23 Super Cool Penguin Gifts

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Penguin themed gifts are increasingly popular. And why not? After all, what’s not to love about these clumsy and cute creatures? They even have their own holiday in the USA – Penguin Awareness Day! So if you’re on the lookout for gift ideas for a lover of penguins, be sure to check out our collection of super cool penguin gifts. 

  1. Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask
  2. Stainless Steel Vacuum Flask

    If you know a huge fan of penguins and are looking for funky gift ideas, then why not check out this super cute flask? In the shape of a charming little penguin, he will keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours! Available in four colors, our adorable friend has a push button lid and lock to prevent spillages while on the go. 

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  3. Wine Bottle Cork Opener
  4. Wine Bottle Cork Opener

    No list of penguin gifts would be complete without this hilarious novelty corkscrew. Guaranteed to raise a smile, this helpful little chap may not be able to use his wings to fly, but he most certainly can use them to uncork your bottle! So if you need gift ideas for a fan of both wine and penguins, what could be better? 

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  5. Women's Penguin Robe
  6. Women's Penguin Robe

    This velour, Sherpa lined, fleece dressing gown is not only ultra-cosy, but great fun too. When the robe's hood is up, you girl will look just like a penguin, thanks to the cute and funny penguin design! Inject a little laughter into bed or bath time with this awesome gift idea. It would even work as a budget Halloween costume! 

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  7. Lightweight Fleece Penguin Blanket
  8. Lightweight Fleece Penguin Blanket

    What penguin obsessive would not appreciate this cute 50" x 60" blanket? Covered in sweet little cartoon penguins, gift ideas like this throw would be a welcome addition to any home or office space. It can even double as a picnic blanket or for use at the beach. Ideal on those cold winter nights, when the house feels just like the Antarctic home of our favorite flightless birds.  

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  9. Stuffed Penguin Toys
  10. Stuffed Penguin Toys

    This pair of plush stuffed toys from The Petting Zoo will melt even the coldest of hearts. An 11" tall mother and her little baby penguin, this duo is totally adorable. Made to last, with high quality fabric and durable stitching. They would make the perfect penguin gifts for any young lover of our clumsy, waddling friends. 

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  11. Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker
  12. Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker

    This sleek stainless steel, 18 oz cocktail shaker would make an excellent gift idea for any fan of penguins that also enjoys a little mixology. The art deco inspired shaker is an excellent ice breaker, much like the penguins on which this awesome gift idea is modelled! Measure your ingredients in his body, place the top half on and secure the head lid. Then away you go! 

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  13. 3D Wooden Penguin Model
  14. 3D Wooden Penguin Model

    Combine all the fun, imagination and skill of arts and crafts with education, courtesy of this wooden, build your own 3D penguin kit. An excellent birthday or Christmas gift idea for any young penguin lover, the 87 piece set is made of top quality, pre-cut wooden pieces that slot together. No glue is required. Though maybe an ig-glue

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  15. Penguins of the World
  16. Penguins of the World

    Wayne Lynch has studied all 17 species of penguins all around the world, deep in their natural habitats. From the Galapagos Islands to Antarctica, he has documented his studies with stunning photography, as brought to you in this collection entitled Penguins of the World. In addition to the gorgeous pictures, the book is full of informative penguin facts. Penguin gifts don't come much better than this. 

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  17. Women’s Penguin Slipper Socks
  18. Women’s Penguin Slipper Socks

    These delightful fuzzy slipper socks for women would make excellent gift ideas for the lady in your life who loves penguins! Extremely soft and super cosy, they are made of a 90% polyester, 10% cotton mix, with silicon grips on the sole to prevent slipping. The socks are ideal for a birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day present. 

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  19. Pen Pencil Holder with Phone Stand
  20. Pen Pencil Holder with Phone Stand

    This functional little guy would be a welcome addition to any penguin fan's desk. He will hold your mobile phone for you, as well as helping keep your workspace tidy, by storing pens, pencils and other stationary. A fun gift idea for any lover of our waddling buddies, he's made from high quality resin that won't fade and he stands a little over 6 inches tall.  

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  21. Silicone Penguin Ice Tray
  22. Silicone Penguin Ice Tray

    If there's one thing penguins should know about, it's ice. And thanks to this silicone tray, you can now produce your own perfectly shaped penguin ice cubes. A fun addition to your party drinks, the tray would surely be a cool Secret Santa gift for a colleague who adores penguins. You can even use it to make mini cookies or brownies. 

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  23. Large Reusable Grocery Bag
  24. Large Reusable Grocery Bag

    If you're seeking practical penguin gifts, then look no further than this foldable, reusable bag. Covered in depictions of our favorite flightless avians, the bag is perfect for collecting the groceries or taking to the beach or park. Made with super strong reinforced handles, it is lightweight but sturdy and won't rip even when full of your heavy shopping. 

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  25. Kissy The Penguin Stuffed Animal
  26. Kissy The Penguin Stuffed Animal

    Kissy the penguin is simply the sweetest and cuddliest baby penguin! She loves to blow kisses to her friends and would make an adorable gift idea for any child who loves penguins. Push Kissy's feet and she'll sing “Frere Jacques” to you. Or instead, you can play her interactive kissing game. Very cute and a wonderful present for youngsters. 

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  27. Women's Penguin Pajama Pants
  28. Women's Penguin Pajama Pants

    No list of novelty gift ideas for fans of penguins would be complete without these pajama pants for women. Made of an ultra-soft, plush, fleece fabric and with a drawstring waist, the loose fit pajama pants are super comfortable. But they're extremely charming too, with their cute cartoon depictions of an adorable penguin couple.  

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  29. Penguin Fleece-Lined Slippers
  30. Penguin Fleece-Lined Slippers

    These fuzzy slides by Lazy One make great gifts for any penguin lover, thanks to the funky design. Featuring multiple cartoon penguins on a blue fleece background, the cute slippers also have a super fluffy fleece lining, as well as nonslip soles. They'll keep your toes toasty on a cold winter night, or a lazy weekend at home. Happy feet indeed! 

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  31. I'm A Penguin Trapped in A Human Body Mug
  32. I'm A Penguin Trapped in A Human Body Mug

    This ceramic mug would make an excellent Secret Santa or stocking filler gift for someone who is as obsessed with penguins as we are! Featuring a sweet little penguin wrapped up warm in his scarf and hat, the mug states: "I'm a penguin trapped in a human body". A delightful gift idea for any tea or coffee drinker. 

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  33. Penguin Canvas Wall Art
  34. Penguin Canvas Wall Art

    Anyone in search of penguin gifts for lovers of these cute and clumsy birds could do much worse than this wall art. A 16" x 24" ready to hang canvas, it depicts an adorable scene, with six fluffy, cuddly looking penguin chicks huddled together on the ice. It would be a stylish addition to any office space, bedroom or children's play area. 

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  35. LED Reading Book Light
  36. LED Reading Book Light

    With its ultra-bright permanent LED offering 8 lumens of light, this penguin shaped Flexilight is brilliant for bedtime readers. Totally flexible, it is able to bend forwards at any angle. So you can position the quality LED anywhere you wish, for reading in a dark and cosy environment. And what's more, it doubles as a bookmark too!  

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  37. Couple's Penguin Keychains
  38. Couple's Penguin Keychains

    If you know a pair of love birds - or in this case, love penguins - then this pair of keychains could be a thoughtful gift idea. Each keychain has a penguin charm and bears a romantic, penguin themed phrase such as "I found my penguin". When combined, the keychains form the shape of a love heart. So sweet!  

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  39. Segmented Wind Chime
  40. Segmented Wind Chime

    Lovers of penguin stuff will no doubt enjoy this whimsical cast iron wind chime. The perfect addition to any garden, lawn or yard, this charming, 5"tall penguin decoration provides soothing chimes as the wind blows. So if you are stuck for gift ideas for a lover of penguins, allow us to chime in with this suggestion! 

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  41. Crossbody Cell Phone Bag
  42. Crossbody Cell Phone Bag

    This cell phone bag by Chala depicts a heart-warming scene with a mother penguin caring for her child. Aside from being extremely sweet, the bag is also highly practical. Ideal for use a purse, the canvas bag features multiple slots for credit cards and loose change. It also features an adjustable strap and is designed to accommodate all the latest mobile phone devices. 

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