32 Useful and Unique Gifts for RV Owners

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We’ve handpicked some fantastic gifts for RV owners and they will make a perfect treat for gifting at Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or just a little thank you gift. Whether they’re touring national parks in the USA or parked up and enjoying a coastal retreat, we have 32 excellent gifts ranging from handy kitchen utilities to inspirational guide books to inspire their next choice of destination.  

  1. Happy Camper Kitchen Set
  2. Happy Camper Kitchen Set

    This sweet bundle of camper decor contains 3 must-have items for any camper kitchen. You will get a cute new kitchen towel, pocket mitt, and salt and pepper shakers shaped in the form of a truck towing a camper trailer. This would make a great gift for someone who has just purchased their new motorhome and needs to add a splash of color! 

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  3. The Best Coast Postcards
  4. The Best Coast Postcards

    You cannot beat a traditional postcard and these greetings from the best coast contain 32 illustrated postcards showcasing the beauty of California, Oregon, and Washington. They may not even want to write on them and instead use them in a scrapbook or hang them around their RV. These make a great inexpensive gift that would be ideal for someone’s birthday or Christmas present. 

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  5. Front & Rear Dashcam
  6. Front & Rear Dashcam

    This would be ideal if you’re wanting to show someone that you care and want them to be safe on their travels. It’s dual equipped with 1080p resolution and will capture license plates and road signs more clearly even if they’re traveling in the dark or late at night. It’s also quick and easy to install and gets brilliant reviews! 

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  7. Cheese Board Set
  8. Cheese Board Set

    It’s a summer night, the lakes still glistening and the birds are singing - It’s the perfect night to dine alfresco. This premium bamboo cheese board will change the way you eat cheese and drink wine for as long as you’ll remember. But it’s not just any cheese board, this completes your experience with 4 cheese knives, 3 slate tabs, 2 white markers, a wine opener, and a carry bag! Perfect for any foodie out there.  

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  9. Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkies
  10. Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkies

    These long-range waterproof walkie-talkies will make communication a doddle on your travels. These are practical because if your phone dies and you need to make communication, these could just be your lifesaver. 36 miles of range which is ideal for open areas with little or no obstruction. The 142 privacy codes also give you up to three 124 channel options where you can block other conversations.  

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  11. Happy Camper Towel Set
  12. Happy Camper Towel Set

    A set of two towels ideal for any camper enthusiast who loves life in the words or on the open road. They’re colorful, functional, and would be the perfect gift for any friend, partner, or relative. Machine washable and we love them because they will add a little homely touch to any camper or motorhome.  

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  13. Dish Drying Rack
  14. Dish Drying Rack

    This is not just any dish drying rack, this is essential if you have a small kitchen space in your camper. It’s an all-in-one that will keep all your plates, cutlery, glasses and mugs, and more in one place and, it’s more convenient when placed over the sink as it will make washing up a little quicker and easier. You could pretty much store anything in it and it would make a great gift for someone who’s just purchased a new motor. 

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  15. Sweet Camping Hanger Decor
  16. Sweet Camping Hanger Decor

    Add a homely rustic feel to their RV with this sweet “Camp Rules” hanger. This would be perfect for any outdoor enthusiast, camper, RV lover, or traveler. This is sentimental and the plaque is wood supported with a galvanized metal back. We give this the thumbs up if you’re looking for a sweet piece of decor to gift to someone. 

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  17. Happy Camper Wine Tumblers
  18. Happy Camper Wine Tumblers

    These would be great for any RV lovers out there who like their favorite wine from an ice-cold glass tumbler. They would make a cute birthday present or Christmas present as they’re designed for the outdoorsy people in your life. These 4 tumblers will last for years and are made in the USA. They also feature a chip-resistant edge and are generously sized for their first beverage of the evening, or freshly squeeze orange come morning time. 

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  19. Portable Trunk Organizer
  20. Portable Trunk Organizer

    This premium trunk organizer has multi compartments and would be suitable for any RV, car, truck, jeep, minivan, or motorhome. It’s built to last and is made from premium oxford polyester fabric which makes it suitable for heavy use especially. Say goodbye to a messy RV home and declutter with this trunk organizer. Suitable for a birthday present, Christmas gift, or for someone who’s notorious for not being able to find things! 

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  21. Lockable Clip
  22. Lockable Clip

    No more worries about your washing flying away whilst it’s outside hanging to dry. Throw away those brown pegs or flimsy plastic ones and with this storm-proof award-winning lock. It’s ideal for hanging towels, clothes, covers, carpets and so much more. It’s fantastic quality and none of the metal springs will rust and is known to last 20 years longer than your average peg - winner! 

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  23. Portable DVD player
  24. Portable DVD player

    This would make an ideal gift for your parents, grandparents, or children who like to spend most of their time out on the roads. Sit back and enjoy your favorite film with its impressive vision and portable DVD player. Once fully charged this can give you up to 6 hours for easy entertainment! Making it perfect for either short and long journeys! 

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  25. BBQ Grill Tools Set
  26. BBQ Grill Tools Set

    This is fantastic value for money and has everything you need to make your grilling experience better than ever before. Ideal for handling those larger-sized grills, ensuring safety at a distance. A practical set containing 25 accessories and tools that will change the way you BBQ! This would make a suitable gift for those BBQ lovers come warmer days whether they’re in their RV or at home. 

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  27. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks
  28. Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

    Cozy up by the campfire on a starry night and roast some marshmallows together! These come in a variety of colors and would be a great gift for an RV lover and any campers out there... Especially those who love marshmallows. Set of 6, extra-long forks make them ideal for roasting safely and it also comes with a travel bag + disposable bamboo sticks. 

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  29. Camper Queen Mug
  30. Camper Queen Mug

    Gift the camping queen with a mug that literally tells her, she’s the camping queen! This would make an excellent and inexpensive gift for any friend, partner, and RV/Camping lover out there. It’s vibrant, durable, long-lasting, and lead-free design. Also dishwashable and microwave safe and is designed on both sides. 

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  31. Outdoor Camping Travel Cup
  32. Outdoor Camping Travel Cup

    This travel cup is double-walled insulated, stainless steel, and has a clear plastic BPA-free sliding lid. Due to its high design, you don’t need to worry about any accidents occurring as the high-quality powder will keep your hands dry instead of sweaty. It makes a fun gift for any RV camper or traveler that’s in your life.  

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  33. Wine Rack
  34. Wine Rack

    This countertop wine rack holder is ideal for anyone you know who’s looking for a study place to store their wine. This wine rack can stock up to 12 standard wine bottles and is simply designed. It will blend in with ease and add a touch of class and elegance to any motorhome kitchen. Your wine is in safe hands when on the move also as its solid build will prevent wobbling, falling, or tilting.  

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  35. Vintage Camper Wine Stopper
  36. Vintage Camper Wine Stopper

    This is perfect and fun for any RV owner or campers out there. Keeping their wine fresh and preserved with an airtight seal. It will fit any standard size bottle and will be a great way of instantly being able to talk about good times spent in the RV. It’s quirky, cute, and inexpensive however if you wanted to pair it with something else how about a nice bottle of red? 

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  37. RV Reminders
  38. RV Reminders

    These are perfect for anyone you know who owns an RV. Attach it to the steering wheel so that before you embark on your next destination or pit stop, you’ll be instantly reminded to think if you tucked the steps or ladders away and so much more. This could easily prevent costly mistakes and any accidents - a great gift to give to someone to show them how much you care.  

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  39. RV State Sticker Travel Map
  40. RV State Sticker Travel Map

    Show off your epic adventures with this sticker travel map! It comes with a plain map which then can be made more colorful as you will peel off the destinations you’ve visited and attach them to the map. What a great idea to show off whilst you're on the road to other fellow RV’ers out there too! It’s also laminated making it very durable and the stickers are rich in color and finished to a high quality. 

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  41. Camper Leveler Chock Kit
  42. Camper Leveler Chock Kit

    This is definitely up there with the most useful gifts for RV owners. Level your RV or camper in just a few minutes with these levelers. You’ll have your motor parked easily and quickly especially if it doesn’t weigh more than 30,000 lbs and has tires up to 32” in diameter. This gets our thumbs up and will be used for years and years to come! 

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  43. RV Adventure Cushion
  44. RV Adventure Cushion

    Spruce up their RV sofa with this “Let The Adventure Begin” cushion. It has a rustic and homely feel about it and is a natural way of adding a little more fun and personality to the RV or camper. This gift would be perfect for any gender, friend, family member or fellow traveler out there & would look great on the sofa, chair, or at the bottom of a bed.  

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  45. Outdoor Mesh Trash Bag
  46. Outdoor Mesh Trash Bag

    Whether you’re relaxing, drinking, dining, or entertaining - keeping rubbish at bay and out of sight couldn’t have been easier with this mesh trash bag. Its sturdy design will allow you to place it pretty much anywhere you want. It’s clean to use, durable and secure thanks to its unique drawstring feature. 

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  47. Funny Cushion
  48. Funny Cushion

    This screams every couple who’s ever got into a heated argument over someone’s parking or when they’ve been in a stressful situation. “Sorry for what I said while we were trying to park the camper”. Perfect for anyone who you’ve traveled with and who has a great sense of humor. It will instantly start as a great talking point to relive the story of that day, and I’m sure you’ll have a good giggle together. 

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  49. Camper Bottle Opener
  50. Camper Bottle Opener

    This unique camper bottle opener is fab as it’s also a fridge magnet! Something which is sometimes misplaced so this would be ideal. It’s a cute and vibrant design of a retro RV and it’s also durable and high quality. This would be the perfect gift for an RV owner and anyone else who is into camping, traveling, and being in the great outdoors. 

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  51. Camping Hammock
  52. Camping Hammock

    Give the gift of relaxation this year and complement their RV with this MalloMe best-selling hammock! It’s luxurious, super-strong, ultralight, and easy to set up. Whilst they’re parked up for a few hours, they can relax in the shade or sun whilst reading a book or just watching the clouds go by. They’ll always remember who bought them this and be thanking you for allowing them to relax completely. 

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  53. Camp Casual Dish Set
  54. Camp Casual Dish Set

    This 12 piece dish set comes with four dinner plates, four salad plates, and four bowls. This would make a great gift for someone who has just purchased their own RV, or someone who is looking for some new dishes. If so then you can’t go wrong with this, they will love the vibrant camper life-inspired design. 

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  55. Camper Trailer Wind Chimes
  56. Camper Trailer Wind Chimes

    Ensure they have the best-decorated RV or camper with this trailer wind chime of retro campers. It’s made from galvanized metal so it’s great quality and would make the perfect accent for their deck. Any RV owner or camping enthusiast will appreciate this gift and it would work great as a present for someone who spends most of their time at the campsite whilst on vacation. 

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  57. Air Purifier
  58. Air Purifier

    An air purifier would be great for someone you know who owns an RV due to its filters and sometimes, compact space. It’s portable and compact and comes with a micro USB cable. It will banish negative ions and help you to feel more relaxed as it’s also known to boost your mood too - must be all that clean air! 

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