It’s also a double win if the person you’re gifting for loves their coffee and tea, as this will be their new favorite mug we’re sure of it! It’s also easy to care for as it’s dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and will become the new conversation starter around the office.  

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  25. Azeroth Map
  26. Azeroth Map

    This tapestry map is definitely up there with the most ultimate gifts for a true WoW fan! Crafted from high-quality polyester fabric, it’s durable, stylish, eye-catching, and would make great wall art decoration for either inside or outside. The map is extremely detailed and with the high-quality design, it’s no wonder why it’s a huge fit with WoW fans!  

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  27. Frostmourne Sword
  28. Frostmourne Sword

    If you know they have a WoW display or have been talking about starting one, then this would make an excellent gift. The sword of Arthas would make a fantastic addition or a great place to start. This stunning plaquette would look great on any flat surface, especially on a desk or set of drawers which would add a touch of personality to any room. 

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  29. World Of Warcraft Posters
  30. World Of Warcraft Posters

    Crafted from premium canvas material, each painting has a canvas, two hooks, and a scroll which are very easy to assemble. Each scroll features environmentally friendly ink which is also clear, boasts lasting colors, and bright colors. This would make fantastic wall art in any home living room, kitchen, bedroom, workspace, study, or hallway. 

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  31. Lothar Statue Phone Dock
  32. Lothar Statue Phone Dock

    Legendary World Of Warcraft statue - check, add a little tech - check! Suitable for Galaxy S6 edge+ and iPhone 6S Plus, this is an epic gift for any WoW fan. The detail that has gone into this is fantastic and the phone dock feature really finalizes the magic of this. It would look fantastic on a bedside table, workspace, or study space.  

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  33. Horde Coffee Mug
  34. Horde Coffee Mug

    Designed for the World of Warcraft fans, this ceramic coffee mug features a beautiful matte black exterior with a striking red interior. On the outside, you will see the classic red horde crest on one side, and the World of Warcraft on the opposite side. It’s also an added bonus that it’s easy to care for because it’s dishwasher safe and microwave safe.  

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  35. WoW Inspired Keychain
  36. WoW Inspired Keychain

    Get dad something a little more personal this year with this thoughtful World of Warcraft keychain. It’s lead-free, hypoallergenic, nickel-free, and will not rust making it a great sentimental gift that will have them beaming from ear to ear! Overall a fantastic gift for the dads who plays World of Warcraft! 

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  37. Mouse Mat
  38. Mouse Mat

    Non-slip World of Warcraft mouse mat which displays exquisite details and awesome patterns throughout. The ultra-smooth surface will allow players to move their mouse with ease and speed as they tackle quests and conquer other players. Surface design is easily washable and has a great color-locking effect ensuring colors will not fade. 

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  39. Alliance Wax Steal Stamp Gift
  40. Alliance Wax Steal Stamp Gift

    This would be a must-have for all horde fans out there. Each seal is heavy duty ensuring a clear and deep impression when applied. A true World of Warcraft fan will be able to add a little bit of ‘spice’ to their next Christmas card batch too and it really ensures all letters will stand out and look even fancier! 

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  41. World Of Warcraft Throw
  42. World Of Warcraft Throw

    Everyone loves a supersoft throw to cuddle up with throughout the winter months, and this would really tick the boxes for WoW fans. We absolutely love the detail that’s gone into this throw because its’ vibrant, colorful, rich, and would be perfect for any gender and any age! It’s also durable and super easy to clean and care for. 

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  43. 3D Wood Model and Poster
  44. 3D Wood Model and Poster

    This 3D wood model figure kit is a collectible, customizable, and paintable and is designed for World of Warcraft fans who are for the alliance! Ideal for all ages and player levels whether they’re complete beginners or highly experienced players. Inside they will find an easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions kit and the best part - no glue or tools are necessary! 

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  45. World Of Warcraft Journal
  46. World Of Warcraft Journal

    This journal features 192 lined pages and is a great palace for fans to come to write down all of their achievements, personal goals, and tactics for epic gameplay! This journal is a must for avid players who want to level up their experience and share with others their progress and gameplan. Unlike a basic journal, this particular one is very high quality and players can use a pen or pencil. 

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  47. World of Warcraft T-Shirt
  48. World of Warcraft T-Shirt

    Official merchandise of World of Warcraft, this t-shirt would make an epic gift for your friend, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, child, mother, father, wife, and husband as the colors are gender-neutral and the fit of the t-shirt is relaxed. Any WoW fan will wear this with pride and will also become a top-tier choice of loungewear for around the house too.  

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  49. World Of Warcraft Playing Cards
  50. World Of Warcraft Playing Cards

    This bumper pack of 54 cards will keep WoW fans entertained for hours on end. Each card is smooth, comfortable to handle, and features unique and different patterns. This would make a great gift for a fan who just wants to admire the cards and add them to their collector’s selection, and they’re also great for family gatherings and multi-players. 

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  51. Horde Wooden Beer Mug
  52. Horde Wooden Beer Mug

    This natural oak-tree wood mug is made from stainless steel, and the logo is made of copper. It will hold 17 ounces of their favorite beverage whether that be water, juice, or beer. The inner stainless steel will also help to keep their beverage colder for longer too, perfect for a hot summer’s day! This would make a great addition to their glassware cabinet and is a great conversation starter. 

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  53. Exclusive Figure Pack
  54. Exclusive Figure Pack

    These vinyl Pop! Movie figures are from the Warcraft feature film where humans and the orc warriors were at the brink of war in the land of Azeroth. These make a great collector’s item and would look brilliant in a glass cabinet, on a desk surface, or on a set of drawers. We love these highly detailed figures and we think your WoW enthusiast will do too!  

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  55. Deathwing Figure
  56. Deathwing Figure

    This oversized World of Warcraft Deathwing figure will certainly impress a WoW player! This is especially so if they’ve already started a collection of figures as this particular one really stands out because of its size. The colors are great, the detail is impressive, and it’s incredibly good value for money - overall, we love it!  

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  57. Large Viking Drinking Horn
  58. Large Viking Drinking Horn

    Mediveal, authentic, and legitamtae - this large beer drinking horn comes beautifully packaged in a rustic giftbag and will bring alive old traditions. It even comes with its own stand for when you need to place it down due too it’s unique design. Overall, it will keep their beer or preferred beverage cooler for longer and looks pretty damn epic, right!? 

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  59. WoW Blackout Curtains
  60. WoW Blackout Curtains

    Crafted from high quality polyester fabric, these curtains will block out direct sunlight, harmful ultraviolet rays, and will add personality and style with ease to any bedroom. They will keep a room cooler in summer and warmer in winter, making them a great energy-saving insulation barrier too! An ideal gift for someone who is passionate about World of Warcraft. 

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  61. Funny Gamer T-Shirt
  62. Funny Gamer T-Shirt

    Just because it doesn’t feature World of Warcraft directly, doesn’t mean it’s not relevant! Any gamer would appreciate this who has a light sense of humor and who wants to show people what their favorite hobby is. This would make a fantastic gift for a male or female gamer for either their birthday or Christmas present.  

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  63. World of Warcraft Megablocks
  64. World of Warcraft Megablocks

    Build an alliance fort tower and protect it at all costs with a catapult launcher! With over 290 buildable parts too get through, so much can be built and once it’s been finished it really does look remarkable and you might not want to take it down! This would make a great gift for someone who has enjoyed building with Lego over the years and who’s got an eye for detail. 

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