19 Fun Ring Bearer Gifts To Remember

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It’s already a real honor for any young man to be the ring bearer at a wedding. But now you can make the occasion even more memorable for him, with this collection of 21 ideas for fun and commemorative ring bearer gifts. He won’t forget his trip down the aisle in a hurry, thanks to these unique and truly special gifts! 

  1. Ring Security T-Shirt
  2. Ring Security T-Shirt

    The most charming and totally unique of ring bearer gifts, this delightful gift set comprises a “Ring Security” badge and briefcase, along with a storybook. The adorably illustrated book tells the tale of an excited little boy. He has been chosen to be a ring bearer and he takes his role as “Head of Security” very seriously. A really sweet, one-of-a-kind present! 

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  3. Ring Bearer Gift Set
  4. Ring Bearer Gift Set

    Available in 10 different colors and bearing the slogan “ring security”, along with a sweet little bow tie motif, gifts for your little ring bearer don’t come any cuter than this tee. Oliver and Olivia Apparel are known for making creative, unique and adorable kids clothes. And this memorable gift idea is no exception! Great fun! 

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  5. Ring Bearer Sunglasses
  6. Ring Bearer Sunglasses

    Many gift ideas for ring bearers are centered around the theme of “ring security”. These cool sunglasses are no different. He’ll really look the part of the tough guy with his bad-ass shades, which carry the phrase “ring security” across both sides. Suitable for kids aged between 3 and 10 and an awesome souvenir of a wonderful day.

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  7. Personalized Ring Bearer Baseball
  8. Personalized Ring Bearer Baseball

    If you’re looking for unique wedding keepsakes to mark the happy occasion, you could do much worse than personalized presents such as this baseball. Printed with your own specially chosen text, the standard sized balls would make great gifts for ring bearers. Or even the father of the bride, the best man or the groom himself! 

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  9. I'm The Ring Dude T-Shirt
  10. I'm The Ring Dude T-Shirt

    Any list of cute and memorable gifts for ringbearers would be incomplete without this witty tee. Available in five different colors and a range of sizes to suit all ages, the machine washable t-shirt states “Yup. I’m the Ring Dude”. The guests will be in no doubt who has been trusted with the most important of tasks come the big day! 

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  11. Ring Security Badge
  12. Ring Security Badge

    This sweet little keepsake is a nice addition to any list of gift ideas for a ring bearer. In the style of a brass Sheriff’s Badge, it states “ring security” in big letters, so that everyone at the wedding knows who is in charge. Any little guy would surely be proud to take on this role, and sport this metal badge! 

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  13. Ring Bearer Picture Frame
  14. Ring Bearer Picture Frame

    A completely unique and special idea to say “thank you” to the people who supported you on your wedding day, this picture frame would have to be one of the more memorable gifts for your ring bearer. The leatherette frame states “Thank you for guiding our way on our wedding day” and can be filled with your chosen picture of your ring bearer. Nice! 

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  15. Candy Variety Pack
  16. Candy Variety Pack

    Who doesn’t like candy? So if you’re coming up short of ideas for ring bearer gifts, this 150 piece variety pack of candy could be the way to go! Including favorites such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, Kit-Kat and M&Ms, the gift pack comes in an individually wrapped gift box. The perfect gift to say thank you to any little ring bearer. 

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  17. The Best Ever Ring Bearer Book
  18. The Best Ever Ring Bearer Book

    A beautifully illustrated book, The Best Ever Ring Bearer: All the Best Things About Being in a Wedding is an adorable gift idea for your ring bearer. The book will teach him all about the important role he’ll play at the wedding. From the walk down the aisle, to smiling for the photos, this would make a very sweet proposal present for a future ring bearer. 

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  19. Ring Bearer Puzzle Invitation
  20. Ring Bearer Puzzle Invitation

    This charming, personalized 6″ by 6″ jigsaw puzzle is a fun, meaningful and exclusive way to ask your future ring bearer to do the honors on your special day. With a black, glitter border and a customizable name, the simple 16 piece puzzle asks the question “Will you be our Ring Bearer?” But he needs to complete it first! 

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  21. Ring Bearer Grey Raglan
  22. Ring Bearer Grey Raglan

    This cute and very witty long sleeve tee is a fabulous wedding party gift for your young ring bearer. Made of a polyester blend and colored two shades of gray, the front of the three-quarter sleeve, super soft raglan tee states “Guard rings. Steal show. Dance. Eat cake.” Do ring bearer gifts for toddlers come any better? 

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  23. Activity Book
  24. Activity Book

    What better way to keep your young ring bearer entertained during the rehearsal than with this 12 page activity book? Packed with games and puzzles, plus a box of 8 crayons with which to complete the coloring activities found within, he’ll have a lot of fun with this gift idea. And the accompanying ring pillow for practice use will make sure he’s all ready come the big day! 

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  25. Ring Security T-Shirt
  26. Ring Security T-Shirt

    A charming gift for a ring bearer, brought to you courtesy of the Ann Arbor T-shirt Company of Michigan. The ribbed crew neck, black tee features a cute tuxedo design with a rose, alongside a badge that states “Ring Security”. He’ll certainly look adorable when performing his duties at the ceremony, but he’ll also be comfortable too! 

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  27. Ring Bearer Tote Bag
  28. Ring Bearer Tote Bag

    Durable and machine washable, this canvas tote bag is a great gift idea for any ring bearer. Reusable for shopping, school books or as an overnight bag, the tote bears the expression “ring dude” in bold letters across the side. There will be no doubting who is going to steal the show at the ceremony when he walks in with this on his shoulder! 

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  29. Name Puzzle
  30. Name Puzzle

    This puzzle board is a brilliant and completely different way to ask someone to be the ring bearer at your wedding. The board is engraved with the question “Will you be our Ring Bearer?” while the brightly colored letters in the toy are removable. Gifts for a ring bearer don’t come much more unique than this! 

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  31. Baby Bodysuit
  32. Baby Bodysuit

    If you’re in need of ideas for ring bearer gifts for young babies and infants, you should check out this one–piece baby bodysuit. A one-of-a-kind clothing gift for the youngest of ring bearers, the cute design is available in seven different colors and clearly states “ring bearer” on the body. It comes complete with a flap for easy diaper changing, in case he bears “gifts” of a different kind! 

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  33. Ring Security Cap
  34. Ring Security Cap

    This black trucker hat carries the slogan “ring security” and is ideal for any youngster aged between 3 and 13. Guests at the wedding will be left in no doubt who is in charge of the most important task of the day! And he’ll be left with a truly memorable souvenir of a special moment in his life, thanks to this most adorable of ring bearer gifts. 

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