33 Perfect Pineapple Gifts For Lovers of The Tropical Fruit

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Wondering what to buy for your pineapple obsessed friend? Wonder no more as we’ve selected the 33 sweetest pineapple gifts. From pineapple gifts to pineapple decor, we’ve got you covered. Gift one to a loved one for a special touch of luxury and a totally tropical taste.

  1. Salt and Pepper Set
  2. Salt and Pepper Set

    This stylish salt and pepper set will add a tropical flavor to any meal. Made from solid glass with a plastic stopper, they exude class. These crystal shakers are perfectly designed for practicality and display. Make this pretty salt and pepper set the centerpiece of someone’s mealtime. They are a fabulous pineapple gift for the tropical fruit lover in your life.

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  3. Gold Table Lamp
  4. Gold Table Lamp

    This gold pineapple table lamp will make a wonderful and bright gift for anyone. The elegant design will complement their existing decor. Lighting up the darkest of corners, this table lamp will add a touch of luxury and warmth to their home. It would look perfect on a bedside table, on a desk, or anywhere needing a stylish accent lamp.

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  5. Cutting Board
  6. Cutting Board

    This fabulous pineapple shaped chopping board makes a perfect pineapple gift. It can be used to serve cheese and pineapple at a tropical party. Invite over some friends and share the pineapple love. Constructed from bamboo, this is a sustainable gift that can be used for chopping or even as a display piece in your kitchen. 

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  7. Pineapple String Lights
  8. Pineapple String Lights

    Need a gift for a party or a special occasion? These brilliant pineapple lights will create a fun and funky atmosphere. This string of 10 lights is battery powered, so they are easy to hang just about anywhere. Try stringing them from a mantelpiece or a bed to create a wonderful tropical ambience. They are waterproof so can even be used outside.

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  9. Kitchen Dish Towel Set
  10. Kitchen Dish Towel Set

    Celebrate the love of all things pineapple by gifting these modern dish towels. Made from 100% cotton, they offer an eco-friendly alternative to paper towels. Display them in the kitchen for a tropical talking point. They are easy to wash and at a great price too. They would make a lovely housewarming gift for a friend.

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  11. Pineapple Fleece Blanket
  12. Pineapple Fleece Blanket

    Your friend will love snuggling up under this pineapple fleece blanket. The super soft plush fleece feels fabulous and will keep them warm and cozy. Throw it on a sofa to add a vibrant splash of color to the home. This blanket is a great pineapple gift that will be treasured for years. The lightweight fabric makes it a good choice for travelling too. 

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  13. Golden Porcelain Pot
  14. Golden Porcelain Pot

    This gold porcelain plant pot would make a great pineapple gift for friends or family. The artificial succulent will survive treatment from the most careless of gardeners. The simple design suits any room from the bathroom to the bedroom. It can be used to decorate shelves, bookcases or even used as a focal point on a table.

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  15. Tapestry Wall Hanging
  16. Tapestry Wall Hanging

    For pineapple décor at its finest, look no further. Your friends will adore this vibrant, psychedelic wall hanging. It will add a splash of color to any room. Made from polyester, it is easy to care for and will provide a funky focal point. It would make an ideal birthday present for someone you love.  

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  17. Copper Pineapple Tumbler
  18. Copper Pineapple Tumbler

    The perfect pineapple gift for cocktail making. These handcrafted 100% solid copper drinking mugs will be the talking point of any cocktail party. These would make a superb gift for a birthday, anniversary, or celebration. Sip your pina colada in style through a solid copper straw and admire the detailed finish to these tumblers.

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  19. Pineapple Oven Mitts
  20. Pineapple Oven Mitts

    These heat-resistant oven mitts are the perfect kitchen accessory and a unique gift. The insulated lining protects hands when removing hot dishes from the oven. They feature a useful hanging loop, so they can be conveniently displayed for all to admire. They might even inspire you to bake a pineapple upside down cake!

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  21. Pineapple Shower Curtain
  22. Pineapple Shower Curtain

    Give the bathroom a fresh and funky new look with this pineapple shower curtain. The 100% polyester curtain is easy to clean and quick to install. This makes it an ideal choice for a housewarming gift. The metallic pineapple print really pops out against the background on this fashionable shower curtain. 

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  23. Neon Sign
  24. Neon Sign

    If you want a uniquely giftable item that looks bright and funky, this neon sign is a brilliant choice. It is a perfect addition to a child's bedroom or to place in a dark corner. It looks cute and shines brightly with batteries or when plugged in through an adapter. A great gift purchase for any pineapple obsessed teens!  

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  25. Toothbrush Holder
  26. Toothbrush Holder

    Stylish storage for a toothbrush in the shape of a pineapple. This silicone toothbrush holder can be fixed to any smooth surface. So why not think further than the bathroom? Try sticking it to a mirror and storing all your make-up essentials. This cute toothbrush holder would make a great pineapple gift for a birthday.

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  27. Ceramic Jewelry Holder
  28. Ceramic Jewelry Holder

    This adorable pineapple jewelry holder is a precious gift. It features a delightful pink pineapple at the center of the dish and plenty of space for earrings, necklaces and rings. This functional jewelry holder will display all valuables in style. It arrives in a pretty gift box so would make an ideal valentine’s gift or a present to show you care.

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  29. Storage Basket
  30. Storage Basket

    This spacious storage basket has a pretty pineapple design. This gift would create the perfect space to store anything from toys to clothes. With sturdy carrying handles, it can easily be transported from room to room. The waterproof coated fabric means it is safe to use in any room of the house. A gift to make someone smile. 

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  31. Door Bell
  32. Door Bell

    Alert guests to a tropical obsession with this quirky and welcoming doorbell. This is one unique item to add to existing pineapple decor. The button lights up cheerily when pressed. It is made of solid brass so will last for years to come. Functional and fashionable, this is a fabulous pineapple themed gift for someone you love.

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  33. Ceramic Essential Oils Diffuser
  34. Ceramic Essential Oils Diffuser

    Give the gift of a relaxing tropical spa with this pineapple shaped essential oil diffuser. This ultra-quiet diffuser will transport them to a place of rest and relaxation. This quality home decor piece will fill their home with the luxurious scent of essential oils. This is a thoughtful gift for a special person.

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  35. Stainless Steel Cheese Spreaders
  36. Stainless Steel Cheese Spreaders

    These pineapple shaped cheese spreaders evoke a party atmosphere. A gift that will take pride of place at the dinner table. Their guests will enjoy both using and admiring them. Made of high-quality stainless steel, they are durable and easy to clean. Packed in a fancy gift box, these realistic looking cheese spreaders are a great housewarming gift.  

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  37. Pineapple Measuring Spoons
  38. Pineapple Measuring Spoons

    These practical and fun measuring spoons are the ideal kitchen accessory. This makes them the perfect gift for cooks. Made of zinc metal, these solid spoons can be used to create some tropical recipes. The 4 spoons in the set measure amounts up to a tablespoon. Hang them in the kitchen to impress others with the pineapple love.  

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  39. Metal Wall Art
  40. Metal Wall Art

    Looking for a gift to make a bold statement? Pineapple fans will be delighted with this metal wall art that can display their tropical passion. This modern pineapple wall art is made from durable metal iron. With a reversible design, it is lightweight and easy to hang in any room to add an air of rustic sophistication.  

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  41. Glass Wine Stopper
  42. Glass Wine Stopper

    Need a gift for a wine connoisseur? This is a completely unique and eye-catching wine stopper. It features a delicately crafted pineapple on top. This will express the warmth and hospitality represented by the pineapple to all their guests. The clear glass will fit with any color theme and will look stylish and classy on any wine bottle. 

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  43. Ceramic Plate
  44. Ceramic Plate

    Need a multi-functional pineapple gift? There are many uses for this handy and decorative ceramic plate. The design is sure to look great in any room. Keep any treasures and trinkets safe in this cute and functional pineapple ceramic plate. It would be a welcome birthday gift for mothers or daughters. 

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  45. Pillow Covers
  46. Pillow Covers

    For a splash of vibrant color as well as designer home decor, look at these gorgeous pineapple pillow covers. An exciting gift for anyone, the cool pineapples wearing shades will brighten up any room. Toss them on a couch to create a bright and comfortable seat. Sweet tropical dreams will appear if they rest their head on these soft pillows.

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  47. Wine Holder
  48. Wine Holder

    This wine cork holder makes a great gift for wine drinkers. The pineapple inspired cork holder easily stores 50 corks. It is the ideal receptacle for their keepsake corks. The hard-wearing rustic design will ensure there is always a talking point over a glass of wine. And, with or without corks, it will look cute on a countertop. 

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  49. Wall Clock
  50. Wall Clock

    It's always the right time to buy a pineapple wall clock gift. And this high quality, silent wall clock ticks all the right boxes. Don't give it a second's thought and make this the pineapple gift you buy for your loved one. This acrylic clock looks stylish without the added frame. It will enhance the look of any room in the house.  

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  51. Golden Pineapple Bookends
  52. Golden Pineapple Bookends

    Looking for a pineapple gift for a book lover? These golden pineapple bookends will allow them to display their books in style. The antique, rustic design will add some bling to their books. Made from solid resin, they are sturdy enough to keep books standing securely. The best gift to buy for any book loving pineapple fans.  

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