The 21 Best Gifts for Rock Climbers

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If you’re in search of ideal gifts for rock climbers, then you came to the right place. We have compiled an extensive collection of the 21 best gifts for climbers, that features cool present ideas from climbing equipment to strength training gear and everything in between. Let’s face it, these climbing themed gifts just rock!

  1. Rock Climbing Mug
  2. Rock Climbing Mug

    Give your friend a challenge while they drink their early morning coffee or tea, with this fabulous novelty climbing mug. In place of an easy to use handle, the cute ceramic mug has a real grip from an actual rock climbing wall! Now they can test their grip with every sip. These unique 12 oz mugs make terrific gifts for rock climbers and climbing enthusiasts!

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  3. Rock Climbing Rope Bag
  4. Rock Climbing Rope Bag

    If you know fellow climbers who struggle to accommodate all of their equipment, then why not consider gifting this handy rope bag? Not only can they store and protect their climbing rope, but the bag also comes with handy pockets and pouches. So they can climb without fear of losing their keys, phone or drinks bottle. Gifts for climbers don’t come much more useful!

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  5. Chalk Bag
  6. Chalk Bag

    Chalk is a crucial piece of kit for any climber, no matter how skilled. And these extremely practical chalk bags are created by climbers, for climbers. Tested on New Zealand’s mountains, crags and walls, they are both durable and waterproof. With a couple of handy pockets, you can keep your phone and keys safe too. These bags would make seriously high quality gifts for rock climbers.

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  7. Emergency Survival Kit
  8. Emergency Survival Kit

    We all know how dangerous a sport climbing is. And that’s why safety should be of paramount importance. So as thoughtful gifts for rock climbers go, you can’t do much better than this professional, 32 in 1 emergency kit. The large capacity backpack contains all of the essential emergency survival equipment and supplies that you would need, should the worst happen.

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  9. Hand Grips Strength Trainer
  10. Hand Grips Strength Trainer

    Fans of rock climbing are sure to appreciate gifts like this strength trainer. Easy to install anywhere, thanks to stainless steel hooks and reinforced hanging straps, the soft plastic power grip balls are designed to improve forearm, grip and pinch strength. This truly is the perfect workout tool for anyone obsessed with climbing!

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  11. Hand Repair Cream
  12. Hand Repair Cream

    This hand repair cream by Climbskin is a concentrated, hydrating balm that both relieves pain and repairs extremely dry, cracked skin on your hands. As all good climbing addicts will know, this can be a common problem. So if you need ideas for possible gifts for rock climbers, Climbskin hand repair cream would be a good place to start.

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  13. Sports Chalk
  14. Sports Chalk

    Friction Labs chalk was created by performance athletes, who understand the need for high quality chalk. Refined in Denver, Colorado, this is extremely pure magnesium carbonate chalk, suitable for any type of skin and offering the best moisture absorption of any climbing chalk. So if you’re in the market to buy gifts for rock climbers, don’t sweat it – pick up some Friction Labs chalk!

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  15. Multi-Colored Rock Climbing Holds
  16. Multi-Colored Rock Climbing Holds

    This set of 25 brightly colored climbing holds allows you to construct a climbing wall of your own. Ideal for modifying an existing children’s play set or to create an indoor wall at home, that’s perfect for your budding little climbers. Made from BPA-free plastic, the holds are child safe, durable and extremely long-lasting. Nice!

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  17. Climbing Harness
  18. Climbing Harness

    This casual, beginner’s climbing harness features top quality double-back metal buckles and reinforced stitching, to leave you feeling safe and secure. Ideal for indoor or outdoor use, the half body, polyester harness is high load bearing and won’t pinch at your thighs or waist. No list of gifts for rock climbers would be complete without it.

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  19. GoPro HERO8
  20. GoPro HERO8

    The HERO8 Black by GoPro is a waterproof, 4k camera with a newly streamlined design. The updated, sleek shape makes it the most portable GoPro yet, while the improved lens is now twice as resistant to impact. Ideal for climbers wishing to document and vlog about their extreme adventures, it should feature in any compilation of gifts for rock climbers!

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  21. PETZL 300 Lumen Headlamp
  22. PETZL 300 Lumen Headlamp

    This compact, easy-to-use, lightweight headlamp is perfect for camping, hiking, cycling, jogging and, of course, climbing. Running for as long as 120 hours, it provides up to 300 lumens of brightness on the highest of its three different settings. With a detachable and machine washable headband, the PETZL Tikka should figure prominently on any list of gifts for rock climbers.

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  23. Alone on the Wall
  24. Alone on the Wall

    Alex Honnold, best known for his free solo ascents of extremely difficult cliffs, tells his story in this must-read book. Often scaling heights of over a thousand feet, with absolutely no safety equipment, what he has achieved in his climbing career is truly astounding. If you’re after gift ideas for rock climbers, you could do much worse than this book.

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  25. Rock Climbing Glasses
  26. Rock Climbing Glasses

    These affordable belay glasses use prisms to allow you to look straight up, instead of awkwardly craning your neck. So say goodbye to neck ache and hello to belaying with perfect vision, on both climber and surroundings. Complete with neck strap, cloth, case and spare screws, they would be the ideal gifts for rock climbers.

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  27. Men's Performance Shoes
  28. Men's Performance Shoes

    The TarantuLace is a specially designed shoe that’s ideal for rock climbers. Its unique shape offers both comfort and high-end performance. The quick-pull lacing harness provides a snug fit and additional support for the climber, while the aggressive rubber heel and soles lets them smear, hook and edge like a professional. These shoes should definitely be on your shortlist of gifts for climbers!

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  29. Solar Charger Power Bank
  30. Solar Charger Power Bank

    This portable power bank is compatible with all modern smartphones and devices. The rugged outer shell is non-slip, so you have no need to worry about it falling out of your pocket. But best of all, it’s solar powered and will be fully charged after 6 hours in the sun. It also comes with a handy compass and flashlight – no extra charge!

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  31. Waist Pack
  32. Waist Pack

    These adjustable fanny packs come in six different brightly colored designs. They make ideal gifts for rock climbers who need somewhere safe to stash their stuff! It comes with a handy water bottle holder, plus three different-sized zip up pockets and it’s made of lightweight, durable nylon that won’t tear on the rock face.

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  33. Finger and Toe Ice Pack
  34. Finger and Toe Ice Pack

    This innovative Penguin Fingers ice pack is a game changer for climbers nursing injuries to their fingers or toes. The material is both soft and flexible, ideal for isolating individual digits. While the cold compress gets extremely cold, without the need to freeze it. And since they are one size fits all, they are ideal gifts for rock climbers of all shapes and sizes!

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  35. Climbing Carabiners
  36. Climbing Carabiners

    These aircraft grade aluminum climbing carabiners are UIAA certified. Easy to operate, even with one hand, a quick twist to the barrel and push against the spring load is all that’s required to open it. And at just 2 oz each, they are essential for reducing the overall weight of your climbing gear. And that’s why they’re awesome gifts for climbers!

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  37. Finger Strengtheners
  38. Finger Strengtheners

    Want to improve the strength of your pinch or grip? These three finger strengthening tools are just the ticket. Use them to warm up, or longer term to build your strength, dexterity and endurance, via the three different tension settings. Ideal for all skill levels, they would make excellent gifts for rock climbers, too.

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