30 Inspirational Gifts For Writers & Aspiring Authors

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If you know someone who is an aspiring writer, author, journalist, or blogger and you’re on the hunt for the perfect writing-related gift, then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking for something fun and light-hearted, or something that will truly transform their writing skills – we most likely have it covered with these 30 gifts for writers below.

  1. Writers Workbook
  2. Writers Workbook

    If you know someone who’s into writing novels and stories either as a hobby or as an author, then this will be their new go-to guide. It allows them to capture notes, characters, plot structure, and development. Inside they’ll also find clear guidelines, planning structures, and checklists which will be super handy for a lengthy writing project.

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  3. Storyteller Facts Pillow
  4. Storyteller Facts Pillow

    This stylish cushion would look great in any living room, study, workplace, or bedroom. We love the visual reference to a food label, yet instead, it lists some cool characteristics about the writer in your life. It features a double-sided print and is filled with 100% polyester making it a comfortable and durable addition to their home decor.

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  5. Emergency Pack
  6. Emergency Pack

    26 Illustrated cards to choose from offering helpful suggestions for when they hit a brick wall whilst writing. This is extremely common for writers to face, whether they are beginners or best-selling authors. This gift is a great way to resharpen their focus and spark creativity too!

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  7. Luxury Rollerball Pen
  8. Luxury Rollerball Pen

    24k gold finish, premium quality, and an effortless rollerball - all of this without breaking the bank too! Scrivener has crafted this pen to an incredibly high standard of quality and it certainly reflects this in the reviews. Not too light nor too heavy, making it the perfect accessory to write with whether they’re note-taking, making lists, writing letters, or for their new book.

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  9. Bracelet For Her
  10. Bracelet For Her

    She believed she could… so she did - this would mean the world to someone who’s either enjoying writing in their free time or their aspiring to become an author. When they’re lacking motivation, inspiration, and belief in themselves, they will take a glance at this and be reminded of how epic you think they are & they’ll instantly feel just a little bit better.

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  11. Door Handle Sign
  12. Door Handle Sign

    Only writers will truly understand this, when they’re in the flow an interruption can really stop them in their tracks and it can sometimes be difficult getting back into that flow instantly. Therefore not only will this be appreciated by the writer or author, but also for people around them - especially if they’re writing from home!

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  13. Quotation Earrings
  14. Quotation Earrings

    If they’re a fan of silver jewelry, this might be the gift you decide on. These unique sterling silver stud earrings have been designed with authors, journalists, and writers in mind. The ear backs are surgical steel and the sterling silver is pure 925 so you can rest easy knowing these have great durability and are safe to wear.

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  15. Writing Prompts
  16. Writing Prompts

    Keep them inspired, creative, and raring to go when they’re writing and they’ve hitten a mental roadblock. Inside they will find 150 unique and individual stimulating writing prompts. These are incredibly useful to keep in their bag with them or on their work desk area. With this block of creativity by their side or within reach, they can say goodbye to the struggles of daydreaming out the window due to a lack of ideas for their content.

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  17. Typewriter Organizer
  18. Typewriter Organizer

    Whilst this may just look like a vintage ornament, it’s also a great organizer which would add character to any workspace or office desk. An ideal way for them to store their pens, pencils, scissors, clips, paper ties, and much more. Not only is this a great way of accessorizing a desk, but it’s also useful for the writer so it’s a win-win gift!

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  19. Humorous Mug
  20. Humorous Mug

    Whilst they may not use your actual name, they may describe your character or bad deed which you did - so be careful. Jokes aside, this would great for a writer you know who has a great sense of humor and who cannot write without a tea or coffee in their hand. It’s also easy to care for and clean as it’s safe for microwave and dishwasher use.

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  21. Beautiful Wall Art
  22. Beautiful Wall Art

    This incredible wall art featuring wise words from Charles Dickens would compliment any wall around the home or workplace. It features a timeless design of a dictionary background with a bold happiness quote from the man himself which overwraps the dictionary print effortlessly. It’s ready to be framed and will be a great keepsake for years to come.

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  23. Novel Teas
  24. Novel Teas

    Replace their Tetley tea bags with these truly unique novel tea bags which are sure to brighten their morning. Inside are 25 individually tagged teabags which are unique because they each feature literary quotes from all around the world! Any writer would appreciate this gift and the thought process behind it.

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  25. Vintage Leather Briefcase
  26. Vintage Leather Briefcase

    Whether they like to write on paper or digitally or maybe even both - this would be an ideal accessory for the loved one in your life. Durable, waterproof and comes with an adjustable strap which is essential for comfort when traveling. We love this because it also has a magnetic snap ensuring the content inside is stored safely, and if they are carrying a laptop it will be protected by the inner padded sleeve.

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  27. Leather Journal Gift Set
  28. Leather Journal Gift Set

    This premium leather journal gift set comes with a 24k gold luxury pen crafted by Scrivener. We love this because it’s been designed by writers who have got writers in mind. They will instantly notice the difference when writing as they reap the benefits of a more soft, supple, and durable writing experience.

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  29. Reading Socks
  30. Reading Socks

    Who doesn’t love a pair of socks for their birthday or Christmas present? These novelty book socks are durable, breathable, comfortable, and humorous and would make an excellent gift for any book lover, reader, teacher, bookworm, author, or anyone who’s just interested in books and fun socks!

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  31. Authors Card Game
  32. Authors Card Game

    If the writer in your life loves a classic and traditional game, then they will love this as they take a journey down history lane in 1861. The deck contains 52 cards which consist of colored portraits of 13 honored writers. The aim of the game is to collect the books by calling for cards from other players. Not only is it fun to play, but it will also become a special antique.

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  33. William Shakesphere Motivational Pen
  34. William Shakesphere Motivational Pen

    This ballpoint pen comes with a traditional ink cartridge and is beautifully engraved with Shakesphere’s famous quote ‘To thine own self be true’. This is sure to light that inner fire inside and fuel motivation, inspiration, and creativity. Writers and Shakesphere lovers will admire this pen and be grateful for such a thoughtful gift.

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  35. Self-Publishing Guide Book
  36. Self-Publishing Guide Book

    If you know that they have hopes and dreams one day of self-publishing their own book, then this would be such a great gift. Inside they’ll find the key 14 steps that will get them onto their road for success with key information such as advice for editing, marketing, designing, and how to distribute their book!

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  37. Writers Wall Art
  38. Writers Wall Art

    If you’re looking for a special piece of art, then this ready to hang writers tile might just be for you. It’s the perfect size and design which will complement any interior especially a modern one, and it will look super cute in either a living room, study, kitchen, bathroom, workplace, or bedroom. If they didn’t want to hang it then that’s ideal too because it would look magnificent propped up against a wall on a shelf or chest of drawers.

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  39. Junior Book Making Kit
  40. Junior Book Making Kit

    LuLu has gained bestseller recognition for this book-making kit because it teaches and encourages children how to write their own book. As well as this, it features a sweet “About The Author” section where the child or teen can input their name and information. Upon completion, they will certainly feel a sense of pride and achievement as they read over their 20 pages in their very own professional-looking story.

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  41. Unicorn Mug
  42. Unicorn Mug

    Show them just how awesome they really are with this novelty unicorn mug. It’s vibrant, bold, funny, and will definitely pick them up when they’re having a bad or off day whether that’s related to writing or just day-to-day life. It’s also completely safe for microwave and dishwasher use making it a durable mug that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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  43. Iron Display Stands
  44. Iron Display Stands

    Not only would these be great for holding a collection of books together on a shelf, but they would also be great for a decorative accessory on a desk or in the living room, bedroom, study, and workplace. It will add class to any room and a writer or a reading fanatic will appreciate its charm and form.

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  45. Stephen King Book
  46. Stephen King Book

    This is definitely up there with the best gifts for any aspiring writer. Stephen King’s special twentieth-anniversary edition shares his habits, experiences, and conditions which have ultimately shaped the way he writes and himself as an individual. Any aspiring writer or reading enthusiast has probably come across Stephen King before, therefore this would be an exceptional gift.

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  47. Humorous Writers Keychain
  48. Humorous Writers Keychain

    This is a great gift idea to show someone that you’re behind them and supporting their upcoming novel. We love the cute typewriter charm and especially the bar charm engraved with ‘Pay no attention to my browsing history. I’m a writer, not a serial killer.’ We think this stainless steel gift will surely be a hit and will keep them inspired throughout their journey.

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  49. The Writer's Toolbox
  50. The Writer's Toolbox

    Say goodbye to the writer’s block for good with this ultimate writer’s toolbox. Inside they will find a 64-page booklet bursting with exercises and instructions on focusing their approach to writing and more. A perfect gift for writers who are wanting to spend more time writing rather than being stuck in a mental block.

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  51. Leather Pencil Case
  52. Leather Pencil Case

    If they like to use and variate between more than one pen or pencil then this would really help them out. Crafted from the finest buffalo leather by experienced craftsmen, this is a great luxurious gift to consider. Inside are 8 slots that are ideal for holding numerous pens and pencils, and there is also one slot ideal for storing a debit or credit card.

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  53. Glass Coffee Mug
  54. Glass Coffee Mug

    ‘I am silently correcting your grammar’ - this humorous glass coffee mug is not just funny but also stylish and durable. It has a heavy bottom, thick sides, and is safe for microwave and dishwasher use. It’s definitely a conversation starter and will perk up anyone’s morning caffeine fix.

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  55. The Emotion Thesaurus
  56. The Emotion Thesaurus

    A bestseller for a few reasons, this book has been the holy grail for thousands of writers who are just starting out or who are fairly experienced. This thesaurus will transform how they write about emotions and is ideal for fine-tuning their skills and learning more. It’s also super easy to navigate making it especially great for beginners.

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  57. Subscription Box for Writers
  58. Subscription Box for Writers

    This is an amazing gift idea that may inspire them to continue their monthly subscription once you give them a taste of this! Each month they will receive four gifts that will keep them motivated to keep writing their book. Other interesting objects are in this box too, but we especially love the monthly bestselling book + autographed bookplate in each box!

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