34 Cute Sloth Gifts For People Who Love These Clumsy Cuties

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The recent rise of the sloth has been meteoric. They may not really do much and they may be a bit clumsy (relatable) but a surprising number of people love these fuzzy balls of laziness. So if you need gift ideas for the lover of sloth stuff in your life, look no further than this collection of 34 extremely cute sloth gifts. 

  1. Sloths Journal
  2. Sloths Journal

    Our clumsy but cuddly friends would probably struggle to write, what with only having three toes and everything. But that doesn't stop you, so don't be lazy! Scribble your thoughts and notes down in this super adorable 160 page journal, or even use it as a sketchbook. Gifts for sloth obsessives really don't come much cuter! 

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  3. Daily Planner and Note Pad
  4. Daily Planner and Note Pad

    Even our stationary is being taken over by sloth stuff these days! If you need gift ideas for the office Secret Santa, this sloth themed planner, to-do list and notepad set is sure to prove a firm favorite. But maybe you just want to get your own life organised? As slowly and as stress free as possible... 

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  5. Wearable Hooded Blanket
  6. Wearable Hooded Blanket

    The authentic "Slothy Sloth" hooded blanket claims to be the most comfortable sloth blanket you'll ever use. A bold claim, but much like our sleep loving, three-toed pals, we're far too lazy to argue! Either way, as sloth themed gifts go, this delightful and super soft blanket has to be right up there. 

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  7. Sterling Silver Earrings
  8. Sterling Silver Earrings

    These charming sterling silver stud earrings are the perfect gifts for anyone who is as infatuated with sloth stuff as we are! These delightful little guys come in a beautiful presentation gift box, along with a polishing cloth and greetings card. So if you need gift ideas for a darling daughter, niece or granddaughter, these wonderful sloth earrings could be the answer. 

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  9. Cosmetic Bag
  10. Cosmetic Bag

    This makeup and cosmetics bag from Loomiloo is super practical. Waterproof, with a sturdy and durable zipper, it is ideal for business or leisure travel. But most importantly of all, it's covered with a cheerful and charming sloth design! These cosmetics bags make brilliant gifts for a wife, girlfriend or sister who is bewitched by sloth stuff. 

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  11. Soft Rattle With Teether Ring
  12. Soft Rattle With Teether Ring

    This impossibly sweet Taggies baby toy is the perfect solution if you're looking for sloth themed gifts for a newborn. "Soft Molasses" as he's known, provides a tactile and soothing sensory experience for the baby to touch, squeeze, rattle and chew. But all that aside, he's just absolutely gorgeous and so adorable! 

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  13. Stemless Wine Glass
  14. Stemless Wine Glass

    These stemless wine glasses make excellent novelty gifts for lovers of sloth stuff. Etched with the witty phrase "Let's get Slothed", the high quality, dishwasher safe 15 oz wine glasses are a terrific birthday or housewarming gift idea for a co-worker or friend. They certainly make a great ice breaker at parties! 

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  15. You Are Awesome Notebook
  16. You Are Awesome Notebook

    This peach colored notebook is ideal for scribbling down your thoughts as a journal, or even a sketchbook. With 110 letter sized (8.5" x 11") pages, there's plenty of room for all of your notes and compositions. But the real attraction of this notebook is the beautiful sloth lazing around on the cover. He really would make a lovely present for someone who adores sloth stuff! 

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  17. Hanging Flower Planters
  18. Hanging Flower Planters

    This delightfully dainty hanging flower pot is hand crafted from resin and is ideal for either indoor or outdoor use. Keep this lazy little fella on your desk, window ledge or bedside table and you have a sweet but stylish decoration. Best filled with succulents like cacti, green fingered fans of sloth stuff will simply adore gifts like this. 

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  19. Ring Holder
  20. Ring Holder

    These heavy resin 3" dishes make super cute gift ideas for a jewelry loving sloth obsessive. Shaped to look like one of our cuddly three-toed chums lying on its back, the belly serves as a dish, while the legs act as ring holders. It can also be used to hold your glasses. Sloth themed gifts don't come much more charming than this. 

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  21. Tumbler with Straw and Lid
  22. Tumbler with Straw and Lid

    "Zero Sloths Given", states this vibrant, colorful stainless steel cup, while an adorable sleeping sloth lazes around in the trees. A thoughtful Christmas or birthday present idea that is suitable for all ages, this insulated 20 oz tumbler will keep drinks hot or cold for hours, while the lid is handy for preventing spillages. Useful if you're as clumsy as one of our cuddly buddies! 

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  23. Cute Girls Socks
  24. Cute Girls Socks

    These adorable and witty novelty socks are both comfortable and practical, and will go down well with lovers of sloth stuff. Each pack contains two pairs of cute cotton ankle socks, one of which humorously states "Not today". These would be perfect stocking filler gifts for a daughter or girlfriend, especially if she's as obsessed with sloths as we are! 

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  25. Wrap Bracelet
  26. Wrap Bracelet

    If you need inspiration for gift ideas for a female sloth fan in your life, what would make a better present than this elegant wrap bracelet? Children and adults alike will enjoy this decorative piece of jewelry, featuring a peaceful looking sloth, snoozing on a branch. A perfect present for animal lovers and collectors, as well as fashionistas. 

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  27. Heart Earrings
  28. Heart Earrings

    Sloth stuff doesn't come much sweeter than these totally gorgeous earrings, which would make thoughtful Christmas or birthday gifts for a fashion conscious young lady in your life. Made from polished sterling silver and complete with a Cubic Zirconia love heart, this pleasing pair of cuddly critters will melt even the hardest of hearts.  

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  29. Lanyard Keychain
  30. Lanyard Keychain

    Stuff to use in the office is always handy if you need to find Secret Santa gifts for work colleagues, and this sloth themed lanyard is certainly no different. It will keep your keys safe or your company ID on display and with its fun and colorful design, you'll surely raise a few smiles around the water cooler. 

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  31. Sloth Necklace Collection
  32. Sloth Necklace Collection

    These gorgeous sterling silver sloth necklaces make fabulous gift ideas for a female friend, colleague or relative. Stylish and elegant, they are suitable for long term wear, as they are also hypoallergenic. The collection features several designs, including one little guy swinging from the chain holding a love heart. Another heart meltingly cute design features a mother holding her baby. We can't even! 

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  33. Coffee Mug
  34. Coffee Mug

    If you're in search of gift ideas for a lazy friend or colleague, this sloth themed mug is sure to hit the mark. From the funny "Today, I will do absolutely nothing" slogan, to the cuddly, cartoonish character swimming in your morning coffee, this mug makes for a perfect present that is both practical and fun. 

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  35. Yoga Sloth Figurines
  36. Yoga Sloth Figurines

    Seek fitness inspiration from these hilarious, handmade 3" sloth figurines, who are each carrying out a range of different yoga poses. Offering a visual reminder to practice your deep breathing and to relax, just like everyone's favorite lazy rainforest dweller. They make a perfect present too, as these little dudes would go great in any office, bedroom or study. 

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  37. Sterling Silver Necklace
  38. Sterling Silver Necklace

    No list of gift ideas would be complete without jewelry, and this collection of recommended gifts for sloth aficionados is no exception! These charming Sterling Silver, hypoallergenic necklaces are super pretty and come in two designs. One has a beautiful little guy hanging from a tree with relaxed smile, while the other is clinging to a love heart. So sweet! 

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  39. Plush Stuffed Sloth Toy
  40. Plush Stuffed Sloth Toy

    Bunbunbunny cuddly toys always make great gifts for kids, but this 60cm long plush sloth toy is something else! Even teens and adults will struggle not to smile and enjoy this sweet and cuddly companion. An original, unique idea for a present that any lover of sloth stuff would welcome in their home, either as a toy or simply as an adorable, decorative item.  

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  41. Hang in There! Get Well Gifts
  42. Hang in There! Get Well Gifts

    These get well soon gifts are a fantastic way to send good vibes to a sick friend or relative, even if they are not into sloth stuff. The soft and snuggly "Hang In There" plush toy comes holding a love heart, to show them how you feel. Also in the stylish gift box is a witty and colorful book of things to do "when you feel like a sloth". 

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  43. Novelty Socks
  44. Novelty Socks

    These four pairs of sassy Happypop novelty sloth socks would be perfect gifts for a young boy at Christmas or for his birthday. Brightly colored and adorned with cartoon images of our favorite three-toed hairball, these 80% cotton socks are both fun and comfortable to wear. They even come in a fancy, decorative presentation box! 

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  45. Sloth Stickers
  46. Sloth Stickers

    This charming assortment of 50 decorative sloth stickers would be sure to go down well among your child's stocking filler gifts at Christmas. Covering a wide range of artwork styles and designs, each sticker is guaranteed to be safe for children. These sloths make great custom additions to stuff like mobile phone cases, flasks, skateboards, guitars, gaming consoles and much more besides! 

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  47. Porcelain Mug
  48. Porcelain Mug

    If you're looking for practical gifts for a sloth obsessed loved one in your life, stuff like this will surely hit the mark. Whether they drink coffee or tea, are male or female, young or old, this sweetly designed, microwave and dishwasher safe mug will surely brighten their mornings. It can even be used as a decorative piece around the house or office! 

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  49. Cuddly Sloth Toy
  50. Cuddly Sloth Toy

    What kid could possibly refuse such gifts as this adorable life-size sloth plush toy? With flexible arms and legs, plus hands that clasp together, their chilled out new pal can give hugs, ride piggyback or simply hang around in their bedroom. And the gorgeous silky soft fur is simply irresistible to touch. These really are a brilliant present idea for the little ones. 

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  51. Drawstring Bag
  52. Drawstring Bag

    This polyester fabric drawstring bag by CLOHOMIN, with its thick shoulder straps, is ideal for the kids to carry their PE kit, or for an adult to use as a gym bag. Bearing the slogan "follow your dreams" above a beautiful image of a sloth lazing in the trees, this pleasing present suggestion could come in handy for trips to the park or beach, or even carrying groceries. 

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  53. Funny Slippers
  54. Funny Slippers

    Soft, warm and comfortable, these fuzzy slippers will keep your feet snugs even on the coldest of winter days. And that's exactly why they would make for perfect Christmas gifts for a special sloth lover in your life. These adorable plush slippers are available for adults and children, boys and girls. Nice! 

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  55. Sloth Mode Hoodie
  56. Sloth Mode Hoodie

    A long sleeved, pullover hoodie featuring the slogan "Sloth Mode" on the front. Made of a 50% polyester and cotton mix, which is guaranteed to keep you warm and cozy when you're feeling as lazy as your cute and cuddly spirit animal. These sloth themed hoodies definitely make great gift ideas. But we think you'll probably end up keeping it for yourself! 

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  57. Sour Candy Sloths
  58. Sour Candy Sloths

    Sloth stuff is everywhere these days and our adorable, sleepy chums have even infiltrated our snacks! As well as being totally moreish, these delicious but sour sloths are fun to goof around with too, as their arms can be linked together. Delicious treats that would make perfect stocking filler gifts for a sloth loving family member. 

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  59. Striped Work Tote
  60. Striped Work Tote

    All ladies need a good sized bag for their work stuff. So if your girl is all about sloth paraphernalia, it wouldn't be a surprise to see gifts like this delightful tote bag on her wishlist. The faux-leather canvas tote with shoulder strap features sizeable pockets and a sturdy zipper. But best of all, it's adorned with a sweet little sloth design. Too cute!  

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  61. Women's PJ Set
  62. Women's PJ Set

    If your wife or girlfriend is super into sloth stuff and you need gift ideas for Christmas or her birthday, then worry no more. This 100% cotton PJ set by PajamaGram is not only extremely comfortable, but it is covered with delightful images of her favorite critter. The long sleeve top bears the slogan "no hurry, no worry". An excellent motto for an excellent animal, we're sure you'll agree. 

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  63. Throw Blanket
  64. Throw Blanket

    Anyone who loves sloth stuff will treasure gifts like this microfiber throw blanket by Jekeno. It comes in several different designs for you to choose from. But all of them feature charming cartoon designs of our favorite rainforest dwelling buddies. Warm, soft to the touch and easy to care for - that's the blanket, not the sloth! 

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  65. Slothzilla Shower Curtain
  66. Slothzilla Shower Curtain

    This hilarious "Slothzilla" shower curtain is a great gift idea for anyone in your life who's both a total nerd, plus a huge fan of our cuddly but clumsy chums. Made to fit most standard sized bath tubs or shower areas, this mold, mildew and soap resistant curtain is guaranteed to raise a smile. 

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  67. Blindfold Eye Mask
  68. Blindfold Eye Mask

    Everyone knows just how much our favorite bone idle, three-toed cuties love to snooze. Well, you too can now become just like your spirit animal, with this sweet, sleep enhancing blindfold mask. With its cute pink cheeks, this sloth design eye mask would make a perfect gift idea for anyone in your life who is obsessed with sloth stuff! 

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