27 Ace Tennis Gifts That Players & Coaches Will Love

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Tennis players, enthusiasts, coaches, and professionals – we have got you covered if you’re looking for a tennis-themed gift. Whether you’re searching for something novelty-related or something which will enhance their experience on the court, we have put together 27 amazing tennis gifts which will be ideal for their upcoming birthday or Christmas present.  

  1. Easy Tennis Ball Collector
  2. Easy Tennis Ball Collector

    This is a game-changer for those playing tennis, not only is this time-effective it’s also easier on their backs when collecting balls. This would be ideal for someone playing tennis just for fun in their downtime, and especially for professional sports players. The best part is that this will attach to any standard-sized bracket so if you’re unsure, then you needn’t worry now. 

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  3. Bath Bombs
  4. Bath Bombs

    Who doesn’t love a bath bomb when it comes to their soak in the tub. These 3 handcrafted bath bombs come in the shape of a tennis ball and they look very realistic! Not only are bath bombs fun, but these also contain Epsom salt which is ideal for tending to sore and aching muscles. Especially great if your loved one spends a lot of time on the court! 

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  5. Professional Tennis Training Tool
  6. Professional Tennis Training Tool

    This rebounder is great for someone looking to sharpen their tennis skills. It can allow the player to also increase their hand and eye coordination, focus, and speed. No one to play with? No problem as this has been designed to offer solo training. It’s also ideal for taking with you on your travels so if you want to practice whilst you’re on vacation, that’s no problem as this would work great on a beach or in a park!  

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  7. Stylish Pouch
  8. Stylish Pouch

    These are great for bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and especially when traveling. It’s an ideal organizer for small belongings whether that be pens, pencils, makeup brushes, lipsticks, and so much more… They’ll love the tennis print on the front and it’s also eco-friendly meaning you’re doing your part in terms of looking after the environment, win-win!  

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  9. Cooling Towels
  10. Cooling Towels

    This pack of 4 are not just any ordinary towels, these are chemical-free cooling blankets ideal for players in warm climates and hot summer days. Once they’ve been chilled, they will stay cool for up to 3 hours. These are ideal for preventing heat exhaustion and allowing someone to feel hydrated and refreshed whilst on the court.  

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  11. Tumbler Gift Set
  12. Tumbler Gift Set

    When they’re off the courtyard, they may like to wind down with a glass of wine or an ice-cold fresh juice. This gift set is great because it includes not just a tumbler, but a pair of tennis-themed socks, a tennis bottle stopper, and novelty tennis socks. This would be ideal to gift to someone just mad about tennis. 

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  13. Funny Notepad
  14. Funny Notepad

    Whether they’re interested in starting a diary, writing down their personal bests, or just making lists - this notepad, in particular, would be ideal for a tennis enthusiast. They will agree with the message on the front-most likely and it will make them smile!  

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  15. Foot Rocker
  16. Foot Rocker

    If you’re looking for something practical then you cannot go wrong with this foot rocker. This anti-slip foot rocker is essential for relieving foot and heel pain after a day on the courts. It’s also great for stretching the lower leg muscles such as the calves and is a great way of treating and preventing injuries.  

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  17. Vibrant Clock
  18. Vibrant Clock

    If they’re a true fan of tennis, you better get them a tennis-themed clock! It’s bold, vibrant, and super stylish thanks to its glossy finish and enlarged numbers. Easy to tell the time from a distance, and would look great in any kitchen, bathroom, workplace, or bedroom. 

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  19. Tennis Score Keeping Device
  20. Tennis Score Keeping Device

    Keep scores in check the traditional way with this unique device brought to you by SkorKeep. Easy to attach onto someone’s racket and it will log the set and tie-breaks also. We love how the dials snap into place quickly and efficiently so they’ll be able to play for longer instead of fiddling with the dials.  

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  21. Sports Trainers
  22. Sports Trainers

    Comfortable and breathable footwear is absolutely essential when playing sports, especially a sport like tennis where jumps and leaps can cause strain on the feet. These Adidas cloudfoam trainers come with a rubber sole, are super comfortable, and very stylish. They would make a fantastic gift for the female tennis enthusiast in your life. 

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  23. Salad Servers
  24. Salad Servers

    These are truly unique and would be amazing for someone who enjoys serving up food for groups of people. Salad servers are ideal for when you’re hosting a BBQ or garden party and these sure will catch everyone’s eye. They make a great conversation starter, are very cute, and are made from solid beech wood! 

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  25. Novelty Mug
  26. Novelty Mug

    Ideal for a friend or family member who has a sense of humor and who has a skillful hand when it comes to tennis. It’s 100% pure white ceramic, printed on both sides, and is safe for the microwave and dishwasher making it an ideal mug to have in anyone’s home! 

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  27. Motivational Tennis Necklaces
  28. Motivational Tennis Necklaces

    Inside you will find 12 stylish dog tag necklaces, each design is unique, individual, and motivational making them a great gift for tennis fans, tennis players, coaches, students, and more… Their also suitable for both male and female whether they’re children, teenagers, or adults. 

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  29. Double-sided Clipboard
  30. Double-sided Clipboard

    Made from high-quality materials, this clipboard would be an ideal gift for the coach in your life. Easy to wipe surface on both sides features a clear design of a full tennis court ideal for visualizing a great game ahead. It also comes with an attached sturdy clip ideal for keeping your marker in a safe place and within easy reach 

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  31. Tennis Baby Bib
  32. Tennis Baby Bib

    This would make a super special gift for the pro tennis player who has a little one in their life. Not only will the baby be smiling but the mum or dad will be especially! It’s super soft 100% polyester fabric, and the sturdy velcro tab on the back will make sure food does not impact clothes where the bib is covering.  

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  33. Roger Federer Book
  34. Roger Federer  Book

    A true fan or player of tennis will know who this is, one of the greatest tennis legends of all time! This book will be sure to inspire them and allow them to read into Roger Federers’ childhood, early life, personal life, rise to fame and so much more! It will also become a great keepsake for years to come and will often be revisited for motivation.  

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  35. Art Decor
  36. Art Decor

    Everyone has something they look forward to the most in their daily life usually. Whether that be playing video games, watching sports, playing football, going to the gym, etc… Therefore this is an ideal gift for the person who just loves to play tennis! It’s modern, casual, and would complement most interiors around the home. 

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  37. 50th Anniversary US Open Book
  38. 50th Anniversary US Open Book

    Foreword by Serena Williams, this amazing book features key moments, the early years of tennis, iconic players and so much more! The pictures inside are rich and extremely high quality making it a perfect gift for the tennis player, coach, and enthusiast in your life. 

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  39. Rafael Nadal Funko Pop!
  40. Rafael Nadal Funko Pop!

    These just look amazing and are super high quality. They make a great addition to have on a work desk, but also add personality and style to bedroom drawers, shelves, corner desks, and more. This vinyl figure will not only bring joy and excitement but will also make a great collectible for the near future. 

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  41. Tennis Backpack
  42. Tennis Backpack

    Keep their rackets, water bottle, and other personal belongings safe in this stylish pickleball backpack. It has a large capacity, is waterproof, and extremely durable making it ideal for indoor and outdoor usage. The extra thick and tear-resistant material is great on rough terrains too meaning they will get lots of use out of this.  

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  43. Wimbledon Bath Towel
  44. Wimbledon Bath Towel

    Ideal for home use, a long day at the beach, or a picnic in the park. Crafted from high-quality microfiber, this lightweight towel would make an excellent present for any tennis fan or player out there. Absorbent and fast-drying makes this essential for whether they use it after a shower, a long soak in the tub, or when they’re spending the day at the beach. We love the design and colors used throughout which adds a touch of luxury to this! 

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  45. Nightlight
  46. Nightlight

    Nightlights are ideal and add reassurance for someone who fears the dark and is struggling to sleep. They’re also great for adding more light into a room as well as personality. This 3D illusion light has a vintage feel to it and comes with a smart touch button where they have the choice of 7 colors to choose from.   

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  47. Burj Al Arab Wall Art
  48. Burj Al Arab Wall Art

    Not for the faint-hearted or for anyone who has a fear of heights we would say. However, this is just breathtaking and showcases amazing architecture which Dubai never fails on. This stunning piece of wall art also comes ready framed making it a readily available gift. This would look magnificent in someone’s living room, workplace, study, or bathroom and is definitely a great conversation starter! 

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