38 Star Trek Gifts for Your Favorite Trekkie

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There is so much to admire about Star Trek so if you’re looking for a gift in relation, then you may be feeling overwhelmed if you’re not a huge fan like they are. We’ve got you covered with 38 Star Trek gifts whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift for dad or your partner.  

  1. Star Trek Blanket
  2. Star Trek Blanket

    Give the gift of comfort this year with this Star Trek themed blanket. It’s breathable, lightweight, and super comfortable. We love the vibrant colors used throughout, and when your loved one isn’t keeping snug in winter, this blanket will look great as a throw for a chair, sofa, or at the end of the bed come spring and summer. 

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  3. Star Trek Clock
  4. Star Trek Clock

    This stylish vinyl wall clock would add personality and enjoyment to any bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, or work-study. It’s easy to read and tell the time due to the centerpiece, and it’s beautifully finished in such a unique way with Marvel-themed decor.  

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  5. Star Trek Mission Board Game
  6. Star Trek Mission Board Game

    If your monopoly board is catching dust, it might be time to purchase a new and exciting board game. This is especially great if you’re wanting to enjoy games night with something you can wrap up in less than an hour, but still have lots of fun. Playable between 3 and 7 players and gameplay typically lasts up to 45 minutes. 

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  7. Star Trek Socks
  8. Star Trek Socks

    Official Star-Trek merchandise, we love these crew socks because their casual and ideal for everyday use. Therefore you don’t need to worry about them being buried in the sock drawer and getting forgotten about. Any Star Trek enthusiast will absolutely love these and will show great pride when wearing them! 

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  9. Star Trek Cutting Board
  10. Star Trek Cutting Board

    Give them a smile with this bamboo cutting board which is ideal for chopping fruit, vegetables, and whatever else you fancy. All-natural bamboo and heavy-duty, this laser engraved board can take a hit from the strongest of knives therefore you can ensure your loved one gets plenty of use out of this for years to come. Serve your pizza on it - it will sure make a great conversation starter especially amongst the company of fellow Star Trek lovers. 

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  11. Night Light
  12. Night Light

    A nightlight is ideal for someone who has a fear of the dark or likes to sleep with the light on. When it’s not acting as a sleep aid, it makes a unique light for any room in a Star Trek fan’s home. It’s multi-colored, features a touch button, and displays a LOTOS Star Trek in a 3D optical illusion. 

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  13. Sun Shield
  14. Sun Shield

    Customize the inside of their car with this unique sun shield. Featuring the iconic characters from Star Trek this will make an epic gift for your fellow enthusiast. We love this because it’s also official merchandise and will keep your loved one protected from UV rays. 

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  15. Coffee Mug
  16. Coffee Mug

    This mug is ideal for someone who’s passionate about the classics from Star Trek. Study and easy to care for - it can be used safely in the microwave as well as the dishwasher. An ideal yet inexpensive gift for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother, sister, brother, or friend.  

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  17. Next Generation Whiskey Set
  18. Next Generation Whiskey Set

    Spruce up their bar at home with this unique and incredibly sophisticated next-generation whiskey set. You’ll receive 4 10oz whiskey tumblers and one 26-ounce liquor decanter which comes with a stopper to ensuring whiskey is kept at its finest state. An ideal gift if you’re looking to impress! 

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  19. Sticker Bundle
  20. Sticker Bundle

    Get creative and personalize those journals, water bottles, toy trunks, scrapbooks, letters, walls and so much more! This bumper sticker bundle comes with 36 individual and unique stickers all in theme with Star Trek. They’re super durable and larger than your average-sized stickers and are finished to a high design. 

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  21. Borg Sound Cube
  22. Borg Sound Cube

    Not just any sound cube, this Star Trek cube also comes with its own light! An absolute ideal gift for any Borg fan out there because it also comes with a 48-page book featuring detailed information on the history of Borg cubes and full-color photos! 

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  23. Travel Tumbler
  24. Travel Tumbler

    This incredibly lightweight and durable plastic tumbler is ideal for use when traveling, outdoors, at the gym, or lounging around the house. It will hold up to 16 ounces of your preferred beverage, and the double-walled insulation will keep your drinks hot or cold for a longer period of time.  

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  25. Framed Wall Art
  26. Framed Wall Art

    Factual and interesting, this beautifully ready framed wall decor will make a perfect gift for a classic Star Trek fan. The photos inside have been double matted so you can rest easy knowing they will hang in their forever home in pristine condition for years to come.  

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  27. Pizza Cutting Wheel
  28. Pizza Cutting Wheel

    Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this pizza cutter is an ideal way of adding personality to someone’s kitchen space. This cutter isn’t just designed for pizza either, you can cut through pies, cakes, biscuits and so much more with ease. Official merchandise and a handy kitchen utensil. 

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  29. Flux Game
  30. Flux Game

    Get the kids and adults together with this Star Trek TNG FLux. You’ll never play the same way twice, making it super fun and a competitive game for the whole family to enjoy. This particular edition of Flux features surprises and attacking creepers! 

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  31. Oven Mitt
  32. Oven Mitt

    Everyone who owns an oven essentially needs an oven mitt. They offer more protection than using a standard tea towel, so we think this would make a great gift for your Star Trek cooking enthusiast. Its superb quality means the unique design will not fade easily, and overall it makes a great addition to someone’s kitchen. 

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  33. The Next Generation Robe
  34. The Next Generation Robe

    Popular opinion - being gifted a plush new robe is an underrated gift especially come Christmas time. This officially licensed robe is soft yet practical and we just love the red throughout, and the detailed gold Starfleet insignia logo on the top right corner. You’ll have any man or woman wearing this feeling like they are part of the onboard crew. 

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  35. Banknote
  36. Banknote

    This Spock banknote would be perfect for that special someone in your life who is building up their Star Trek collectibles. Their brand new Leonard Nimoy banknote will be protected for decades to come thanks to its collector’s grade currency holder design. 

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  37. Phone Charger
  38. Phone Charger

    Portable phone chargers are in high demand, especially pocket-size ones as they’re super useful when traveling on foot or in the car. Never let their phone die from the low battery again with this Star Trek slim power bank! It will allow them to charge two items at once whether that be a phone and an electronic e-cigarette, or phone and iPods and so much more…  

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  39. Picard Chateau Wine Glasses
  40. Picard Chateau Wine Glasses

    A great gift for birthdays and Christmas, Star Trek fans will officially have a favorite wine glass in their cupboards. These will hold up to 16 ounces of their preferred wine, if they’re not too keen on wine that’s ok because these would be enjoyable with a fresh glass of orange too! They’re also BPA and lead-free so they can be enjoyed safely. 

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  41. Casual Tee
  42. Casual Tee

    Gifting clothing can be a tricky one, especially if you’re not absolutely certain of what their style preference is. However, this charcoal tee would make an ideal gift for any Star Trek fan as it’s casual yet allows them to show off their personality. Official merchandise and machine washable, a great addition to their wardrobe! 

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  43. Fragrance For Men
  44. Fragrance For Men

    Tiberius by Star Trek, an aromatic fragrance for men consisting of various notes overall offering a pleasant woody sense. This would obviously make a great gift for any enthusiast out there, just because it’s Star Trek & Tiberius - need we say more?  

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  45. Voyager Poster
  46. Voyager Poster

    This would look amazing in a fellow Star Trek fan’s bedroom or living room. It’s vibrant, rich in color, and will not fade easily. A fantastic gift that will be admired for years to come and it will make a great starting point for many conversations to come. This would make a great gift for that special birthday coming up as an ideal gift for Christmas. 

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  47. Ice Cube Tray
  48. Ice Cube Tray

    Whether they want to have more fun looking ice cubes in their beverage, or they use them as chocolate molds - we think this a great gift that is easy on the wallet too. They’re super flexible, non-slip, and are incredibly easy to remove and freeze.  

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  49. Adult Coloring Book
  50. Adult Coloring Book

    The Next Generation adult coloring book is ideal for someone you know who loves to color and who’s into relaxing and downtime. Inside they will find 45 highly detailed images that have been beautifully designed to a high standard. They will have hours of fun coloring in and will be so much more relaxed and in a more calm state of mind. 

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  51. Starfleet Keychain
  52. Starfleet Keychain

    A great gift for a Star Trek fan you know who loves their keyrings. Add to their collection with this durable alloy keychain which features ‘United Federation Of Planets’. A perfect gift for a Trekkie and will definitely catch the eyes of people passing by who are also interested in Star Trek. 

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  53. U.S.S Enterprise Bottle Opener
  54. U.S.S Enterprise Bottle Opener

    Nothing beats a collectible item when shopping for Star Trek gifts for him and this U.S.S Enterprise bottle opener is an excellent choice. Crafted in the shape of the Star Trek ship from the original TV series, this wonderful bottle opener is all you need to put a smile on the face of that lucky star trek fan in your life. Made from durable metal, you can show off this collectible item for a long time. 

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  55. U.S.S Enterprise's Bluetooth Speaker
  56. U.S.S Enterprise's Bluetooth Speaker

    This U.S.S Enterprise's Bluetooth Speaker is much more than a convenient way to enjoy your favorite music and videos. With an aesthetically pleasing spaceship design, it features LED lights that come on and off as you use the speaker. The stand is also modeled after Combadge, which is perfect to showcase intricate knowledge of the Star Trek series. 

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  57. U.S.S Enterprise's Scale Model Kit
  58. U.S.S Enterprise's Scale Model Kit

    If you have Star Trek fans that love to collect items, then this is undoubtedly a gift they will appreciate. Designed in the shape of the Enterprise-E spaceship, this item is great for adding to a collection of Star Trek collectibles. It can be assembled easily and features decals and a display stand, which adds to its uniqueness.  

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  59. Make It So Refrigerator Magnet
  60. Make It So Refrigerator Magnet

    Another collectible item that makes an awesome gift for any Star Trek fan in your life is this refrigerator magnet. Great for showing off your fandom on your fridge or locker door, this magnet features iconic pop culture graphics that is eye catching and unforgettable. It makes an excellent choice for fans that love to create to-do lists. With full magnet capacity, your to-do list will be kept in place. 

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  61. Star Trek Lounge Pants
  62. Star Trek Lounge Pants

    These Star Trek lounge pants are more than a convenient way to relax in style. With the Star Trek emblem boldly printed on one leg of the pants, they make one of the best Star Trek gifts to get. Loose and comfortable, these pants are excellent for both genders and pairs with a t-shirt for men and tank tops for women. 

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  63. What Would Captain Kirk Do?
  64. What Would Captain Kirk Do?

    Seek the advice of the great Captain Kirk and scale through different hurdles of life with this fun pop philosophy book. Filled with magical words that offer valuable advice in different life scenarios, this book is undoubtedly one of the best star trek gifts for him. Have some fun with comic advice from captain Kirk and view life through a different lens every once in a while. 

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