29 Brilliant Wolf Gifts For People Who Love Wolves

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Do you know someone who loves wolves? Chances are, you do! Choosing a wolf gift is easy. We have selected 29 different gifts to suit all ages and budgets. Wolves are fearless animals who act on instinct. They embody strength and courage. Bring these qualities to a loved one by giving them one of these unique wolf gifts. 

  1. Wolf Blanket
  2. Wolf Blanket

    This super soft fleece throw makes an ideal gift for all ages. This large blanket will keep them warm and cozy whilst howling at the moon. Made from 100% polyester, it is easy to machine wash. Alternatively, you could use this as a wall hanging. It would look great as a focal point in any wolf lover's home.

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  3. 3D Wolf Lamp
  4. 3D Wolf Lamp

    A wolf gift that will light up whoever receives it. This is a gift that can be used in any room of the home. It will delight children and would look welcoming on a bedside table. This could be a wolf gift for birthdays, Christmas or even Halloween. The 3D lamp has 16 colors.  

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  5. Wolf Necklace
  6. Wolf Necklace

    This necklace is a thoughtful wolf gift for a special someone in your life. They will appreciate the inspirational quote and it will connect them with the spirit of wolf. The design will accentuate any style and they can express their love for wolves with every outfit. Packaged in an envelope, it is ideal to send to loved ones overseas.

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  7. Leather Notebook
  8. Leather Notebook

    A stylish leather notebook is a wolf gift for those who like journaling. This beautifully embossed handmade notebook is made in India. The compact size means it can be carried in a bag easily. This wolf gift is unique and can be used for writing or drawing. Perfect for recording any information about wolves.  

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  9. Wolf Figurine
  10. Wolf Figurine

    This black wolf figure is an educational wolf gift for children. They will enjoy using it for creative and imaginative play. With realistic details it could also be used as a display object or as part of a collection. This handpainted, life-like wolf could be used as a birthday gift for anyone who loves wolves.   

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  11. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle
  12. Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

    This really is a unique jigsaw puzzle. It would be an engaging wolf gift for the whole family to enjoy. Along with regular puzzle pieces, there are animal cut-outs. These make creating the puzzle more fun. Kids and adults will enjoy the beautiful bright colors. It can even be hung on a wall when completed. 

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  13. Men's T-Shirt
  14. Men's T-Shirt

    For the leader of your pack, this would make a stylish gift. Made from sustainable, 100% cotton, it is sure to bring out the inner wolf. This is the perfect wolf gift for men. It could be given as a gift on father's day, birthdays or Christmas. Whatever the occasion, your wolf lover will wear this t-shirt proudly.  

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  15. Wolf Stickers
  16. Wolf Stickers

    This pack of 50 unique stickers are a great gift for children. They will enjoy decorating their room with wolves. They are made of PVC so are durable on any smooth surface. They are waterproof and won't fade in the sun. This wolf gift will bring out their inner creativity.  

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  17. Wolf Themed Tumbler
  18. Wolf Themed Tumbler

    A wolf gift that you can take anywhere. This tumbler is made from stainless steel and is fully insulated. Perfect for keeping your tea or coffee warm whilst on the go. Your recipient can take their drink and love of wolves wherever they roam. It can be used at the office, in the car, camping or at the beach.

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  19. Wolf Dog Tag
  20. Wolf Dog Tag

    A great gift for someone who wants to express their inner wolf spirit. This stainless-steel dog tag has a wolf design on one side and a warrior message on the other. It can be used around the neck, used as a key chain or even on a school bag. This makes it a wolf gift for all ages. 

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  21. Wolf Wall Hanging
  22. Wolf Wall Hanging

    For a wolf gift that won't disappoint, this wall hanging ticks every box. It will brighten up any room as a colorful wall decoration. It could be hung in the bedroom, living room or a child's room. In fact, anywhere in the house so they can show their wolf connection. It will hang nicely and the colors will not fade. 

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  23. Decorative Hunting Knife
  24. Decorative Hunting Knife

    For a hunting knife with a difference, look no further. This amazing wolf gift will please all those with a hunting instinct. This stunning decorative wolf gift would look dramatic on display. It is  and features a stainless-steel blade. The best wolf gift for those who love being in the outdoors.  

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  25. Metal Coat Rack
  26. Metal Coat Rack

    This metal coat hanger is a practical gift for friends and relatives. A wolf gift that can be used in a variety of rooms. It could be used to hang towels in the bathroom or for coats in the hallway. Wherever it is used, people are sure to notice the great design of a wolf howling at the moon.

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  27. Plush Wolf Toy
  28. Plush Wolf Toy

    A super soft and cuddly wolf gift for children. They will have hours of fun pretending to be a wolf, howling at the moon and using their imaginations. It would make an ideal birthday present for young people to play with. It can be used to fiercely guard the other toys in their bedroom.

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  29. 3D Wooden Puzzle
  30. 3D Wooden Puzzle

    This real wood 3D puzzle is a creative learning toy for children. A wolf gift that will help them with problem solving skills. A lovely wolf gift for a birthday, Christmas or the holidays. The laser cut pieces are easy to fit together. After assembly, it can be used as a decorative piece that will be treasured for years to come.  

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  31. Metal Garden Decor
  32. Metal Garden Decor

    For gardeners, this wolf gift will take pride of place in the garden. A mesmerizing 3D metal spinner that will enhance the look of any outdoor area. It is weather resistant, so will make a great gift for years to come. It could also be used on a balcony or a porch. 

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  33. The Hidden Life of Wolves
  34. The Hidden Life of Wolves

    Featuring beautiful color photos of wolves, this book will be a hit with anyone who loves our pet dog's ancestors. A wolf gift that will suit anyone with an interest in wolves. This book documents the life of a wolf pack. The short chapters detail the different wolves and include plenty of wolf facts.  

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  35. Wolf Bracelet
  36. Wolf Bracelet

    This leather wolf bracelet is the ultimate wolf gift for the wild man in your life. The embossed wolf head is a symbol of courage and freedom. It is ideal as an anniversary, birthday or special occasion gift. It is durable and perfect for everyday wear.  

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  37. White Wolf Mug
  38. White Wolf Mug

    Connect with the wisdom of the wolf and purchase this ornate wolf gift. Crafted from high quality resin, this mug makes a striking addition to home decor. It can also be used as a functional mug. This is a wolf gift for anyone who wants to show their love for wild creatures.  

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  39. Wooden Wolf Box
  40. Wooden Wolf Box

    This solid and decorative wooden box is built to last. A wolf gift that will delight and please any wolf lover. This trinket box is handcrafted from renewable sources, so no two are the same. It features an incredible scene of a wolf howling at the moon. Each unique box is securely lined with velvet to keep valuables safe and protected.

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  41. Wolf Backpack
  42. Wolf Backpack

    This fashionable and functional backpack is a useful wolf gift. It will make a great back to school gift for your young wolf cubs. They will love the fashionable design. It has comfortable and adjustable straps and side pockets. They will have plenty of space to carry any of their wolf toys around with them.   

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  43. Snow Globe
  44. Snow Globe

    A very decorative and inspiring snow globe. A wolf gift for those with good taste. Placed on a shelf in the home, it will draw attention and comments. This is an ideal Christmas gift due to the snowy scene. A very collectible item, it will add a touch of mystery to any room in the home. 

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  45. Men's Pajama Pants
  46. Men's Pajama Pants

    These wolf print pyjama pants make an ideal father's day, birthday or Christmas gift. If the man in your life loves wolves, this wolf gift will be welcomed. Made from 100% cotton, they will keep them warm whilst sleeping in their den or relaxing around the house.

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  47. Wolf Themed Hand Fan
  48. Wolf Themed Hand Fan

    This is a wolf gift for those who like to keep their cool. A large, quality fan that features a wolf design. It would be an ideal accessory to take to a summer wedding or a party. The bamboo frame and polyester fabric make this fan sturdier than paper versions. It even includes a stylish case.

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  49. Zippo Wolf Lighter
  50. Zippo Wolf Lighter

    This Zippo wolf lighter is sure to become a firm favorite for wolf fans. It has a stylish design and a lifetime guarantee. This lighter is windproof and is packaged in a gift box. For outdoor types, this wolf gift will be useful for camping. A thoughtful gift for Father's Day or a birthday.  

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  51. Wall Art Canvas Prints
  52. Wall Art Canvas Prints

    This 4-piece canvas wall art set is an artistic gift for wolf lovers. They can be displayed in any room to bring a taste of the wild indoors. These high-quality canvas prints are bright and eye-catching. They would work really well with existing wolf decor or wolf themed rooms.  

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  53. Wolf Signet Ring
  54. Wolf Signet Ring

    This wolf gift will allow the wearer to express their individual style. A wolf gift for anyone who wants to capture the strength and agility represented by the wolf. It would make a great addition to a jewelry collection and can be worn by men or women. This wolf gift is perfect for any celebrations or special occasions.  

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  55. Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
  56. Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

    Add to their wolf decor and purchase this wolf gift for a special person in your life. This wolf salt and pepper shaker will add a dramatic element to a dinner table. The design is intricately detailed and will appeal to anyone who is a fan of wolves. This well made and quirky set will look great in the kitchen. 

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  57. Wolf Bookmark
  58. Wolf Bookmark

    For an introspective wolf gift, choose this bookmark. A wolf gift for those with a love of reading and those who embody the spirit of the lone wolf. The material is a high quality and very durable. It also features an elegant tassel. It can be used as a place holder in books about wolves.  

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