39 Cool & Useful Gifts for Wine Lovers

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Wine is a much-loved beverage all around the world and there are plenty of people who wouldn’t want to live without it. So, if you’re looking for a unique gifts for wine lovers, you’re in the right place. Read on to discover our favorite wine gifts, from novelty items to handy tools, that you can gift to a wine-lover in your life.  

  1. Adult Coloring Book
  2. Adult Coloring Book

    If your bestie is a creative soul, then they will get hours of fun out of this coloring book. Coloring has gone through the roof with popularity amongst adults as it’s proven to be a great stress buster. Why not make it more adult entertaining with this “When life gets complicated, I wine.” 

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  3. Wine-Making Kit
  4. Wine-Making Kit

    If your wine-loving friend has already tried every wine under the sun, you might be wondering what kind to get them next. With the Master Vintner wine-making kit, they can make their very own wine in less than an hour. The kit comes with a recipe book, fermenter jug and strainer. Simply follow the instructions and add fresh fruit! 

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  5. Steel Wine Goblets
  6. Steel Wine Goblets

    What better gift for a clumsy wine lover than a shatterproof glass? Ideal for garden parties and BBQs, these stainless steel goblets are lighter and stronger than traditional wine glasses and they won’t break if dropped. The sleek rose gold finish is sure to add an elegant touch to any party table, while the metallic lining keeps drinks cool for longer. 

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  7. Electric Corkscrew
  8. Electric Corkscrew

    Know someone who’d like to get into their bottles of wine that little bit faster? This electric corkscrew by Nanami makes removing corks ten times easier. With a handy foil-cutter at the top and a transparent body so you can see what you’re doing, this rechargeable device can open up to 60 bottles on just one charge – and it’s quiet too! 

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  9. Novelty Bottle Stoppers
  10. Novelty Bottle Stoppers

    For wine gifts that will bring a bit of fun to your friend’s birthday table, look no further. Each bottle stopper features a tongue-in-cheek quote like “sip happens”, that’s bound to get a giggle. They’re also very practical. Made from food-grade silicone, these fun bottle caps form an air tight seal to stop leaks and preserve opened wine for weeks. 

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  11. Wine Rack
  12. Wine Rack

    This compact counter-top wine rack is the perfect gift for wine lovers who are short on space. Featuring a walnut-colored wooden base and elegant bronze-toned iron work, this unique wine stand can hold up to 4 bottles and 4 glasses comfortably. It also doubles up as a stylish center-piece for displaying your favorite wines at parties. Which ones will you choose?   

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  13. Coaster Set
  14. Coaster Set

    Make sure everyone has somewhere to place their drink with this cute housewarming gift. These classic black and white wooden coasters protect tables from watermarks and glass rings, while their hilarious wine-themed quotes are great for entertaining guests. Each handcrafted set consists of 4 coasters and a handy storage box so they can be stacked away when not in use. 

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  15. Wine Guide
  16. Wine Guide

    This unpretentious guide to wine is one of the best wine gifts you can buy a family member who loves the beverage, but not the snobbery that comes with it. Written by the creator and host of the Wine for Normal People podcast, this book by Elizabeth Schneider teaches the reader everything from how wine is made to tasting tips for beginners. 

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  17. Wine Decanter
  18. Wine Decanter

    With an intricate iceberg-style base and waterfall pouring spout, this sophisticated hand-blown glass decanter is both chic and practical. The aerating filter sifts out sediment for a smoother texture and boosts the taste and aroma to create an aged effect. Suitable as a birthday present or anniversary gift, this multi-purpose wine decanter offers wine-lovers the best at-home tasting experience possible. 

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  19. Wine Chiller
  20. Wine Chiller

    While this may look like a decorative vase, it is so much more than that. Made from premium marble, this wine bottle chiller will keep wine and champagne cool for hours. The non-bulky design makes it easy to position on busy party tables, while its weight helps to stabilize bottles and avoid spillages. It makes a pretty decent vase too! 

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  21. Wine Carrier
  22. Wine Carrier

    If you have relatives who like to take a bottle of wine with them wherever they go, this would be an ideal gift. From picnics to festivals, this insulated portable wine carrier by Tirrinia holds up to 4 bottles protects them during travel. The built-in shoulder strap makes it easy to carry and there’s a style to suit everyone! 

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  23. Wine Glass Charms
  24. Wine Glass Charms

    Avoid wine glass mix-ups at social events with these pretty wine glass charms. Great for bachelorette parties, wine-tasting classes and birthday celebrations with the girls, each tag can be used to identify whose glass is whose. Each set contains 16 pieces, with a choice of beach, travel or wine-themed designs in an antique silver finish. Never lose your glass again! 

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  25. Scratch Off Map
  26. Scratch Off Map

    You don’t have to travel abroad to sample Europe’s best wines. For those who prefer to try out wine at home, this A2 map is an obvious gift. The print’s coating can be scratched off once you’ve sampled a wine from that region. Use it to create a visual diary of your wine-tasting journey and find your favourite wine regions! 

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  27. Tote Bag With Wine Pouch
  28. Tote Bag With Wine Pouch

    This has got to be one of the most fun wine gifts on our list. A fully functional tote bag, it has the added benefit of a concealed wine pouch that can hold up to two bottles of wine. Plus, it’s hidden spout enables you to discreetly pour wine straight from your bag! Perfect for posh picnics and trips to the beach. 

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  29. Wine T-Shirt
  30. Wine T-Shirt

    Got a fun-loving friend who can’t get enough of wine? Why not gift her a slogan t-shirt that she can wear with pride? Available in sizes S-XL, this soft-touch cotton blend t-shirt will add personality to any outfit. Lightweight and comfortable, the round-neck design has a casual feel that’s ideal for everyday wear or lounging at home. It’s even wine colored! 

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  31. Wine Glass Holder
  32. Wine Glass Holder

    Who said wine can only be served at the dinner table? Not us, that’s for sure. With this clever wine glass caddy, you can take your favorite beverage with you wherever you go. The silicone base clings to glossy surfaces like glass, metal and ceramic, so you can position it wherever you like and keep your glass close to hand.  

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  33. Bottle Protectors
  34. Bottle Protectors

    For anyone who travels a lot and regularly brings back wine wrapped in old newspapers or towels, these padded bottle protectors will make a real difference. Designed by an actual pilot, the reusable sleeves form an airtight seal around bottles up to 1L to prevent breakages and leaks. That way, you can travel safe in the knowledge that your luggage is safe! 

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  35. Wine Bottle Holder
  36. Wine Bottle Holder

    Looking for a unique wine gift that also serves a purpose? If your wine-loving friend is also cat mad, why not gift them this distinctive wine bottle holder? The hand-carved figurine is made from chrome-plated iron, making it sturdy as well as cute! Perfect for creating a quirky counter-top display, it will keep your favorite wine accessible whilst cooking.  

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  37. Cork Display
  38. Cork Display

    Know someone who’s guilty of hoarding corks even though they have nowhere to keep them? Send them a personalized cork display in the shape of their first initial. Suitable for almost any wine cork and easy to mount on the wall, you can even combine two letters to create a thoughtful anniversary present or wedding gift for wine lovers.  

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  39. Wall Clock
  40. Wall Clock

    Is it wine o’clock yet? Find out for yourself and never be late to a party again with this wine-themed wall clock. Made from sustainable MDF board, this vintage-inspired design is lightweight and easy to hang. The large numerals and coverless face ensure you can read it from any angle, while its silent ticking makes it suitable for any room.  

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  41. Wine Tasting Journal
  42. Wine Tasting Journal

    For anyone who’s just starting out on their wine-tasting journey, a wine journal would make a lovely gift. This compact hardcover notebook with elastic closure and ribbon bookmark, contains prompts and notes to help you rate new wines as you sample them. There’s even a handy pocket inside the back cover for collecting bottle labels and business cards. 

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  43. Wine Purifier
  44. Wine Purifier

    Sick and tired of next-day hangovers? Avoid wine headaches, stuffy noses and skin flushes with the Wand Wine Purifier. Quite literally a work of magic, this tool removes impurities that can trigger sensitivities, purifying all kinds of wine in just 3 minutes without affecting the flavor. Once you’re done, twist off the charm and tag your glass to prevent mix-ups. 

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  45. Wine Pourer
  46. Wine Pourer

    Make any wine taste expensive with this 2-in-1 wine aerator and pourer by Vinabon. The anti-drip rubber stopper allows for slower and more precise pouring to reduce mess. Meanwhile, the aerating function allows wine to breathe and mimics the ageing process to enhance the flavor of young wines. Travel-sized, it’s perfect for taking along to picnics and parties. 

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  47. Novelty Socks
  48. Novelty Socks

    The ideal gift for wine lovers who like to put their feet up with a glass of rosé or merlot after a hard day’s work, these fluffy slogan socks will keep your toes toasty and give everyone who reads them a laugh. Great as a stocking filler or mother’s day gift, they also double as slippers thanks to their anti-slip tread.  

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  49. Wine Board Game
  50. Wine Board Game

    Fun for both newbies and wine connoisseurs, this fun-filled wine-themed board game will make your next wine party even more memorable than the last! Gather 4 people, 4 bottles of wine and pick a card as you sample each one. Answer a question to create a hilarious wine description – there’s even cheat sheets to help you. The funniest contestant wins.  

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  51. Wine Picnic Basket
  52. Wine Picnic Basket

    Celebrate a new marriage or anniversary with this stunning hand-woven wicker picnic basket. Great for a romantic day trip or sunset supper, this high quality picnic set holds up to two bottles of wine and features a 6 inch cheese board and knife, so you can bring along the perfect wine pairing. It also comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee! 

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  53. Bath Caddy
  54. Bath Caddy

    If relaxing in a bubble bath after a long week is your idea of heaven, this bath caddy could change your life. Pamper a friend or treat your mum on mother’s day with this bamboo bath tray with book stand and wine glass slot. The extendable handles ensure it fits on any bathtub, while the silicone grips hold it in place. 

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  55. Silicone Wine Glass Cover
  56. Silicone Wine Glass Cover

    Gearing up for summer BBQs and garden parties? There’s nothing worse than a fly landing in your glass of wine, so gift your guests a silicone glass cover. The ventilation screen allows wine to breathe and keeps bugs out, while the weighted design grips the glass to make sure they don’t blow off if it gets breezy. They also make great coasters!  

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  57. Bottle Lights
  58. Bottle Lights

    Got a crafty relative who likes making things? Gift them your empty wine bottles and a set of bottle lights, and let them transform your old junk into pretty ornaments that light up at night. These fairy lights come attached to a cork stopper, bend into any shape and won’t overheat. Choose from four different colors to create unique party decorations.  

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  59. Wine Charm Necklace
  60. Wine Charm Necklace

    Jewelry is a great gift for all occasions, be it a birthday, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Featuring a wine bottle and glass with heart cut-out, this charm necklace is the perfect gift for wine-lovers with a penchant for pretty things. Made from stainless steel, this 18 inch necklace comes in either a silver or gold finish, with a handy gift box.  

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  61. Cooling Tumblers
  62. Cooling Tumblers

    If you enjoy drinking wine outdoors in warm weather, we have the perfect solution to keep your wine cool. These insulated stemless tumblers by Host contain a cooling gel that can be frozen or chilled, depending on the type of wine you’re drinking, to keep your drink at an ideal temperature. Better still, they’re made from BPA-free plastic so won’t break if dropped! 

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  63. Digital Thermometer
  64. Digital Thermometer

    For those who are conscious of keeping their wine at the perfect temperature, this digital thermometer can provide accurate results in seconds. Simply wrap it around the bottle in question and it will give you an instant read out. There’s even an automatic shutdown feature linked to a sensor so the battery won’t die if you forget to turn it off. 

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  65. Red Wine Stain Remover
  66. Red Wine Stain Remover

    Ah, the dreaded red wine stain. The concern of many a wine drinker, especially those with beige carpets or a brand new outfit. With this clever, non-toxic wine stain remover, those days of worrying are over. Recommended by Good Housekeeping, simply spray the product onto the affected fabric to effectively break down stains and avoid any lasting damage.  

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  67. Cheese Board
  68. Cheese Board

    Nothing goes better with wine than cheese and crackers! Upgrade your tired old cheese board and give this 21 piece charcuterie set center stage on your entertaining table. Create an impressive sharing platter for guests, with dedicated meat and cheese serving trays, cutlery, bowls and even a slide-out utensil drawer to keeping everything tidy when not in use.  

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  69. Wine-Infused Tea
  70. Wine-Infused Tea

    For those seeking an alcohol-free daytime alternative to chardonnay, this white wine-infused tea is a great option. Made with Sonoma County grape skins instead of tea leaves, this fruity loose leaf tea goes well with cheese, salads, creamy pasta dishes and seafood. According to the reviews, it’s so good that you won’t even miss your daily glass of wine – maybe!  

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  71. Wine Recipe Book
  72. Wine Recipe Book

    If just drinking wine is no longer enough, you can now learn how to cook with it too! Written by winery owner Dana Frank and recipe writer Andrea Slonecker, this cookery book includes 75 recipes for a multitude of different wine styles. There’s even advice on how to buy, store and taste wine and illustrated guides to help you out along the way. 

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  73. Wine Lover’s Room Sign
  74. Wine Lover’s Room Sign

    An ideal gift for any wine enthusiast, this handcrafted room sign with thoughtful quote would make a great birthday gift or stocking filler. The black and white design will suit any decor, while the variations in the natural wood grain add character. Hang it in your kitchen or dining room using the built-in jute rope to add some personality to your home interior. 

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  75. Personalized Glasses
  76. Personalized Glasses

    Gift your favorite couple a pair of fun wedding or anniversary glasses. When Mr Right finds his Mrs Right, he needs to be reminded and this set of two stemless glasses will do just that. Perfect for cold beverages, including wine, every unique glass has a smooth rim and hand-painted lettering that is guaranteed to bring some humor to the dinner table.  

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