26 Wet and Wild Gifts for Swimmers

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Do you have someone in your life who loves swimming but you’re not sure of the most unique and thoughtful gifts to get for them? Swimmers can be picky when it comes to their gear, so we’ve handpicked 27 great gifts for swimmers. This list has something exciting for every swimmer! 

  1. Total Immersion
  2. Total Immersion

    The perfect book for swimmers! Who wouldn’t appreciate a guide to improve their swimming skills by an expert with over 30 years of experience in water? With Total Immersion, both accomplished swimmers and amateurs will get to understand the mindful fluid movements that can turn them into more efficient swimmers. 

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  3. Born to Swim T-Shirt
  4. Born to Swim T-Shirt

    This t-shirt is absolutely ideal for anyone who loves swimming. The top-quality unisex T-shirt is engraved with a message that shows great passion for swimming. Swimming enthusiasts can comfortably rock it to wherever, including for a swimming lesson, at a pool event or, even when they are just lounging at home. 

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  5. Sony Waterproof MPS Player
  6. Sony Waterproof MPS Player

    If you know any swimmers who are also obsessed with music, they will love being in the water with this cool Sony MP3 player. It’s water-resistant, durable and ergonomically designed for water as deep as two meters. Do swimming gifts get better than this? 

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  7. Hair Elastic Set
  8. Hair Elastic Set

    As simple as they look, they are probably one of the best gifts for swimmers. They do an awesome job of keeping hair away from your face while swimming. As they come in a pack of 8 there are plenty to be shared around with swimming buddies. 

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  9. Just keep Swimming Sign
  10. Just keep Swimming Sign

    This wooden sign is one of the most thoughtful gifts for swimmers. Let them show just how passionate they are about swimming to everyone by displaying this black and white sign in their living room or office space. The sign is made from solid wood so is super durable. 

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  11. Swimming Necklace
  12. Swimming Necklace

    This cute swimmer pendant necklace will simply make an amazing gift to that daughter, wife or girlfriend of yours who adores swimming. Such a beautiful neck-piece will make them stand out in style while swimming. The top quality necklace which is plated in 18k of silver is adjustable, so it can be rocked by any female, irrespective of their size. 

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  13. Waterproof Lap Counter
  14. Waterproof Lap Counter

    Competitiveness is what makes swimming so exciting and interesting. This beautiful waterproof lap counter has been designed to achieve fitness and exercise goals. It provides instant feedback on lap number, split time and total elapsed time, so no more counting in their heads. 

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  15. Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  16. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Everyone needs water, but a swimmer will definitely appreciate one of these cool bottles. They are engineered to keep liquids at perfect temperatures. Cold liquids will stay cold for 24 hours while hot liquids will stay hot. They come with a bonus sports cap with a straw, which makes sipping easy after an exhausting swimming session. 

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  17. Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
  18. Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

    Music is the food of life for most people. So why not offer them a gift that will let them to enjoy music while floating in water? This durable Bluetooth speaker was uniquely designed for swimmers, it consumes less energy but delivers crystal clear sounds. The device is available in five colors and is water and dust resistant.  

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  19. Adidas Slides
  20. Adidas Slides

    Who doesn’t love to chill around the pool in a cute pair of designer slides? This pair of Adidas slides are comfortable and also a fashion statement on their own. They are lightweight with a soft cloud foam for quick-dry comfort. They are available in several different colors, so take out time to pick the color that will be appreciated. 

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  21. Michael Phelps Swimming Goggles
  22. Michael Phelps Swimming Goggles

    All swimmers love goggles but they will be more thrilled to get a pair from the brand of the most successful and most decorated swimmer of all time. They are super comfortable and give an expanded field of vision. These goggles will definitely be appreciated.

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  23. Lightweight Water Shoes
  24. Lightweight Water Shoes

    Enhance their comfort with this pair of lightweight water shoes that are suitable for lots of beach activities such as swimming, kayaking, beach volleyball, aqua sport, jogging, fishing, gardening, yoga training, and when walking around the beach. The beautiful rubber sole shoe which is available in several colors will protect their feet from being hurt by stones and other sharp objects. 

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  25. Chlorine Removal Swimmers Shampoo
  26. Chlorine Removal Swimmers Shampoo

    They will probably be getting plenty of chemicals from the pool, so gift them something that is healthy for their hair. This shampoo which is rich in aloe vera, as well as in vitamins A and B5 has been specially formulated to neutralize and remove chlorine, hard minerals, bromine and other chemicals from the hair. It’s suitable for all hair types. 

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  27. Why We Swim
  28. Why We Swim

    This book is simply a must-read by everyone who loves swimming. It has a fascinating and beautiful love letter to water that will give the readers an unforgettable and eye-opening perspective on swimming. Do swimming gifts get more perfect?

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  29. Word-Pattern Swim Cap
  30. Word-Pattern Swim Cap

    Swim caps may look ordinary but a word-pattern swim cap will spice that up. It's one of those simple yet unique gifts that will make any swimmer a show stopper at the pool. The stylish unisex swim cap which is suitable for both adults and kids is made with top quality silicone fabric that guarantees its durability.  

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  31. Tea Tree Oil Body Wash
  32. Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

    Help them take good care of their skin. Swimmers are typically exposed to a lot of chemicals that could harm their skin. However, by gifting them this tea tree oil body wash, you’ll be helping them maintain healthy skin. The oil contains natural ingredients which help with skin irritations, including acne, athlete’s feet, candida, foot odor, and much more. 

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  33. Microfiber Swimming Towel
  34. Microfiber Swimming Towel

    This is such a unique gift that will totally blow their minds. It’s skin-friendly and made with soft suede material that absorbs water five times more than its weight, but dries up super-fast. It's convenient to pack and suitable for daily use. This microfiber swimming towel will be loved by every swimmer! 

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  35. Swimmer Crew Socks
  36. Swimmer Crew Socks

    Socks may not be a typical swimming accessory, but these particular socks are perfect for your favorite swimmer. The crew-length socks that feature a swimmer in waves will definitely be a hit with your favorite swimming enthusiast. 

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  37. Workout Binder
  38. Workout Binder

    Swimming enthusiasts always love to be at the top of their game and this book will help them achieve their goals. It contains up to 100 well-structured workouts that can help swimmers improve their speed, techniques and fitness. Recognized swimming coaches like Nick and Eric Hansen have offered six structured training plans in the book. 

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  39. Aquatic Gloves
  40. Aquatic Gloves

    Looking for a unique gift for swimmers? These awesome gloves help with water water-resistant training and upper body pool workouts. The gloves have adjustable wrist straps that prevent them from falling into water. They are comfortable and also durable. 

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  41. Pool Rules Sign
  42. Pool Rules Sign

    This personalized distressed metal room sign is another great gift for swimmers. Its made with top quality aluminum, so it’s durable and won’t rust anytime soon. The vintage room sign has also been designed to include two pre-drilled holes for easy hanging.

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