36 Spectacular Sunflower Gifts That Will Make Anyone Shine

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Sunflowers bring joy, happiness, and admiration because they’re known to be ‘happy flowers’. They’re always facing the sun which is incredible & they give off positive vibes. Therefore we wouldn’t be surprised if you have a loved one who is sunflower obsessed! If so, we’ve put together 36 sunflower gifts below which we think they would love and so will you. 

  1. Sunflower Blanket
  2. Sunflower Blanket

    When it comes to gifting blankets, you can’t go wrong. Keep them snug and positive this winter with this beautiful sunflower blanket. It’s easy to care for, lightweight, and very soft to touch. Whether it be used in the living room, bedroom, car, or at a picnic, this blanket is very durable and when winter passes it would make a great piece of decor around the home.  

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  3. Eternal Flower In Bottle
  4. Eternal Flower In Bottle

    No watering, managing, toxic ingredients, or pollen - just unique technology which will preserve this beautiful sunflower for up to 3-5 years. Only high-quality fresh flowers are used in this light-up bottle making it a really unique and special gift to give to your loved one. Equipped with remote control, they have control and can choose from 13 colors - this would look exquisite in someone’s living room, bedroom, study, bathroom, and outside. 

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  5. Charm Bracelet
  6. Charm Bracelet

    This 316L stainless steel bracelet will fit most wrists and is comfortable, stylish, and motivational. We love the charms which are attached and the heart-warming message that comes with this bracelet. Ideal for your sister, girlfriend, wife, partner, friend, or mother and it also comes in a stylish drawstring pouch ideal for gifting and keeping the bracelet safe. 

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  7. Lounge Pants
  8. Lounge Pants

    These super comfortable and chic pants really give off hippy vibes which we’re diggin! They can be worn as pajamas, yoga pants, lounge pants, and more because of the style they can be worn anywhere. Suitable for both hand wash and on a cool machine wash, we’re sure that your loved one will get plenty of usage and joy out of these. 

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  9. Notepad
  10. Notepad

    This lined journal can be used as a diary, notepad, logbook and so much more. The soft matte front cover gives a real luxurious and sturdy feel and the printed design is high quality. It also features a motivational message on the front which will keep your sunflower enthusiast feeling motivated, upbeat, and confident for the day or week ahead. 

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  11. Friendship Bracelet
  12. Friendship Bracelet

    Adorable, charming, and stylish - these friendship bracelets make great birthday and Christmas presents. They can be worn on the wrist or on their ankle, whichever they prefer, and wherever they go they will feel positive, upbeat, and reminded of your very special friendship. 

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  13. Baby Milestone Blanket
  14. Baby Milestone Blanket

    This sunflower blanket mat would be a perfect gift idea for a mother you know who is expecting or has just given birth. Digital printing technology has been used to craft this blanket, therefore making it dye-free, fade-resistant, and safe for both baby and parent. Babies grow so quickly, so capture each monthly milestone on this gorgeous throw which we’re sure will become a keepsake for the rest of their lives. 

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  15. Sunflower Clock
  16. Sunflower Clock

    We love this rustic clock which gives off a real country farmhouse vibe and will make any house feel more homely. This would look great in any room around the house but especially the bedroom as this is a silent clock. No ticking means no night-time disturbance, making this a great choice for a bedroom clock. All you need to do is pop some batteries in and then you have a beautiful working sunflower wall clock! 

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  17. Insulated Lunchbox
  18. Insulated Lunchbox

    High-quality aluminum film lines the inside of this beautiful bag, making it ideal for carrying warm or cold food for a longer period of time. It’s incredibly sturdy and comfortable to wear due to the adjustable strap, and also features a handy front pocket which is ideal for an extra storage department.  

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  19. Artificial Plant
  20. Artificial Plant

    These are a great way of adding more color, light, and positivity into a room. They make a great centerpiece or piece of decor for the bedroom shelves, bathroom, study, and kitchen. Due to their small size, these are also super cute and will look especially great when they’re in season and throughout summer. 

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  21. Sunflower Wooden Decor
  22. Sunflower Wooden Decor

    This set of 3 can be placed together on one wall or separated around the house. The rustic wooden decor will boost that homely and cozy vibe around their home and when people pass by, they will feel more upbeat, and happy.  

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  23. Kitchen Essentials
  24. Kitchen Essentials

    Inside you will receive two pot holders, two dish towels, and one oven mitt. Each one features a unique design and display of beautiful bold sunflowers. These make an ideal gift for the sunflower enthusiast who likes to spend time in the kitchen cooking or baking. These are also machine washable making them easy to clean and care for. 

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  25. Salt & Pepper Shakers
  26. Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Whilst we’re talking about the kitchen, these are super cute and would replace any old boring shaker set. They’ve been beautifully handpainted, and the translucent design is ideal for users to see how much is left in each shaker easily.  

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  27. LED Outdoor Lights
  28. LED Outdoor Lights

    Two pack of LED sunflower themed outdoor lights which also have adjustable stems and leaves, making them extremely flexible and durable. No power or wiring is required making these super easy to use, and are solar-powered making them great energy savers. A beautiful gift to brighten up your loved ones’ outdoor space. 

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  29. Summer Crop Top
  30. Summer Crop Top

    Simple but chic, this comfortable t-shirt features a twist knot front making this great for warm weather and summer days. Perfect to wear around the house, to bed, at the beach, or the park - this would make a great gift for the sunflower lover in your life. 

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  31. Desk Organizer
  32. Desk Organizer

    Keep their scissors, pens, clips, pencils, and so much more together in one place with this pretty sunflower desk organizer. Crafted from premium synthetic leather, this organizer is incredibly sturdy, handy, and easy on the eye. This is a great gift idea for brightening up ones’ workspace which will keep them more positive, happy, and motivated to get work done. 

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  33. Icing Decorations
  34. Icing Decorations

    If they’re a fan of baking, cookies, and brownies, then they will love these super cute sunflower decorations. These are edible sugar decorations too therefore not only will they add decoration they will pack in extra taste!  

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  35. Coloring Book
  36. Coloring Book

    Coloring has been proven to help reduce anxiety, stress levels, and improve their state of mind. Therefore if they love all things sunflower they will love coloring these in. There’s something about sunflowers that just brings happy thoughts, making this a great gift for all-year-round enjoyment! 

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  37. Garden Gnomes
  38. Garden Gnomes

    Now, these garden gnomes are just too cute! Some people believe that garden gnomes will bring luck, making them a wanted presence around people’s homes. These two cuties will brighten up anyone’s garden space and will bring years of enjoyment and happiness. 

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  39. Sunflower Oil
  40. Sunflower Oil

    Not only are sunflowers pretty to look at, but they also make a great hydration booster for our hair! Alongside our hair, sunflower oil has also been known to boost your skin appearance and is a popular essential oil too. An ideal gift that will promote wellness and relaxation in their lives. 

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  41. Locket Necklace
  42. Locket Necklace

    This is a super special and sentimental gift because you can open up the flower and inside they will find an engraved message which states ‘you are my sunshine’. A truly great way of expressing your love and care for someone, and when you’re not there in person they will feel your presence through this wonderful gift.  

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  43. Bathroom Decor
  44. Bathroom Decor

    Not only will these spruce up an empty wall, but this 6 piece set would be ideal for making a bathroom space more relaxing and a happy place to be. They promote relaxation and mindfulness with the printed messages stating breath, relax, and unwind. We’re sure that this gift will help with relaxation and getting them in a good mood for the day ahead! 

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  45. Fairy String Lights
  46. Fairy String Lights

    These remote-controlled lights would look exceptional in someone’s bedroom. Sunflowers present love, happiness, and joy making them great for placing above someone’s bed or couch. They will also have full control over the flicker mode and color intensity too. Any sunshine enthusiast will appreciate this gift for years to come. 

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  47. Mindful Puzzle
  48. Mindful Puzzle

    This puzzle is great for someone who likes to do jigsaws, especially short ones. This mindful puzzle has been created by Calm, and the user will also receive a 30-day subscription to the Calm app. A great way of allowing someone to practice mindfulness but more importantly, adding calmness and relaxation into their life. 

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  49. Sunflower T-Shirt
  50. Sunflower T-Shirt

    We love this shirt because it’s chic but casual. Ideal for gifting because it’s not too out there, making it a more likable t-shirt for everyday wear. It would look great paired with jeans, leggings, or skinny jeans and shows off their personality and love for sunflowers! 

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  51. Blanket
  52. Blanket

    Happy, colorful, and all things sunflower - this beautiful blanket will keep them snug, comfortable and happy whenever they’re cold. When it’s not needed to keep them warm, it would look stylish at the bottom of the bed, thrown over a chair, or over a couch. We love the blue and yellow tones used throughout and that it’s sumptuously soft and machine washable! 

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  53. Travel Mug
  54. Travel Mug

    Stainless steel and vacuum insulated, this travel mug has a double walled interior, making it ideal for keeping their beverage warm or cold for a longer period of time. It’s also great for the eco-friendly person in your life as the ABS flip lid is BPA-free. An ideal gift for your friend, partner, wife, husband, teacher, or sibling who is generally on the go and likes to have a coffee in their hand. 

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  55. Sunflower Socks
  56. Sunflower Socks

    If you’re looking for an additional gift that is inexpensive yet thoughtful, these socks are a great match. They’re machine washable so they’re easy to clean and look after, and they’re also super stylish and vibrant. These socks are ideal for the sunflower enthusiast who is quirky, stylish, and dislikes plain socks! 

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  57. Wooden Cooking Utensils
  58. Wooden Cooking Utensils

    6 piece set of wooden cooking utensils ideal for cooking and baking in the kitchen. Not only are these classed as essentials to have in the kitchen, but these are super pretty and will make their cooking experience more enjoyable. Each one is also eco-friendly, sturdy, and durable. 

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  59. Umbrella
  60. Umbrella

    Brighten up their day and people around them when it’s raining outside! Plus, gone are the days of struggling to get umbrellas up and to stay up! This unique umbrella has an automatic open and close, and it’s also compact and lightweight making those rainy days a little less miserable. 

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  61. Garden Grow Kit
  62. Garden Grow Kit

    Allow them to easily grow not just one type of sunflower, but 5 types for their indoor out outdoor garden space. This kit has everything they’ll need to get started too making it perfect for beginners and for someone who’s looking for a new hobby! The seeds are non-GMO, sourced from local greenhouses and farms, and the tools are also eco-friendly. 

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  63. Sunflower Religious Wall Art
  64. Sunflower Religious Wall Art

    This beautiful piece of wall art is inspirational, uplifting, and vibrant. When they take a look at this they’ll be reminded of just how great they really are. The high-quality ink will not fade, and there are metal hooks already attached on the canvas making it ready to hang as soon as they open it! 

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  65. Phone Case Carrier
  66. Phone Case Carrier

    This crossover is ideal for carrying their phone in style, wherever they are. It has a superior leather texture and the additional front pocket is great for storing notes, keys, and any other small items. It also has three card slots for either their debit or credit cards inside. A great gift for someone who likes to place their phone in a bag rather than their pockets for additional safety. 

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  67. Sunflower Necklace
  68. Sunflower Necklace

    Eco-friendly copper with gold/white gold plated, this is one exceptional necklace for the exceptional woman in your life. A truly special gift ideal for your mother, sister, girlfriend, or wife whether it’s their birthday or Christmas present. The sunflowers are entwined with diamond hearts, representing never-ending love and happiness.  

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  69. Pillow Case Cushion Cover
  70. Pillow Case Cushion Cover

    If you get on great with your sister, you’ll know just how deep your bond goes. This is the perfect gift to represent this, and they’ll always smile when reading this as it will remind them of your special bond, friendship, and love.  

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