23 Super Cute Panda Gifts

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Pandas are loved by all ages and genders. They’re adorable especially when they’re young, and they fill our social media platforms with happiness every single day. So if you know someone who is head over heels about panda’s, you’re in the right place to find them the best panda gifts whether it’s just for fun or educational purpose! 

  1. Panda 3D Suprise Mug
  2. Panda 3D Suprise Mug

    We guarantee they have not got a mug similar to this in their kitchen cupboard. Even though the outside design is simple, the inside is a cute surprise. Whenever they’re having a stressful day at work or home, or they’ve got out of the wrong side of the bed, this will cheer them up and put a smile on their face! 

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  3. Panda Blanket
  4. Panda Blanket

    Keep them cozy and snug with this beautiful blanket. It features adorable white panda bears throughout and is a super soft fleece thanks to its super warm sherpa on the reverse side of the blanket! Your panda enthusiast will love cozying up in this whilst reading a book, watching a movie, or relaxing outside on a cool night.  

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  5. Sterling Necklace
  6. Sterling Necklace

    Crafted from stainless steel, this elegant panda bear will complement any female’s style. Tarnish resistant, lead-free, nickel-free, and hypoallergenic - you can guarantee years of enjoyment out of this thanks to its great quality. It also comes in a super sweet gift box making it a readily available gift.  

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  7. 3D Illusion Lamp
  8. 3D Illusion Lamp

    These make great night lights which are ideal for someone who has a fear of the dark or just feels reassured with a little bit of light in their room when they’re relaxing or sleeping. It’s very easy to charge which is done by a USB port, and you have full control over the various colors. It’s durable, beautiful, and would make a perfect gift for children and adult panda lovers. 

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  9. Spectacle Holder
  10. Spectacle Holder

    Know someone who’s always misplacing their glasses? Then this would fit them perfectly! Not only is this great for keeping your glasses safe and in one place, but it will also add character, style, and personality to whichever room it’s in. Let’s just hope once they put their glasses there, they don’t then forget where you put their glasses! 

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  11. Foldable Storage Bin
  12. Foldable Storage Bin

    Ideal for holding dirty laundry, toys, books, toilet rolls and so much more. It’s easy on the eye, lightweight, and a household essential for someone looking to get more organized. It would be ideal for holding wet laundry too as it’s waterproof making it very durable. We think this would look great in a nursery, kids’ playroom, bedroom, bathroom, or work-study. 

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  13. Plush Toy
  14. Plush Toy

    When it comes to soft and snuggly plush toys, can you really be too old? We don’t think so! However, we think this would make an extra special gift for a little one as plush toys can make great companions, and whenever a hug is needed these are absolutely ideal and will bring hours of comfort and enjoyment.  

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  15. Vibrant Necklace
  16. Vibrant Necklace

    This adorable lying panda really complements this necklace. We love the glistening crystal effect which will look especially mesmerizing when sat in the sun or bright light. It comes in a beautiful gift box and the chain can easily be adjusted. Wherever they wear this not only will it make them smile, it will remind them of you! 

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  17. Cute Panda Flowerpot
  18. Cute Panda Flowerpot

    Allow them to grow a succulent tiny house plant with this adorable panda pot. It can also be used just for storage whether that be clips, pens, loose change, keys, and much more. If using it as a plant holder, the hole in the center makes it breathable and will definitely brighten up any bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, or study. 

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  19. Pass The Pandas Game
  20. Pass The Pandas Game

    If you know someone who loves to play traditional games especially dice-based ones, then they will love this! Get 2-7 people together, and enjoy this fast-paced dice game where if you want to win, you must eliminate all of your dices first to become the champion. Super fun if you’re looking to pass the time too as this game can be completed well under 30 minutes.  

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  21. Stress Relief Toy
  22. Stress Relief Toy

    Stress relief toys are a great way for people to let off steam as you can squeeze them as hard as you like and once you release, it will slowly rise back to their original form. They also help to increase blood circulation in the hands making them great for someone who sits at a desk for a long time.  

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  23. Oversized Hoodie Blanket
  24. Oversized Hoodie Blanket

    These have become extremely popular over the last few years, a genius idea for when a fitted hoodie is too restricted and a dressing gown or blanket just isn’t keeping you warm. Combine the two with this oversized adorable panda hoodie. We especially love the hood on this one as it features the panda ears, and it will definitely keep their upper body warm and cozy for when they’re in a cold environment. 

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  25. Bean Bag Chair
  26. Bean Bag Chair

    Not just a chair, not just a beanbag, this magic chair is a 4-in-1 design. To make the panda as plush as possible, fill it with stuffed toys, clothes, bedding and pillows, blankets and so much more. This makes it a great storage organizer to making it ideal for a kid’s bedroom especially! 

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  27. Affirmation Cards
  28. Affirmation Cards

    Ease someone’s anxiety or help to elevate their mood with these adorable affirmation cards. Inside you’ll get 50 individual and unique cards designed to inspire your loved one, and they can practice the traditional art of mindfulness meditation. We love these because not only are they readable by hand, but you access the 10 minutes guided audio for these on Apple, Google Play, and podcasts.  

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  29. Panda Bandages
  30. Panda Bandages

    If your loved one is known to be clumsy and accident-prone, then these will certainly brighten their day. They come in a great sturdy tin and each individual plaster is breathable, flexible, durable, and has a non-stick pad in the center that will protect the injury. 

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  31. Drawing Board
  32. Drawing Board

    An ideal educational play toy for little ones both male and female. It’s super easy to restart the board as it has a one-click erase button. It also comes with a set of animal stickers, and overall makes a great gift to save children from boredom whether they’re in the car, on a plane, camping, or at home. A great way to spark creativity and imagination for hours on end. 

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  33. Motivational Art Prints
  34. Motivational Art Prints

    These unframed prints are great for children and adults to keep positive, upbeat, inspired, and happy. They will easily add character, style, and positivity to a child’s bedroom, playroom, and study. As they come unframed you can select the frames yourself and decide whether they look best on a wall or on top of a dresser or shelf!  

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  35. Panda Expert Book
  36. Panda Expert Book

    Even the most panda-obsessed people will probably learn something in this book which they didn’t know before! National Geographic has put together this amazing book including close-ups of baby pandas and in-depth information around saving bamboo forests in China! Readers will get to learn all about their diets, habitats, and lifestyle - once finished they will become the true Panda expert. 

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