26 Out of This World Space Gifts For Astronomy Lovers

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In our guide, you will find the top gifts which will be perfect for the space enthusiast in your life. If you’re not that into astrology finding space gifts can be tricky. However, we have got you covered with some really cool heat mugs, space decor, and other gifts! 

  1. Glow In The Dark Constellation Blanket
  2. Glow In The Dark Constellation Blanket

    It’s a unique, winter essential, and beats any old blanket lying around. It has an amazing glow-in-the-dark design which makes the perfect gift for space-loving children & adults. Featuring a stunning constellation design throughout and a super soft feel making it extremely cozy and comfortable. An ideal gift for birthdays or Christmas. 

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  3. Planet Gemstones
  4. Planet Gemstones

    These would really compliment someone’s desk whether that be in their home or at their workplace. Inside are 8 truly unique natural gemstones and would make an exquisite gift for any space enthusiast. It’s also beautifully packaged and secured so you needn’t worry about gift wrap! 

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  5. Wooden Solar System Board
  6. Wooden Solar System Board

    If you have little space cadets running around in your home then fuel their imagination and spark creativity with this interactive wooden solar system board. The sun and planet are removable blocks and it’s a great item for children to fine-tune their motor skills and develop a further interest in earth and beyond.  

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  7. Solar System Lamp
  8. Solar System Lamp

    This nightlight offers a 3D optical illusion of the solar system and would make a perfect gift for any male or female who has a fear of the dark. Or anyone who just wants something really cool to look at whilst falling asleep. It comes with 16 color settings which can be controlled via the remote and it’s also energy saving. Perfect for a birthday or Christmas present.  

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  9. Astronomer Wall Art
  10. Astronomer Wall Art

    Look up at the stars and not down at your feet. It’s inspirational, unique, and has been beautifully designed so it would blend in nicely with the other home decor. This would be ideal for anyone who’s interested in stargazing, galaxies, space, and motivational quotes to live by. It’s also fixed with a hook and easel so it’s readily available to be hung up.  

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  11. Space Monopoly
  12. Space Monopoly

    Monopoly is the world’s most famous family board game and over the years they have bought out lots of additional boards. This traditional board will bring hours of fun for 2-6 people where you can race against each other to own the universe! This would be ideal as a birthday gift or Christmas present. 

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  13. Funny T-Shirt
  14. Funny T-Shirt

    This would complement a space fan you know who often hints they like to chill out alone. It’s top quality and would be suitable for any gender and age. It’s also modern and nothing too drastic making it perfect for everyday apparel. An ideal gift for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, son, daughter, friend, or fellow space colleague. 

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  15. Astronaut Books End
  16. Astronaut Books End

    Keep them books safe and tucked away nicely with this astronaut book’s end. These are handmade and produced from high-quality resin materials. They would complement any bedroom especially children and younger adults who are mad about space and astronauts. Add them to your bookshelf today!  

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  17. Solar System Learning Magnets
  18. Solar System Learning Magnets

    Inside are 22 large and realist solar system space magnets, making it ideal for children and yourself to learn more about our amazing solar system. Suitable for hours of play using the refrigerator, carpet, table, or just about anywhere you want. A great educational gift for all ages & genders who are interested in space. 

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  19. Astronaut Socks
  20. Astronaut Socks

    Comfortable and unique, these socks would make a great inexpensive gift for any occasion. Especially someone who has a strong desire to become an astronaut or is interested in a space career position. Keep their feet and toes nice and toasty with these bold and vibrant astronaut socks.  

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  21. NASA Bottle Opener
  22. NASA Bottle Opener

    Calling all space and NASA enthusiasts - this is the bottle opener that you need in your life! It comes in clear packaging and is a great little handy tool to have in your kitchen drawer, BBQ, or next party amongst friends. The colors are easy on the eye and it’s smooth and easy to use.  

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  23. Galaxy Moon Lamp
  24. Galaxy Moon Lamp

    This is just stunning - 16 enchanted colors that can easily be rotated with its remote control. It’s rechargeable and has a long-lasting life battery making it a great durable gift. It would look especially nice in someone’s bedroom, study, or living room. The design is based on NASA images constructed by delicate technology too, so you can ensure this is a high-quality product perfect for gifting.  

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  25. Solar System Educational Hanger
  26. Solar System Educational Hanger

    This would complement any classroom, bedroom, living room, hallway, study, or workplace. It’s a beautiful gloss finish poster of our very own solar system. It’s simple and educational making it a great talking point when passing by. Any space enthusiast will love this as it shows their appreciation for all things wonderful and space.  

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  27. Constellation Whiskey Glasses
  28. Constellation Whiskey Glasses

    Hand drew constellations of the northern hemispheres summer sky, engraved elegantly - a beautiful and personable keepsake any space enthusiast will admire. Premium quality glassware and is suitable for a number of cocktails. They are dishwasher safe and extremely durable for years of pleasure. 

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  29. Heat Changing Constellation Mug
  30. Heat Changing Constellation Mug

    Simply brew your choice of tea or coffee, pour, and watch the constellations magically appear. You will be able to identify Cassiopea, Sagittarius, Perseus, Andromeda, Scorpius, Hercules, Taurus, Ursa Major (Big Dipper), Ursa Minor (Little Dipper), Orion, Gemini. Perfect for someone you know who’s actively star gazing or who likes to indulge in with their choice of latte.  

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  31. Spaceship Blanket
  32. Spaceship Blanket

    Get strapped in and prepare for take-off, this has been designed with kids and young adults in mind. It’s super comfy and perfect for relaxing anywhere whether that be at a sleepover, long car journey, or camping in the great outdoors. It features NASA and the American flag and we love the space shuttle design - perfect gift for any astronaut fan out there. 

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  33. NASA Lego
  34. NASA Lego

    Lego is enjoyable and educational and this NASA set comes with 3 builds including 4 Minifigure real-life successful women at NASA. You can build and put together: Nancy Grace Roman, Sally Ride, Margaret Hamilton, and Mae Jemison. It also includes a booklet about the women and what work they have done, a great way of teaching children about all the endless space opportunities available & of course guaranteed hours of fun playtime together. 

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  35. Space Force Tumbler
  36. Space Force Tumbler

    This laser engraved space force tumbler makes a cool and ideal gift for all space fans. It’s BPA-free, lightweight, durable, and has thermal insulation. Keep cold beverages chilled for up to 24 hours and warm drinks heated for up to 6 hours. It’s shatterproof and has a tough resilience, an ideal gift for a work promotion, new job, and both male & female Space Force enthusiasts alike.  

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  37. NASA Astronaut Kids Fancy Dress
  38. NASA Astronaut Kids Fancy Dress

    If your little one has the ambitious dream of becoming an astronaut one day then they will love this, and you might have some trouble getting them to take it off! It’s a full-length white jumpsuit that comes with a cute tinted visor helmet which can be adjusted with ease. It’s super authentic looking and would be ideal for casual playtime sparking creativity and hours of fun. 

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  39. The Night Sky Postcards
  40. The Night Sky Postcards

    Super elegant foil-stamped box containing 50 unique designs from NASA ephemera. This would make an exceptional gift for your fellow stargazer or celestial-inspired pal. Inside you will find images from Galileo's sketchbooks, rarely seen images from the NASA archives & Chinese star maps. These would be ideal for just admiring, scrapbooking, or even framing them individually will create some beautiful and truly unique artwork. 

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  41. NASA Space Shuttle Alarm Clock
  42. NASA Space Shuttle Alarm Clock

    Space shuttle design with light-up wings and light-up rocket booster base - we love it! This nightlight holds 4 color options, has an LCD display alarm clock, and two changeable space screens. It makes a lovely gift for your fellow space fans and is great for the imagination. People of all ages including girls, boys, friends, family, or fellow astronaut husband or wife will love having this addition by their side.  

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  43. Astronaut Cell Phone Holder
  44. Astronaut Cell Phone Holder

    Decorate their desk or bedroom with this super fun cell phone holder. Make phone calls a doddle and conversations hand-free from the kitchen, living room, bedroom, or work-study area. It’s been made from high-quality materials so the paintwork won’t fade or peel off easily. A great gift idea for someone’s birthday or Christmas who is passionate about astronauts and NASA.  

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  45. Space World Tent
  46. Space World Tent

    Let their imaginations run wild as they play in this super cute galactic pop-up tent. Curiosity will flow in this careful and well-spaced play area. It’s sturdy, breathable, and has lots of room for various toys or space for two people inside. It would also make a great place for story time and educating their young minds about our breathtaking solar system and the night sky. 

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