24 Cool & Useful Gifts for Truck Drivers

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Finding gifts for certain family members or friends can sometimes feel tricky, either because they seem to already own everything or because their interests are very specific. When it comes to gifts for truck drivers, you have to keep in mind their wants and needs while on the road. We’ve put together a handpicked list of unique gifts for truck drivers to get you started.  

  1. Seat Cushion
  2. Seat Cushion

    Long trips on the road can leave backs and heels feeling sore, but with this Seat Cushion, you can provide them the comfort they need to endure sitting for the whole trip. The seat cushion is ergonomically designed to provide support and reduce pain from the lower back, spine and sciatica while also relieving pressure on the hips that might otherwise cause pain. It features a breathable gap in the middle to keep you cool on long drives. 

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  3. Trucker Mug
  4. Trucker Mug

    This mug will make the driver smile as they make their long hauls cross-country. On this durable mug is a cartoon truck next to the words “Best Truckin' Dad Ever”. Funny and practical, do gifts for truck drivers get much better than this?

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  5. Ray-Ban Sunglasses
  6. Ray-Ban Sunglasses

    Keep the sun out of their eyes and let them do so in style with the gift of Ray-Ban Polarized Aviator Sunglasses. These sunglasses are crafted into the iconic Aviator look that everyone loves and boasts lenses that are polarized to keep the sun from shining too brightly in their eyes. UV protection coating spares the eyes from any harmful blue light. 

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  7. Satellite Radio
  8. Satellite Radio

    Truck drivers will often find themselves in areas of the country where they may not have access to local FM radio stations. When you gift them this Satellite Radio, they’ll be able to listen to all of their favorite tunes wherever they end up. It comes with various music features including Sirius XM so they’ll always have their favorite genres on hand. 

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  9. Portable Urine Bottle
  10. Portable Urine Bottle

    Truckers have a deadline to hit from the moment they hit the road, and stopping to use the restroom often can slow them down. Through the gift of the Portable Urine Bottle, you can help them remain productive by giving them a way to “go” on the go. It features a reservoir collection system that is easy to dump and clean. 

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  11. Insulated Flask
  12. Insulated Flask

    Everyone loves a nice warm cup of coffee to get them started on chilly days including the trucker you know. With this market leading Vacuum Insulated Flask, they can fill up at their favorite truck stop and have plenty of coffee to get them going without it running cold. It can also easily keep cold beverages at temperature during warmer afternoons. 

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  13. Bluetooth Headset
  14. Bluetooth Headset

    Safety comes first with truck driving, and this Bluetooth Headset will allow them to take necessary calls without having to take their eyes off of the road to find their phone. It features a powerful microphone and a clear speaker to make it easy to communicate and can be comfortably worn on the ear all day long. 

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  15. Dash Cam
  16. Dash Cam

    With this Dash Cam, truckers can track their trips and record the road ahead of them in case of an accident. It records at a super-wide angle of 170 degrees to make sure every image is captured and records it in full, high-definition 1080p. With a built-in sensor, any sudden shake or collision will lock the camera to ensure the footage keeps rolling. 

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  17. Portable Cooler
  18. Portable Cooler

    Gift your truck-driving loved one this Portable Cooler and let them enjoy fresher food and drinks on the go. It features closed-cell insulation that keeps everything cold for hours on end and can hold as much as 12 cans as well as ice, which is more than enough room for one person. It is durable in that it is resistant to mold, mildew and water damage. 

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  19. Driver Gloves
  20. Driver Gloves

    Protect their hands from the sun while driving or the cold while refueling with these Driver Gloves. These leather work gloves are made from high-quality split cowhide that is resistant to both puncturing and ripping. With the elastic back, a snug fit is guaranteed in order to ensure their comfort no matter how long they wear them. 

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  21. Car Seat Organizer
  22. Car Seat Organizer

    Help the trucker you know stay organized with this Front Seat Organizer that hangs right on the front passenger seat and provides pockets, compartments and mesh sleeves for organized storage. They can keep umbrellas, water bottles, snacks, folders, files and other items close at hand, making it not only a more convenient but a safer way to travel. 

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  23. Drive Safe Keychain
  24. Drive Safe Keychain

    With this Drive Safe Keychain, you can remind your trucker that there is someone at home waiting on them to arrive back safely. It makes an excellent gift for those who seem to spend more time on the road than they do at home and is a sweet sentiment that can be attached to their keys as a constant reminder. 

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  25. Snack Box Variety Pack
  26. Snack Box Variety Pack

    Help your trucker refuel with tasty snacks by gifting them this Snack Box Variety Pack. In the snack pack box, there are 50 popular snacks that they are sure to love, helping to keep them fueled up on their long trips in between stopping for meals. The pack has only name brand snacks, so you can be sure what they’re snacking on is something they already know and love. 

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  27. Foam Back Cushion
  28. Foam Back Cushion

    With this Memory Foam Back Cushion, truckers can enjoy a more comfortable driving experience by getting the support they need on their upper and lower backs. The cushion improves lumbar support through its memory foam material that will conform to their body and give them customized, unique levels of comfort. 

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  29. Hanging Toiletry Bag
  30. Hanging Toiletry Bag

    Truckers still have to groom themselves and maintain their appearance and hygiene, and this Hanging Toiletry Bag will make it easier for them to accomplish this task. The bag can store any of their most commonly used toiletries within the main compartment and two side zipper pockets. It also features elastic straps and inner mesh pouches that all combine nicely in this bag. 

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  31. Electric Blanket
  32. Electric Blanket

    On those chilly winter days and nights where the heater just doesn’t seem to be enough, the trucker you know can keep cozy by draping this Electric Blanket over their lap. The blanket plugs right into the 12-volt charger in their truck to ensure it stays heated up until the moment they unplug it. The 96-inch-long cord reaches clear across the cabin. 

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  33. Portable Vacuum
  34. Portable Vacuum

    Help your trucker feel more comfortable on their long trips by making it easy for them to clean out their cabins using this Portable Vacuum Cleaner. It is compact and fits into its own storage case to make it simple to store with their belongings and to whip out whenever they need to vacuum up crumbs, dirt and other debris. 

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  35. Steering Wheel Tray
  36. Steering Wheel Tray

    When the trucker you know stops for a break to enjoy their lunch, they can do so more comfortably with the Steering Wheel Tray. When they attach the tray, they’ll have a surface right in front of them to more easily eat from. It is lightweight and easy to mount on the steering wheel. 

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  37. Truck Driver Notepad
  38. Truck Driver Notepad

    Do you know a deep thinking truck driver? With nothing to do but drive, the trucker may spend a lot of time inside their head exploring different ideas and contemplating life. With 60 sheets for a total of 120 pages, this blnank lined truck driver Notebook will let them jot down those thoughts and keep them for consideration for later.  

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  39. Vehicle Trash Bin
  40. Vehicle Trash Bin

    With this Waterproof Vehicle Trash Bin, the trucker you know can keep all of their snack trash and other such waste easily contained for quick disposal at the truck stop bins. You’ll save them a lot of time cleaning out their cabins and will at the same time make their cabin cleaner and much more comfortable. 

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  41. Truck Driver Sign
  42. Truck Driver Sign

    With this Real Wood Sign, you can show your appreciation for truckers that work long hours to bring families and businesses across the country items they need no matter the weather or the time spent. This sign commemorates the sacrifices they make and is sure to make them feel appreciated when they return home. 

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  43. Portable Oven
  44. Portable Oven

    Never again will your driver have to eat another cold meal once you gift them the Portable Oven and Lunch Warmer. This warmer is compact, easy to use and will have their food heated and ready to go in no time at all. It is lightweight and simple to tuck away after use. 

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  45. Yeti Travel Mug
  46. Yeti Travel Mug

    With this Stainless-Steel Travel Mug, the trucker you know can always have a tasty hot cup of coffee or tea ready to go for hours on their trip. The mug is made of tough stainless steel with a vacuum-insulated interior and locking top to keep everything at temperature and prevent spills. 

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  47. Lunch Box Stove
  48. Lunch Box Stove

    Truckers can keep food warm on the go with this gift of the Lunch Box Stove. It features a 12-volt plug that can be plugged right into the dashboard to provide continuous heat, so no matter how long it is before they stop to eat lunch, they will be able to enjoy a warm meal when they do. 

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