20 Wheely Cool Gifts for Motorcycle Riders

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Below you’ll find 20 ultimate gifts for motorcycle riders, whether they’re just a huge Harley Davidson fan or often out on the open road on their own set of wheels. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift whether that be a cool new bandana or something useful for their bike.  

  1. Vintage Beer Opener
  2. Vintage Beer Opener

    This old-fashioned yet timeless design will be a staple in any kitchen. It’s easy to carry, secure, and durable meaning it will crack open lots of beers for years to come just fine. It’s an ideal and inexpensive gift that would be admired by any motorcycle rider or fan. 

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  3. Harley Davidson Themed Gnome
  4. Harley Davidson Themed Gnome

    Show passers-by and your neighbors just how passionate you are about motorcycle riding. It’s been carefully constructed from painted polystone has been stylishly designed. Did you know that garden gnomes are believed to bring you good luck? If your motorcycle ride is a believer then this would make an extra special gift for them. 

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  5. Bandana Neck Gators
  6. Bandana Neck Gators

    These are not only fashionable but essential skin protectors for both men and women who enjoy motorcycle riding. They have a comfortable fit and the material used makes these breathable and lightweight. We love these because they’re not only designed for the neck, they can be used as a headband, balaclava, wristband, pirate and so many more options. 

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  7. Motorcycle Phone Stand
  8. Motorcycle Phone Stand

    This holder will comfortably hold most smartphones and it comes with an adjustable grip with 360 freedom of movement and rotation. A super ideal gift for someone to keep their money and phone safe whilst riding in the great outdoors. 

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  9. Novelty Socks
  10. Novelty Socks

    Does your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, or husband reluctantly snore when sleeping? Then these humorous socks have their name written all over them! The socks are non-slip and super comfortable and would be ideal for hardwood floors. These would make a great gift for motorcycle riders. 

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  11. Guardian Motorcycle Rider Bell
  12. Guardian Motorcycle Rider Bell

    The key to your biker’s heart ‘Never Ride Faster Than Your Angel Can Fly’. This would make a great bike accessory if they didn’t have somewhere to attach it to on their clothing. The pewter ball is lead-free and extremely durable ensuring it can withstand long motorcycle journeys. 

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  13. Harley Davidson Crossbag
  14. Harley Davidson Crossbag

    Just like their motorbikes, their merchandise is as strong as their sturdy wheels. This official merchandise cross bag is lightweight, stylish, and extremely durable. The materials are water-proof and the straps are adjustable making it ready to hit the open road with you. This would be ideal for any Harley Davidson fan out there. 

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  15. Motorcycle Care Kit
  16. Motorcycle Care Kit

    Caring for a motorbike can be expensive, so why not take an expense off their list with this ultimate care kit. Inside you’ll receive 7 essential items which will clean and protect all surfaces including plastic, paint, leather, metal, and vinyl. Gentle yet guaranteed clean and shine. 

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  17. Harley Davidson T-Shirt
  18. Harley Davidson T-Shirt

    This exclusive military support t-shirt featuring Harley Davidson himself would make a great addition to any motorcycle fan’s wardrobe. Made from 100% cotton you can ensure your loved one will feel most comfortable and stylish looking. The charcoal color and vintage appeal are sophisticated and would be ideal for everyday use. 

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  19. Motorcycle Wrench Ashtray
  20. Motorcycle Wrench Ashtray

    Impress your loved one with this exquisite and unique mechanical ashtray. It’s been beautifully handcrafted from cold cast resin, and the whole design is truly a work of art. It will certainly be admired by any motorcycle rider and is a great conversation starter! 

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  21. Motorcycle Salt & Pepper Shakers
  22. Motorcycle Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Banish them old plastic salt and pepper shakers and replace them with this epic set. They’re fully functional so not only would they make a great decoration, they are ideal for seasoning those home-cooked meals.  

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  23. Motorcycle Rider Blanket
  24. Motorcycle Rider Blanket

    Help keep them snug in winter months with this soft & warm inviting throw. Perfect for cozying up on the sofa, watching a film, or being used outdoors. Motocross fans and extreme sports enthusiasts will absolutely love this gift due to the vibrant full design display. 

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  25. Biker Cap
  26. Biker Cap

    Ideal gift for the man or woman in your life with long hair! ‘Biker Hair Don’t Care’ this cap offers a comfortable fit and is ideal for sun protection when out on the road. It’s personal to them because it’s not just any plain cap, they will feel a real sense of pride wearing this. 

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  27. Vintage Biker Tin Signs
  28. Vintage Biker Tin Signs

    This set of 4 Indian biker tin signs make great decorations for around the house, in the garage, study, bathroom, or bedroom. Each one is completely unique to the other, and we just love the vintage and rustic feel these have. We think they would look great mounted to a wall or displayed on a shelf or desk. 

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  29. Harley Davidson Calendar
  30. Harley Davidson Calendar

    Help to keep them organized and motivated with this classic Harley Davidson calendar. It’s a best seller for many reasons including the incredible portraits shot by veteran photographer David Blattel. Included with the calendar is a beautiful poster that is ready to be framed. 

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  31. Motorcycle Rider Sunglasses
  32. Motorcycle Rider Sunglasses

    Protect their vision from the sun and debris with these interchangeable lenses. Soft rubber nose head ensuring maximum comfort for small or long journeys. Scratch-resistant coating and super stylish making them easy on the eye. They block out UVA and UBA rays completely, making them super essential for any motorcycle rider. 

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  33. Motorcycle Desktop Figure
  34. Motorcycle Desktop Figure

    Add some personality to their work desk with this iron bronze motorcycle ornament. A vintage decoration to be admired by any motorcycle fan out there. We especially love this ghost rider motorcycle because the wheels and handlebars are functional as they can spin and move around.  

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  35. Motorcycle Leather Gloves
  36. Motorcycle Leather Gloves

    Whilst we hope that they already have these, these gloves would make a great backup for when needed. They have a gel palm for a comfortable grip and display a beautiful reflective skull on the front of each glove. Absolutely essential for any motorcycle rider out there who needs to protect their hands whilst riding, yet also keeping stylish. 

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  37. Motorcycle Pen Holder
  38. Motorcycle Pen Holder

    This custom chopper desk organizer would be ideal for any motorcycle fan out there. It’s got a brilliant sturdy finish and feel to it and would make a great gift addition to a work desk. You could store pens, paperclips, pencils, scissors and so much more. 

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  39. Grandpa Biker Gift
  40. Grandpa Biker Gift

    Looking for something unique and personal which will be appreciated by your grandpa? Then this mug would be ideal and will be sure to put a smile on their face. ‘I’m a biker grandpa just like a normal grandpa except much cooler’ is printed on both sides. It’s completely safe for dishwasher and microwave usage, and it will certainly brighten their mornings on a dull day. 

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