28 Adorable Turtle Gifts For Turtle Lovers

Not only are they adorable and fascinating to watch, but turtles are also some of the oldest animals on our planet, around 230 million years to be exact! Therefore it’s no wonder we’re fascinated by these magnificent creatures. If you know someone who is a big turtle enthusiast, then we have got you covered with the best 28 turtle gifts!

  1. Turtle Necklace
  2. Turtle Necklace

    This 925 sterling silver necklace is simply beautiful and would complement any female of any age. The size and style make this necklace wearable and suitable for any occasion. It also symbolizes endurance, good luck, and long life making it a great personal gift! Nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic, you can be reassured this will be safe on your loved one’s skin.  

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  3. Tropical Throw
  4. Tropical Throw

    We love this throw because it screams summer vibes! This ultra-soft throw features intense colors throughout which really makes this stand out. This would also be a great gift for someone who is an ocean lover and who typically daydreams about a vacay in paradise aka Hawaii! Overall it’s easy to care for, comforting, and would add great personality into any room around the house. 

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  5. Cute Suprise Cup
  6. Cute Suprise Cup

    This adorable high-fire ceramic handmade cup will be sure to brighten up anyone’s day! Simply go ahead and pour in your favorite beverage whether that be tea, coffee, or juice - and before you go to take the last sip - surprise! Dishwasher safe and microwavable safe, this adorable gift will keep your loved ones smiling even on their toughest days! 

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  7. Epic Tie
  8. Epic Tie

    We all know someone who loves a quirky tie, right? Not only is this design trendy but it features premium brand tie lining due to the fabric that is made from 1200 needle count which is much higher than the average tie! A great present that is memorable, classy, and which will really showcase someone’s personality & love for turtles! 

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  9. Inspirational Keychain
  10. Inspirational Keychain

    Stainless steel, lead-free, and nickel-free - this super sweet keychain would make an excellent gift for a turtle lover. We love this because the message is motivational, encouraging, and will brighten anyone’s day who needs a little pick-me-up. It also comes in a premium quality gift box which is ready to gift! 

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  11. Sea Turtle Windchime
  12. Sea Turtle Windchime

    If they love turtles and the beach life, this would make an epic gift! This copper cool windchime will have your loved ones feeling relaxed, content, and dreaming of paradise as they relax in their garden. Not only does the windchime look fantastic, but it’s also sturdy, waterproof, windproof, and super easy to install whether their preference is indoors or outdoors. 

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  13. Turtle Socks
  14. Turtle Socks

    Socks are a great gift because they’re practical, useful, and inexpensive (unless you opt for designer brands). Instead of gifting a multipack of 3 black socks this year, get a little creative with this fab pair! We love the navy base and swimming turtles and we think anyone could rock these socks.  

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  15. Trinket Box
  16. Trinket Box

    The cutest storage place to hold your favorite earrings, rings, treasures, and more. This would also make a fabulous desk accessory which will really spruce up somebody’s workstation! This cute little turtle is detachable so that you can store and pick out your jewelry safely from the egg figure. A bonus tip - place this somewhere where the sunlight hits as you don’t want to miss the beautiful gems shine once they catch the light! 

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  17. Turtle Tumbler
  18. Turtle Tumbler

    Looking for a container that will change with your preferences? Fancy a hot coffee, no problem. Fancy a chilled wine for after a hard day, no problem. This double-wall vacuum insulation tumbler will keep your beverage at the desired temperature for hours to come. It’s BPA-free, incredibly sturdy, and features a spill-proof lid which is especially ideal for when you’re on the go! 

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  19. Padded Slippers
  20. Padded Slippers

    These novelty slippers will not be coming off in the winter months and that’s not just because they’re super cute. The plush padding on these will keep someone’s feet and toes warm and comfortable whilst they relax. They’re also safe to walk around the house thanks to their non-slip grip. We think these would make a great gift for all ages and genders.  

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  21. Turtle Plant Holder
  22. Turtle Plant Holder

    Spruce up their garden with their new favorite planter! This adorable planter is acute in size making it great for holding mini cactus, bonsai, and other small plants. If they’re not a fan of plants and prefer candles more, then this could even hold their candles to thanks to the perfect size! This would look great in the garden, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and especially somebody’s workstation. 

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  23. Turtle Decor
  24. Turtle Decor

    This loveable set of 4 would make a great gift for someone who adores turtles! Just because they’re a set of 4, doesn’t mean they all have to belong together. You can use them as bookcase stoppers, desk accessories, bathroom decor, and so much more… We love the realistic features of each statue and we’re sure your loved one will appreciate them too! 

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  25. Light-Changing Desk Lamp
  26. Light-Changing Desk Lamp

    Spark creativity and inspiration with this beautiful turtle desk lamp. We think these would be most appreciated in someone’s bedroom, as this would make a fantastic night light. Not only are night lights great at keeping people relaxed when it’s dark, but they also add a sense of relaxation to the room, meaning they can drift off to sleep peacefully. With a choice of 7 colors to opt for, this would be a great gift for a friend, relative, partner, or child. 

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  27. Sea Turtle Friendship Anklets
  28. Sea Turtle Friendship Anklets

    If you’re looking for a sweet, memorable yet subtle gift for your bestie - then look no further. This beautiful matching duo is comfortable to wear, nickel-free, lead-free, tarnish-resistant, and has been crafted from stainless steel ensuring top quality! Wherever you go when apart, you’ll always be reminded of your special friendship and combined love for the ocean and sea turtles. 

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  29. Turtle Page Markers
  30. Turtle Page Markers

    Ensure they never lose their preferred page again with these brilliant page markers. Whether they need them for their college work, uni work, admin work, or whilst leisurely reading - we can ensure they will come in handy!  

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  31. Baby Turtle Fairy Lights
  32. Baby Turtle Fairy Lights

    Fairy lights can be used pretty much anywhere, but they especially look great in someone’s bedroom. The warm light adds calm and creates a relaxing environment where you can wind down and drift off to sleep. For a turtle lover, these would be a brilliant gift as they also come with a multi-functional remote control with a timer and flicker option too. 

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  33. Solar Garden Turtle Lights
  34. Solar Garden Turtle Lights

    These resin-crafted LED lights are just adorable and they’re also 100% solar powered meaning no batteries or cables needed - ever! We think these would look pretty epic based on some rocks to adding a more realistic vibe to them. Whether it be rain, snow, wind, or summer - you needn’t worry about bringing them indoors and outdoors, as they’ve been built to work through all weather types. 

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  35. National Geographic Turtle Book
  36. National Geographic Turtle Book

    This would make an especially great gift for children and teenagers who have a passion for turtles. Inside they will find vibrant images and bundles of facts meaning they can learn all about these fantastic reptiles right here! With 32 pages to work their way through, we can be sure they will learn something they didn’t already know - or they may learn more than what they were expecting too! 

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  37. Motivational Water Bottle
  38. Motivational Water Bottle

    Motivational water bottles are a great way for people to stay reminded of how hydrated they are throughout the day. They list the times throughout the day with motivating little messages i.e. ‘almost there’ and ‘don’t give up’. This would make someone extra motivated if they love turtles too. The design is beautiful, it’s super cute, and it also features a fruit infusion filter so say goodbye to boring plain water! 

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  39. Stickers
  40. Stickers

    Great variety, great quality, and child-friendly - this bumper pack of 42 adorable turtle stickers are great for decorating, arts and crafts, and for personalizing! Transform water bottles, skateboards, diaries, walls, laptop covers and so much more. These vinyl stickers are also completely individual and unique to one another. 

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  41. Turtle Advice Tumbler
  42. Turtle Advice Tumbler

    Not only is this incredibly easy on the eye and beautifully finished, but the tech specs are fantastic also. It’s double-walled and vacuum-sealed which will keep your beverages hot or cold for a longer timeframe. Crafted from 18/8 stainless steel you can rest easy knowing this will not rust, break or offer a metallic taste. A lovely present for your turtle loving enthusiast. 

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  43. Turtle Wall Art
  44. Turtle Wall Art

    Framed and ready to hang, this epic dude would brighten up a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, bedroom, or office space. The canvas features a high-quality gloss coating and the image has been printed at high resolution ensuring a top-quality final finish. The colors used throughout will complement most interiors and it makes a great modern decoration.  

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  45. Stuffed Sea Turtle
  46. Stuffed Sea Turtle

    Designed with young minds at heart, this adorable plush sea turtle also comes with a set of baby turtles. On its shell they will find a zipper, and inside are 3 adorable sea turtles to play with too! We love the zipper compact as you can ensure no turtles are misplaced and they can be safely stored together. We love the cute little flippers too and they’re machine washable too!  

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  47. I Love Turtles Sweater
  48. I Love Turtles Sweater

    This sweater is a great way for someone to showcase their love for turtles. Crafted with 50% Polyester and 50% cotton material, you can ensure a comfortable and relaxed fit with this sweater. Machine washable and easy to care for, this would be a great gift for any gender and any age group. 

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  49. Kitchen Set
  50. Kitchen Set

    This handy set is ideal for someone who requires some everyday kitchen essentials. Inside they will find one oven mitt, one potholder, and one dish towel. All items are made from 100% cotton ensuring great quality, and these designs will certainly add some tropical vibes to the kitchen! These would make an extra special gift if your loved one is moving houses.  

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  51. Welcome Outdoor Light
  52. Welcome Outdoor Light

    Welcome friends, family, and neighbors with this adorable turtle feature. This trio of cuties works best in an area where there is direct sunlight because not only will they welcome your guests, they’re also LED solar powered! When the sun goes down the shells come alive and will shine brightly for hours when they’re fully charged. This would look great in the garden, patio, driveway way, or hallway. 

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  53. Turtle Cutting Board
  54. Turtle Cutting Board

    This vertical-grain bamboo cutting board will make cooking in the kitchen so much more fun. It could also be used as a sharing board for all the cheese and crackers your heart desires! It’s also easy to care for, once you’re finished entertaining or chopping simply wipe down and store it away. There is also an option to hang this instead if that works better storage wise too.  

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