28 Exciting Retirement Gifts for Women

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Everyone has daydreamed about retirement at some point in their life, some may be more focused on it than others! If your loved one is retiring whether that be a friend, family member, partner, or colleague you’ll want to gift them something enjoyable and relaxing. Therefore we have put together the top 28 retirement gifts for women that shout more good times are just around the corner.  

  1. Coworker Bestie
  2. Coworker Bestie

    When we get along with coworkers, they make work so much more enjoyable and a happier place to be usually. So when the time comes for them to move onto the next chapter in their life, it can be extremely emotional and upsetting for both. However, this bracelet wraps those emotions together nicely with happiness and well wishes. Whenever they wear this you’ll always be in their thoughts and it will bring back the amazing times you had together at work. 

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  3. Retirement Tumbler
  4. Retirement Tumbler

    The perfect gift for Grandma & Mum’s - this stylish rose tumbler is stainless steel, good for the environment, and will hold your favorite beverage hot or cold for longer. It’s also shatterproof, reusable, and extremely durable ensuring they can get lots of use out of it. We love this because it’s super useful and the message ‘under new management - see grandkids for details’ is all too relevant.  

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  5. Adult Coloring
  6. Adult Coloring

    Adult coloring has exploded over the years in popularity as it’s proven it’s not just a fun creative activity for children anymore. Adults too are winding down with a set of pens and a book in the evening as coloring has proven to ease anxiety, depression, boost relaxation and so much more. This is an excellent way to help keep them creative and focused in their free time. 

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  7. Jewelry Holder Dish
  8. Jewelry Holder Dish

    An ideal gift for the retiree if you’re their boss, manager, or co-worker. The message displayed shows the genuine warmth and appreciation you have for this person and it’s a lovely sentimental farewell gift. They can store their rings, earrings, bracelets, and more - viewing this will bring back good times from their colleagues and work experiences.

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  9. Stemless Wine Glass
  10. Stemless Wine Glass

    Goodbye tension - hello pension, hell yeah! This stemless wine glass will hold up to 15 ounces of your favorite wine, spirit, beer, or juice. Each time they sit down with a relaxing wine in hand, they will automatically think of your humorous gift and smile. It’s also dishwasher safe and the message has been printed with strong technology ensuring it will never fade or peel away. 

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  11. Fill Me In Book
  12. Fill Me In Book

    Sit down with a beautiful pen and color of your choice, and fill in the missing words to create a truly sentimental gift. A very special way to show your friend or co-worker how much they mean to you and just how fabulous they are. Over time this will become a treasured keepsake and they can take a trip down memory lane whenever they want to. 

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  13. Coworker wine glass
  14. Coworker wine glass

    This would be perfect if you developed a special friendship through working together. They were a big part of your work life, and possibly outside of work too. Therefore this is super personal, sweet, and humorous and is a great gift for their retirement.  

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  15. Friendship Cover Cushion
  16. Friendship Cover Cushion

    This would look lovely in their home whether it be the living room, bedroom, office, or study. A meaningful friendship gift for your work bestie which will top any bunch of flowers. It’s machine washable in cold water and has been finished to a high design. Make sure you purchase the inserts as this is only a cover cushion.  

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  17. Retirement Keychain
  18. Retirement Keychain

    If they are unique and one of a kind, then this is a perfect gift. We love the super sweet message stating ‘no one can ever fill your shoes’ because it will mean so much to the retiree. They can attach it to their bag, jeans, or set of keys and they will always be reminded of good times and your special bond. 

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  19. Wine Bags
  20. Wine Bags

    We love these durable drawstring wine bags as they have a real rustic feel and would look fantastic in someone's kitchen. On the front, the message features a special meaning for each letter and they will make memorable keepsakes for years to come.  

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  21. Retirement Tote
  22. Retirement Tote

    A great retirement gift for someone who has just recently entered retirement. It’s inspirational, classy, and durable making it ideal for shopping trips, days out, and traveling. The design has been printed by using a fade-resistant printing process so you can rest easy knowing they will get lots of pleasure out of wearing this bag for years to come. 

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  23. Travel Guide
  24. Travel Guide

    Retired individuals and couples are now entering that next chapter in their life where they can go on that world cruise and tick off those amazing bucket-list pointers. They’ve now got the time and they’ve probably been saving all their life for these experiences, so this would make a great inspiring gift if travel is on the agenda for them. Inside they will find 5,000 ideas to do across 50 states! 

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  25. Mindfulness Book
  26. Mindfulness Book

    A Book That Takes Its Time is an amazing gift ideal for someone who wants to delve into mindfulness and creativity. It’s been designed so that someone doesn’t feel the need to rush through and finish it so soon. Allow them to become a more skillful handwriter, find their voice, and most importantly - relax! 

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  27. Retirement Jar
  28. Retirement Jar

    Wish Jars are ideal for creating a personal and super thoughtful gift. If you’re the boss, manager, or co-worker of the retiree, you can gather messages from everyone in the office and tuck them away in this box nicely. A perfect farewell present for an amazing colleague who’s now entering retirement. 

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  29. Home Decor
  30. Home Decor

    Retirement is when you stop living at work and begin working at living - Absolutely spot on! We love the rustic country house feel this wooden decor has, and it would complement any interior in a bedroom, living room, hallway, study, kitchen, or bathroom. A great gift for congratulating someone on their retirement! 

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  31. Party Wine Labels
  32. Party Wine Labels

    Every retiree should be celebrated, especially with a party or get-together! These are ideal for placing over wine bottles as the pack includes 4 unique and high-quality designs. These can be served from the fridge to an ice cooler, the labels will not peel and once the wine has been finished they make great memorable gifts that would look great in a wine rack or display. 

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  33. Gardening Set
  34. Gardening Set

    Now that they have more time on their hands, the garden is a great space to stay active, get outdoors, and tend to those shrubs and plants. This beautiful set includes 9 essential gardening tools which are convenient, durable, and strong. It also comes with a sturdy and easy-to-care-for tote bag with individual holders to store the tools within.  

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  35. Wine Rack
  36. Wine Rack

    Time to wine down - this savvy and unique wine rack is ideal for storing your favorite wines and glasses. It’s super easy to assemble and will hold up to 5 wine bottles and 4 wine glasses nicely. If a wall is looking bare whether it be in the lounge or kitchen, then this will be perfect for adding some more color and useful decor. 

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  37. Retirement Mug
  38. Retirement Mug

    The perfect gift for the legend in your life who has just entered retirement. It’s made from ceramic stone and will hold up to 16 ounces of their favorite hot or cold drink. The beautiful message reads 'retirement is when you stop living at work & begin working at living'. Great advice!

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  39. Happy Retirement Bracelet
  40. Happy Retirement Bracelet

    We love this because it’s been crafted from stainless steel to a very high standard, and is super elegant. The strap is completely adjustable and it also comes with 4 beautiful and unique charms. This would be ideal to wear for any occasion, and it will become a truly special keepsake. 

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  41. Compass Necklace
  42. Compass Necklace

    Now they will have the time and freedom to do whatever they like, travel is likely to be on their mind. When they wear this necklace they will be filled with wanderlust, and it will act as a constant reminder of how much they’ve done in life including their successes. Made from real 925 stainless steel, it’s a beautiful sturdy necklace in a premium gift box. 

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  43. Essential Oil Rollerball Set
  44. Essential Oil Rollerball Set

    These high-quality rollerballs are ideal for renewing, soothing, and calming someone’s state of mind. Entering retirement is a huge milestone and you’ll want them to be as relaxed and content as much as possible in these special years. These are also great for applying on sore muscles and relieving dull aches. 

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  45. Anywhere Travel Cards
  46. Anywhere Travel Cards

    Unique and creative, inside they’ll find 75 individual cards ideal for the adventurer in your life. These cards have been designed to inspire adventure whether they’re at home or on their travels. We love this because it’s ideal if you’re gifting as a colleague, friend, or family member as it’s simple, light-hearted, and fun! 

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  47. Back and Neck Massager
  48. Back and Neck Massager

    If they’ve spent their years hunched over an office cubicle or have been in a physical job, this will be a godsend. This back and neck massager will allow them to have a shiatsu massage in the comfort of their own home, and whenever they want to! It’s powerful, modern, high-tech, and an amazing gift for someone who’s retiring. 

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  49. Retirement Earrings
  50. Retirement Earrings

    These earrings are stylish, modern, and are more meaningful because of the message inside. Let the special lady in your life know that you wish her well in her next chapter with these stunning earrings. Their nickel-free, extremely durable, and are beautifully packaged ready to be gifted. 

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  51. Retired & Sleeping Pillow Covers
  52. Retired & Sleeping Pillow Covers

    These pillow covers are quirky, easy on the eye, and make an ideal gift for someone retiring. They will love sleeping, napping, and relaxing on these whether that be in the lounge, bedroom, or outside. The fabric is super soft and comfortable which is the most important thing if they’re heading for a good night’s sleep.  

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  53. VIP Gourmet Gift Basket
  54. VIP Gourmet Gift Basket

    This is up there with the most elite gifts you can think of. A luxury hamper fit for a king or queen. It screams appreciation and love for the person you’re gifting and they will feel special, appreciated, and probably a little overwhelmed by the size of it! Brimming with gourmet snacks and chocolate this is the ultimate gift for the person who has a sweet tooth, especially for the finer things in life. 

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  55. Ease Them Into Retirement
  56. Ease Them Into Retirement

    Whilst their colleagues and co-workers boast enviness of all the traveling, lie-ins, and free time coming their way, retirement can be difficult getting to terms with. They’ve probably worked all their lives, have been used to a certain routine, and now they need to fill their time with something else other than work. This book will help them ease into their new chapter positively as they discover the psychology transition into retirement.  

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