22 Long Distance Friendship Gifts to Show How Much You Care

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True friendship doesn’t always need daily conversations or togetherness because you both know the moment you re-connect, it’s as if you were never apart. Distance does not matter when friendship is pure and true. We have hand-picked the sweetest long distance friendship gifts below which would be ideal for any birthday, Christmas, or just as a little “thinking of you” gift.  

  1. Pinky Promise Bracelet Set
  2. Pinky Promise Bracelet Set

    No matter where we go, no matter what we do, you’ll always be there for me and I’ll always be there for you. We love this because the design is super simple, but the message is powerful. Whenever they’re having a bad day at work or are going through a tough time, they will look at their wrist and be instantly comforted and reminded that everything is going to be ok - because they have you by their side.  

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  3. Wooden Picture Frame
  4. Wooden Picture Frame

    If your bestie has left for college, university, or has gone on her travels this is a super sweet gift that will lighten up her bedroom, living room, or study area. It would make a great going away gift and the wooden finish and quotes on this are classic but modern. Clip-on your fave pics together, cinema tickets, postcards, or paintings.  

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  5. Why You’re My Bestie ScrapBook
  6. Why You’re My Bestie ScrapBook

    Let the creative juices flow and find a comfortable spot and get scrapbooking your favorite memories! Think of bestie, fill in the blanks, send it in the post accompanied by a box of tissues. This could be one of the most personal and sentimental gifts you could possibly think of, and it will be treasured for years and years to come. 

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  7. Friendship Necklace
  8. Friendship Necklace

    He or she is your rock, cheerleader, mentor, therapist, and most fun companion. Remind them just how awesome they are whenever you’re apart with this stunning sentimental necklace. It comes in a pretty black box accompanied by an elegant card so you may write a message of your choice.  

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  9. Best Friend Miss You Candle
  10. Best Friend Miss You Candle

    Friendship shows no distance. This is customizable so you can write a message from the heart, a great personal gift for a birthday, Christmas, or going away present. Beautiful soy candle which has been hand poured and is available in 2 size options. 

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  11. One Day Closer Keychain
  12. One Day Closer Keychain

    This “One Day Closer” keychain is a happy reminder that will show her that you’re thinking of them and whilst you hope they’re having a blast, that they can’t wait to have you back home where you belong. Made from stainless steel and it comes with its own jewelry gift box making it a great gift that is readily available. 

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  13. Long Distance Tumbler Mug
  14. Long Distance Tumbler Mug

    This is up there with the most perfect novelty gifts for long-distance friendships. There super cute and colorful and will make a great birthday gift, Christmas present, going away present, or just a simple “thinking of you” gift. They’re double-wall vacuum Insulated and made from premium quality materials.  

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  15. Fabulous Wine Tumbler Set
  16. Fabulous Wine Tumbler Set

    This includes a wine tumbler with a leakproof Lid, wine bottle stopper, cupcake wine socks, coaster, and a key bottle opener. You can arrange it and add to it if you like - this would be ideal for a birthday or Christmas gift, and an extra special “thinking of you gift” if they’re currently going through tough times. Beautifully gift-wrapped and full of pink! 

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  17. The Little Jar Of Calm
  18. The Little Jar Of Calm

    Mindfulness positive quotes jar containing 30 quotes about wellness and mindfulness allowing them to feel calm, inspired, and relaxed. Each one is relatable and inspiring and is designed to keep your bestie focused and in a happy state of mind.  

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  19. Cheers Beautiful Bestie
  20. Cheers Beautiful Bestie

    After a long hard day, if your bestie is a fan of wine then they will love this gift. “Cheers my beautiful bestie”. It’s a lovely sentimental gift that will always remind them of you. Reflect on memories from fun times when you last had a drink together, and virtual cheers to each other until you’re back together. 

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  21. Long Distance Cushion
  22. Long Distance Cushion

    Hug this pillow until you can hug me. This throw cushion has been printed with a beautiful statement message which will really brighten up their space, wherever they are. It makes a great gift for someone you’re wishing best wishes to whilst they’re away. Made of high-quality cotton linen and very durable. 

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  23. To My Soul Sister
  24. To My Soul Sister

    Two interlocking circles, creating the perfect friendship necklace. The gift box comes with a thoughtfully written message which will definitely get her eyes welling up. Also includes a soft black velvet bag, and matching envelopes adding a further personal touch. Simply elegant and chic, can be worn to any occasion and super casual.  

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  25. Pocket Makeup Compact Mirror
  26. Pocket Makeup Compact Mirror

    This would make a great addition to your bestie’s wash bag, makeup bag, or handbag. “I always wished for a friend like you” it’s a great creative gift that’s inexpensive but useful and personal. It also comes readily gift wrapped in a cute violet keepsake box.  

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  27. I Wish You Lived Next Door Mug
  28. I Wish You Lived Next Door Mug

    Brighten up their coffee morning with this cute new mug engraved with the saying “I wish you lived next door”. It’s heartwarming and makes a lovely gift for your fellow bestie who’s away from home. Made from high-quality ceramic and absolutely ideal for tea and coffee addicts who will definitely appreciate it. 

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  29. Best Friend Ring Dish
  30. Best Friend Ring Dish

    “Good Friends are Like Stars, You Don't Always See Them But You Know They're Always There”. Brighten up their vanity desk or their bathroom shelf counter with this chic ring dish that has been crafted from premium glazed ceramic materials. This would make a great gift if you want to show that special someone that they’re always in your thoughts. 

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  31. Pocket Hug
  32. Pocket Hug

    While you can’t be together, you can show them you care with this cuttle little stainless steel pin. It comes in a stylish velvet bag making it a great little elegant gift. A perfectly inexpensive gift that would be super sweet for part of their birthday or Christmas present. When times are hard, they can reach in their pocket and know that you’re there. 

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  33. Funny Wine Coasters
  34. Funny Wine Coasters

    These will make a great gift for your bestie and will be sure to put a smile on their face. They’re unique and ideal for resting a glass of wine between sips. If your bestie has just moved out into their own place this would make an ideal housewarming gift, as most likely it’s something they have forgotten to purchase! 

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  35. Quotations In A Jar
  36. Quotations In A Jar

    This beautifully put-together and well-designed friendship jar contains uplifting quotes that are designed to keep your friend in good spirits. After taking one from the jar and reading it, they feel inspiration, laughter, motivation and they’ll be reminded of how special your friendship is, no matter how far you are apart. 

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  37. Instant Happy Notes
  38. Instant Happy Notes

    If you’re keen on the idea so far of gifting them some uplifting notes, then these will also make a great gift idea. Each one is unique and full of color - even the packaging is uplifting! Enjoy 365 days of happiness or just take one when needed. The fun designs, relatable and motivational quotes will definitely brighten up your friend’s day! 

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  39. Adult Coloring Book
  40. Adult Coloring Book

    If your bestie is a creative soul, then they will get hours of fun out of this coloring book. Coloring has gone through the roof with popularity amongst adults as it’s proven to be a great stress buster. Why not make it more adult entertaining with this “When life gets complicated, I wine.” 

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  41. Best Friends Blanket
  42. Best Friends Blanket

    Don’t just say it, show them with this vibrant purple throw and keep them warm and cozy in the winter months or when they’re in cold climates. It’s made with super-soft microfleece and would be perfect if you’re looking for a sentimental friendship gift for either their going away, birthday, or Christmas present. 

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