23 Super Adorable Llama Gifts For Anyone

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Llama stuff seems to be increasingly popular these days and it’s easy to see why. These lovable, charming and super fluffy camelids are just so cute! So if you need to find a present for someone who enjoys a bit of llama drama, check out these adorable llama gifts. Suitable for kids and adults of all ages, they’re simply llam-azing!

  1. Microwavable Plush Llama Toy
  2. Microwavable Plush Llama Toy

    Super cute and adorable llama gifts like this lavender scented, microwavable plush soft toy, will be loved by kids and adults of all ages. Simply pop your cuddly companion in the microwave to warm him up. Then he’ll sooth away aches and pains, relieve stress and keep you cozy on chilly nights in bed!

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  3. Llama Hooded Blanket
  4. Llama Hooded Blanket

    Llama gifts like this ridiculously cute and cozy hooded blanket, are perfect for snuggling on the couch, in bed or for use as a travel blanket. With hand pockets in the shape of hooves and a hood that looks just like the head of our favorite cuddly camelid, lovers of llama stuff will simply adore this wearable blanket.

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  5. Llama Journal
  6. Llama Journal

    This sweet little notebook has 160 lightly lined pages, making it ideal for use as a diary, journal or planner. It also features a handy back cover pocket. But best of all, the front cover is adorned by several whimsical white llamas in fancy costumes, set against a matte blue background. Fans of llama stuff will just love this thoughtful gift idea.

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  7. Llama Stripe Blanket
  8. Llama Stripe Blanket

    The coziest of llama gifts, this 100% polyester sherpa blanket measures 60″ x 50″. It is ideal for use as a throw, child’s blanket, or even at the foot of an adult’s bed. With its rows of charming llamas and geometric designs in pink and turquoise colors, this Llama stripe sherpa blanket would make a delightful gift for all ages.

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  9. Cell Phone Purse
  10. Cell Phone Purse

    This cute little bag makes an ideal purse for all fans of llama stuff. Featuring an external unzippered compartment in addition to the main zippered compartment, it also has slots for your bank cards, cash, keys, lipstick and all of your other daily essentials. But most importantly, it fits any modern smartphone perfectly!

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  11. Llama Porcelain Mug
  12. Llama Porcelain Mug

    This 14 oz coffee mug would make an ideal Secret Santa present or stocking filler gift, for any lover of llama stuff. Bearing the witty expression “not my prob-llama” and a sweet little llama doodle on the side, it will bring a smile to the face of any sassy camelid lover. It even comes with a cute pompom gift tag!

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  13. Llama Pom Pom Keychain
  14. Llama Pom Pom Keychain

    Add adorable softness to your keychain, purse or backpack, with this llama design pompom keychain. No animals were harmed in the making, since the fur is not real. But the 2.5 inch pompom keychain feels just as soft as a real alpaca. A completely unique gift for your family or friends who are into llama stuff.

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  15. Llama Glitter Cup
  16. Llama Glitter Cup

    Sparkly llamas. What more do you need to know? This funky 20 oz drinking cup will keep your drinks hot or cold, and comes complete with lid and straw. Not to mention the multicolored, glittery llamas splashed all over it! A wonderful idea for a present – llama gifts don’t get much more unique than this.

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  17. Llama Party Straws
  18. Llama Party Straws

    This pack of 24 bright and colorful, llama design drinking straws would make the perfect accessory for an alpaca or llama themed party. Just make sure not to spit your drinks, in the style of our adorable camelid friends! These straws are safe for kids and made from eco-friendly materials. Great llama gifts, they are easy to clean and cute to boot!

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  19. Monopoly Unicorns Vs. Llamas
  20. Monopoly Unicorns Vs. Llamas

    The famous family board game now comes with a unique twist, in this Unicorns vs Llamas edition of Monopoly. Rather than trading property, players must choose team llama or team unicorn and look to acquire titles for their fuzzy friends, including “most huggable” or “cutest babies”. Claim the most titles and prove that llamas really are the best creatures!

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  21. Ceramic Planter Pot
  22. Ceramic Planter Pot

    Bring a touch of decorative greenery to your office or home, with this gorgeous, llama-shaped artificial succulent set. If you’re on the lookout for llama gifts for your family, friends or colleagues, this might just be the perfect present. Made from high quality glazed ceramic, the plant pot itself also doubles as a nice mug!

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  23. Beach Shoulder Bag
  24. Beach Shoulder Bag

    Rave Envy is known for providing super stylish tote bags that are built to last. And this llama themed offering is no exception! Whether they use it for shopping trips, vacations to the beach or even carrying a laptop, fans of llama stuff will go tote-ally crazy for this brightly colored, trendy and unique gift idea!

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  25. Llama Waterproof Stickers
  26. Llama Waterproof Stickers

    Al-pack-a lot of fun into your little one’s day, with this crazy sticker collection! Kids who are really into llama stuff will love this set of camelid themed vinyl stickers. With 150 different designs, these brightly colored, non-toxic stickers are a fun way to customize a laptop, ipad, bicycle, skateboard, water bottle or rucksack. And they make brilliant llama gifts!

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  27. Llama Pillow Case
  28. Llama Pillow Case

    Made from high quality, durable, machine washable hessian fabric, these 18″ x 18″ inch pillow cases would look extremely stylish in the home of anyone obsessed with llama stuff. So whether it’s for the sofa, the bed or the office chair, camelid lovers everywhere can relax and enjoy the cutest of cushion covers. A great gift idea!

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  29. Slippers for Women
  30. Slippers for Women

    Llama stuff doesn’t come any more comfortable than these warm and cozy, fleece-lined slippers. And they’re funny too! The pink and fluffy footwear bears the phrase “drama llama” on one foot, along with a cute and cuddly llama design on the other. Wear them to bed, but don’t forget to set the a-llama clock!

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  31. Hanging Wall Organizer
  32. Hanging Wall Organizer

    This space-saving, wall mounted storage device is not only an extremely practical way to store your kids toys, clothes or other bits and pieces, but it’s pretty cute too! With four generously sized pockets, the hanging wall organizer features a fluffy llama design on the exterior, that your little llama lovers will simply adore.

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  33. Women's Llama T-Shirt
  34. Women's Llama T-Shirt

    Treat the llama loving lady in your life, with this stylish, classic and extremely cozy short sleeve t-shirt. With cuts available for all sizes, the polyester and cotton mix tee has a relaxed fit for extra comfort, with a slightly extended length. The t-shirt’s design features a gorgeous llama wearing a crown of flowers. Cute!

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  35. Cartoon Llama Oven Mitts
  36. Cartoon Llama Oven Mitts

    In search of novelty gifts for lovers of llama stuff? This funky oven mitt could be the answer to your prayers! Essential for any amateur cooks, chefs or bakers, the heat-resistant, easy to clean oven gloves feature a series of stylish, sassy and super cute llamas, in various poses. Say goodbye to burned fingers!

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  37. Lazy One Flip-Flop Slippers
  38. Lazy One Flip-Flop Slippers

    These slippers are the perfect presents for llama lovers who like to lounge around in comfort after a hard day at work! These adorable fluffy pink slippers with plush, white microfiber straps also feature cute llama designs on the thick and comfortable soles. And with their non-skid design, you don’t need to worry about slipping around the house!

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  39. Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  40. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Llama gifts don’t come more practical than this tangerine colored, stainless steel drinks flask from Hydra Hero. Fans of llama stuff can now keep their cold drinks nice and chilled for trips to the beach or the gym, or keep their coffee warm on the morning commute to the office, for up to 24 hours. Perfect for your cola or llama-nade!

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  41. Llama Jewelry Tray
  42. Llama Jewelry Tray

    If you’re hunting for llama gifts for an alpaca obsessive, then look no further! Safely store or display your rings and other assorted jewelry with this charming, llama-shaped ceramic organizer, that would look great on any bedside table, bathroom or dressing room. The perfect Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas or birthday present!

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  43. Self-Adhesive Bandages
  44. Self-Adhesive Bandages

    Llama stuff is absolutely everywhere these days, and this box of 24 adhesive bandages is no different! Long lasting, breathable and sterile, these cute little band aids feature four different funky llama designs to make your little ones smile when they’re in pain. They do say that laughter is the best medicine! Or is it llamas?

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  45. Water Resistant Makeup Bag
  46. Water Resistant Makeup Bag

    If your girl is super into llama stuff, she’s sure to love this charming little makeup bag. Made of soft polyester and featuring two lovable, fluffy little llamas stealing a kiss! The cute little “llama love” zipper bag is also waterproof, making it ideal for use as a travel bag for toiletries, or as a makeup bag.

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