23 Wise and Wonderful Owl Gifts

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The owl is famously a symbol of wisdom and helpfulness. So if you’re struggling to find birthday or Christmas presents for owl lovers, what could be more wise than checking out our extremely helpful list of owl gifts? These 23 wonderful presents are sure to leave the recipient wide eyed, just like their favorite birds! 

  1. Owl Statue Decor
  2. Owl Statue Decor

    As adorable owl gifts go, these ornamental, hand painted, 4.5″ tall figurines are two of the sweetest. Ideal decorations for your home or office, they come in black and white colors and would look great on the desk of any owl lover. These cute and stylish little guys would make the best owl gift ideas. 

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  3. Ceramic Owl Plant Pots
  4. Ceramic Owl Plant Pots

    If you know an owl lover who also has green fingers, these charming little ceramic plant pots would make brilliant gift ideas. The pack of six handmade ceramic pots are approximately 2.4 inches tall and are ideal for succulents such as cacti. They make beautifully decorative ornaments for your work desktop or alternatively, you can place them owl over your home… 

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  5. Owl 3D LED Night Light
  6. Owl 3D LED Night Light

    Funky owl gifts for kids don’t come much cooler than this battery powered 3D illusion lamp. When lit up, the thin acrylic sheet displays an owl that gives the appearance of being in 3D. You can change the color to one of 16 different options using the remote control, as well as four different flashing effects. A perfect gift idea for owl fans.

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  7. Stemless Wine Glass
  8. Stemless Wine Glass

    “Owl drink to that”, declares this charming and witty 15 oz stemless wine glass. What a hoot! With its sweet little owl design printed onto the glass and its presentation gift box, it would be an excellent present for an owl loving wife, girlfriend or sorority sister. It’s even dishwasher safe, so you can guarantee the design won’t fade.  

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  9. Owl Blanket and Magnet
  10. Owl Blanket and Magnet

    This throw blanket will keep you warm and cozy owl through the night! Machine washable and super comfortable, the delightful blanket with its wide-eyed owl design, adds a decorative touch to any room. And what’s more, each fleece blanket comes with a free magnet that has a cute owl design and bears the witty slogan “it’s owl good”! 

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  11. Women's Owl Leather Bracelet
  12. Women's Owl Leather Bracelet

    Owl gifts don’t come much cuter than this wide cuff bangle bracelet, with magnetic clasp. Featuring three of our gorgeous, googly-eyed feathered friends, the bracelet is made from real leather and is adorned with hand-woven, shiny rhinestones for an eye-catching look. This beautiful piece of jewelry should feature on any list of owl gift ideas.  

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  13. Handmade Leather Journal
  14. Handmade Leather Journal

    This 7″ x 5″ soft bound, tan leather, patterned notebook by M & N Design is embossed with a stunning owl themed design. The 100% and made notebook contains 96 blank pages and is ideal for use as a journal, diary or sketch book. It would surely make a unique and charming gift for lovers of owl themed stuff.  

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  15. Garden Owl Statue
  16. Garden Owl Statue

    This light-up garden statue would make a wonderful addition to a lawn, pool or backyard. Featuring succulent plants and LED lights that emit a soft, warm glow, you can now illuminate your garden at night with this charming owl figurine. If you are in search of gift ideas for an owl enthusiast, this might be the one for you–hoo.

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  17. Oven Mitts and Dish Cloth Sets
  18. Oven Mitts and Dish Cloth Sets

    This kitchen set by American Linen comes complete with an oven mitt, kitchen towel, pot holder and two dish cloths. And the whole set, which is made of lightweight, 100% cotton, features a super loveable owl design that will complement any kitchen and brighten up your day. Gift ideas like this would surely please any owl loving, culinary enthusiast!  

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  19. Owl Cystal Necklace
  20. Owl Cystal Necklace

    Top Plaza jewelry is known for its innovation and quality and this delightful necklace is very much on brand. A charming little copper owl hanging from an 18″ chain, with a body made of your choice of healing crystal (Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye or Green Aventurine). Fit for any occasion, he would be the most gorgeous of owl gifts for a bird loving lady in your life. 

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  21. Owl Glitter Cup
  22. Owl Glitter Cup

    This 20 oz drinking cup features an ultra-cool owl design, with turquoise and black glitter detail. The double insulated cup comes complete with drinking straw and lid, and will keep your cold drinks chilled and your hot drinks warm, all day long. Perfect for a picnic or daily commute, gifts for owl lovers don’t come much more practical! 

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  23. Zip Around Wallet
  24. Zip Around Wallet

    This synthetic leather wallet is both chic and practical, and no list of owl gift ideas would be complete without it. With 8 slots for storing your credit and debit cards, 2 compartments for loose change, a see through ID card holder and a zippered pocket on the back, this purse has everything an owl lover needs to look after their finances. 

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  25. Plush Stuffed Owl
  26. Plush Stuffed Owl

    Wizard the Snowy Owl is the most charming and handsome of stuffed toys, making him a perfect gift idea for any owl fanatic. His soft, white, plush exterior is strokably soft, while his bright eyes and curved leatherette beak complete his elegant look. Whether you use him for play or ornamental purposes, Wizard is simply the most spellbinding of owl gifts. 

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  27. Crossbody Cell Phone Purse
  28. Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

    This adorable bag would make an ideal purse for all fans of owl stuff. With an unzippered compartment outside, plus a spacious main compartment with a zipper, the bag also has slots for your essentials, such as keys, cash and bank cards. But its main use is for storing your phone and this neat little owl gift idea fits any modern device perfectly! 

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  29. Women's Night Owl Slippers
  30. Women's Night Owl Slippers

    Snoozies slipper socks are known for being super soft, comfortable and adorable, and this owl themed pair is no exception. The slippers have a non-slip sole and feature a cute sleeping bird design on one foot and the phrase “night owl” on the other. These Sherpa fleece-lined slippers are great novelty gift ideas for your owl loving friends and family.  

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  31. Owl Print Pajama Pants
  32. Owl Print Pajama Pants

    These plush pajama pants are an essential addition to any list of owl gifts for women. With their cute and colorful owl design, the pajama pants are the perfect weight to keep you cosy owl night long, without being too hot. Plus the ultra-soft fabric is just so comfortable! Machine washable and super practical, they are a fabulous gift idea. 

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  33. Ceramic Electric Wax Melt Warmer
  34. Ceramic Electric Wax Melt Warmer

    If you know an owl obsessive and you are in search of perfect gift ideas, you could do on owl lot worse than this wax warmer. Freshen up any room with this loveable and cartoonish looking creature. First of all, he will put out a lovely warm glow. But most importantly, he’ll leave the room wonderfully scented, without any burning smell. 

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  35. Salt And Pepper Shaker Set
  36. Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

    This little fella may be nocturnal, but he’s ready at any time of day or night to assist you with cooking up all of your favorite meals! “Little Hoot”, as he is known, is 5.6″ tall and is designed to hold your salt and pepper in the kitchen or at the dining table. Owl gifts for wannabe chefs don’t come much better! 

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  37. Wooden Owl Spectacle Holder
  38. Wooden Owl Spectacle Holder

    An easy way to add a touch of class and style to your desk, this beautifully carved, hand crafted owl statuette is made from durable and eco-friendly Mango wood. A thoughtful gift idea for owl lovers, its primary purposes is for use as a holder for your eyeglasses or sunglasses. But it makes a charming decoration owl on its own. 

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  39. Silver Swarovski Earrings
  40. Silver Swarovski Earrings

    These beautiful (or should we say hoot–iful?) white Swarovski Zirconia earrings are just the perfect owl gifts for lovers of our wise old feathered friends. With black Swarovski Zirconia eyes, the owl studs perfectly accompany any outfit, no matter the occasion. They also come in a presentation gift box, making them ideal for gifting on Valentine’s Day or for her birthday. Nice! 

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  41. Owl Bottle Stoppers
  42. Owl Bottle Stoppers

    If you know someone who loves an owl as much as they love drinking wine, then these bottle stoppers could be ideal gift ideas. The four silicone stoppers, in green, red, blue and purple, are shaped exactly like owls. But most importantly, they’ll prevent your wine from spoiling! They can even be used on other bottles, such as soda, oil, vinegar or sparkling water. 

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