29 Gifts For Pregnant Women & Expecting Moms

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A new and exciting chapter is happening! Not just in their life but yours also, especially if you’re her best friend, sister, mom, brother, father, or partner. We have put together 29 gifts for pregnant women ranging from novelty cups to the super important holy grail pregnancy pillow. Whether you’re looking for a small yet meaningful gift or something which will transform their pregnancy – we can guarantee we have just the right gift for you.  

  1. Pregnancy Necklace
  2. Pregnancy Necklace

    This beautiful necklace features two tiny precious feet and this will mean so much to the mother-to-be. Super stylish, thoughtful, personal, and will certainly be a keepsake for years and years to come. One day they may even decide to pass this down to their child and it could become part of future generations. Whether it’s their birthday, baby shower, or Christmas present we’re sure that they will be truly touched by this gift. 

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  3. Mama Bee Gift Set
  4. Mama Bee Gift Set

    Burt’s Bees have put together this essential gift set including 3 top products for pregnant women. Inside they will find a beeswax lip balm, leg and foot cream, and a tub of belly butter. Long soaks are most likely on the agenda throughout their pregnancy more than usual, so what better gift to give! Their skin will feel amazing and they’ll smell amazing too! 

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  5. 2nd Trimester Gift Box
  6. 2nd Trimester Gift Box

    If you’re unsure of what to gift, then this could be ideal for you to pick. This bump box consists of body butter, bath relaxing soap, Pearhead sonogram frame, and a lovely eye mask for when mum-to-be needs to catch up on some much-needed beauty sleep! It’s beautifully wrapped inside too so it’s a readily available gift. 

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  7. Sketchers Trainers
  8. Sketchers Trainers

    Comfortable footwear is a must for any mother who is expecting. These lightweight sneakers have a very comfortable rubber sole, they’re breathable, 100% synthetic, and have responsive 5Gen cushioning. Whether they’re grocery shopping, exercising, or carrying out day-to-day life, they’ll be sure to appreciate these stylish and comfortable sneakers! 

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  9. Pregnancy Pillow
  10. Pregnancy Pillow

    This C-shaped pregnancy pillow is a must for a good night’s sleep, especially for women who are expecting. It helps to support the mum’s head, neck, back, hips, and knees. It can also be enjoyed for reading in the day and watching TV too. All mums to be would really appreciate this gift, especially as they get further into their pregnancy.  

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  11. Letters To My Baby
  12. Letters To My Baby

    Inside of this sentimental gift, they will find twelve blank letters where they can write to their baby. Throughout their journey as a parent or as parents, they can give these to their child or children and remind them just how much they’re loved. This is super sweet, thoughtful, and will certainly create memories for life.  

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  13. Luxury Spa Basket
  14. Luxury Spa Basket

    This hamper is filled with luxurious lavender scented products which have been formulated with natural ingredients, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, and lavender essential oils. They will feel instantly feel more relaxed, at ease, and vitalized. Overall the 15 individual products inside will make a fantastic gift for the expecting mother in your life. 

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  15. Neck, Shoulder, & Back Massager
  16. Neck, Shoulder, & Back Massager

    Allow them to have a shiatsu massage right in the comfort of their own home. With 8 deep tissue kneading nodes, this will get them in the most relaxed state which is super important for women who are expecting. Because of its infrared heating, this massager will not also bring comfort but will also ease tired, sore, and strained muscles. 

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  17. Morning Sickness Sweets
  18. Morning Sickness Sweets

    Whilst we really hope they don’t face morning sickness severely or that often, there may be a few occasions of nausea therefore these would be brilliant to have to hand. Inside are 30 individually wrapped organic hard lozenges, which are also raspberry and ginger flavored. Ginger has been proven to ease nausea and discomfort so this is a great combination of the two. 

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  19. New Mom Mug
  20. New Mom Mug

    This is ideal if you’re looking for an inexpensive, small gift that is also thoughtful and relevant. If she loves pink then this is an even bigger winner! We love the marble design throughout and the glossy finish and it’ll be sure to brighten up their cupboard and their mood in the morning or evening! 

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  21. Stretch Mark Care Set
  22. Stretch Mark Care Set

    This gift set has been designed just for moms, and each product will help improve the appearance of scars and stretches throughout and after their pregnancy. Stretch marks are beautiful and should be celebrated, therefore this is a great way of taking care of them. These products also smell insane due to the coconut scent! 

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  23. Triple Sonogram Keepsake Frame
  24. Triple Sonogram Keepsake Frame

    We love this gift idea because of how special it will become in years to come. Parents can place their sonograms in each designated frame and then when their little one comes along, they can attach the final picture. When their child is older this will also be super special for them to take a look at.  

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  25. Maternity Belt
  26. Maternity Belt

    This maternity belt has been designed by mothers for mothers, so you can rest assured knowing this product will be fantastic for the mother to be in your life. It’s designed to help relieve lower back pain and to lift pressure from around the pelvic area. It also safely supports their baby bump and is soft, lightweight, and most importantly, breathable and durable. 

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  27. Funny Decision Coin
  28. Funny Decision Coin

    If you’re already aware that they’ve got the majority of the stuff we’ve listed covered already, then you may be looking for something quirky and funny for the parent or parents to be. Allow them to flip for their fate on who’s changing the next nappy, doing the next feed, or who’s getting up to do the night feed! It’s light-hearted, sweet, and will definitely become a keepsake. 

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  29. Cold Therapy Socks
  30. Cold Therapy Socks

    Women really do go through it all throughout pregnancy, and swollen feet and ankles are unfortunately usually part of the journey. However, you can help ease this with these cooling therapy socks designed by NatraCure. Ready to use within seconds, these socks will provide immediate relief from aches and swelling as they will chill their entire feet!  

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  31. Funny Wine Glass
  32. Funny Wine Glass

    ‘I’ve waited 9 months for this’ - this wine tumbler is funny, light-hearted, and will be put to good use once their baby arrives. They will also probably feel emotional when the time comes for a glass of wine again as this gift will remind them of you and their and pregnancy journey. It’s completely safe for hand washing and is dishwasher safe too.  

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  33. Expecting You Journal
  34. Expecting You Journal

    This is in our opinion definitely up there with the most thoughtful gifts you could think of purchasing. It features a beautiful design on the front and throughout where they will also find uplifting quotes and messages. Inside they can write down and capture special moments such as when was the baby’s first kick, first ultrasound details, and so much more!  

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  35. Daughters Pregnancy Necklace
  36. Daughters Pregnancy Necklace

    If you're a mom and it’s your daughter who’s expecting, then this would make a really special and sentimental gift which will mean so much to the both of you. It’s the perfect gift to celebrate their pregnancy, and the message which is included will mean so much to the mother-to-be. The 14k gold-filled chain is perfect if they have sensitive skin too so you can ensure no irritation is caused when wearing this gorgeous necklace. 

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  37. Anti-nausea Wristband
  38. Anti-nausea Wristband

    FDA cleared and approved, this premier relief band is a must for someone who’s experiencing discomfort from nausea and sickness. Allow them to regain control over their life, this band will allow them to get back to their day-to-day life as sickness and nausea will become a thing of the past. We love this because of how quickly it gets to work, once activated it releases patterns of pulses that stimulate nerves under the skin, which then communicate with the brain and disconnect the link between nausea and sickness.   

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  39. New Mom Gift Hamper
  40. New Mom Gift Hamper

    If you’re wanting to make a hamper but don’t have the time or don’t know where to start, then this would be an ideal gift for you. Inside are some key products that would be lovely for expecting moms to be such as luxurious silky body butter, premium soaps and more. Every new mom who’s either expecting or has just given birth really needs that extra love and care, therefore this would make a great addition to their bathroom collection.  

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  41. Womb Music
  42. Womb Music

    This state-of-the-art womb music speaker and controller provide so many special benefits. Allow them to bring the family together where everyone gets to connect with the baby. It’s a fantastic way to create a strong bond with the baby, and it’s super comfortable and safe for mom to use too as it gently sticks to their bump which is easy to attach and remove too. The deluxe speaker will offer superior sound quality, is completely cordless, and really easy to use. 

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  43. Pregnancy Sleep Set
  44. Pregnancy Sleep Set

    Portable, comfortable, and musical - what a fantastic gift for an expecting mom to be! Inside they’ll find a portable belly-to-baby bag, a plush and comforting pregnancy pillow, and the Bingles musical app! Not only will this offer great and essential support for when sleeping, but they can also take special pictures and set baby reminders too! 

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  45. Nutrition Guide
  46. Nutrition Guide

    What to eat when expecting can be incredibly confusing and difficult, especially if a woman who once loved sushi can’t have that now for almost a whole year. Therefore this guide will be brilliant as it features the whole 9 months in week-by-week chunks. It’s good for mom, but it’s also essential and great for the baby’s growth and nutritional needs.  

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  47. Pregnancy Planner
  48. Pregnancy Planner

    Preparing for a baby’s arrival is like nothing you’ll have ever prepared for in your life. Therefore we love this planner because it has brand new parents designed in mind. Inside they’ll find multiple features including a month-by-month calendar, a notes section, and an essential list which is great for recapping to make sure they have everything in place. In years to come, this will also become an incredibly special keepsake for both parent and child to enjoy and treasure. 

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  49. Mothers First Pregnancy Book
  50. Mothers First Pregnancy Book

    Becoming a mom especially for the first time is not just magical but can be extremely overwhelming. There are so many emotions and feelings they’ve probably never felt before, therefore we think this would make a beautiful gift. Inside this book they will learn how to ease anxiety levels, preparing for childbirth, and so much more.  

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  51. Drinking For Two
  52. Drinking For Two

    Alcohol is off the cards for a while, but that doesn’t mean a mom to be can’t enjoy a non-alcoholic cocktail! This ‘Drinking For Two’ not only features some amazing mocktails, but they’re also super nutritional too! With over 40 unique recipes to choose from, we’re sure that the mom-to-be in your life will find something to quench her first that isn’t booze-related. 

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  53. Pregnancy Hacks Guide
  54. Pregnancy Hacks Guide

    The ultimate bible for pregnant women who want the happiest and healthiest journey! Inside is jam-packed with 350 easy hacks that will transform their day-to-day life. Not only is this light-hearted and useful, but they could also learn even the easiest way to i.e. change the way they pick up something they dropped, or how to use tonic water to ease swollen feet. We’re sure that any mom-to-be would appreciate this gift and will surely take at least one thing from it! 

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  55. Enjoy Your New Chapter Keyring
  56. Enjoy Your New Chapter Keyring

    This is a super sweet gift to give to a mom-to-be who’s been your work colleague. They’ll be leaving the workplace for a while or maybe forever as they embark on motherhood, therefore this keyring is a great congratulations present. When they look at this they’ll feel touched by your kind thoughts, and we’re sure it will become a special keepsake in their life. 

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  57. Sleep Soother
  58. Sleep Soother

    If you’re wanting to get something for mom that will help their new baby, this is a super great idea. This adorable chick will become their baby’s sidekick for a peaceful night’s sleep. It provides an endless combination of stars and melodies and will light up their whole room beautifully. With 10 soothing melodies and 4 dimmer levels to choose from, we can guarantee you’ll be champion of gift-giving from mom and baby! 

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