31 Cool and Crafty Gifts for Knitters

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Buying presents for lovers of crafts such as knitting and crochet can be tricky. But fear knit – I mean not! Our list of 31 cool and crafty knitting gifts is going to make buying those birthday and Christmas gifts for knitters sew much easier! Just sit back and enjoy our purls of wisdom! 

  1. Luxja Knitting Bag
  2. Luxja Knitting Bag

    This knitting bag by Luxja has 4 small compartments for skeins and 6 grommets on top to make your life easier when moving your projects around. One of the more practical gifts for knitters on our list, the bag will keep your skeins of yarn separate, to prevent tearing, tangling and fraying. But it also holds crochet hooks, 14″ knitting needles and other notions in the front pouch. Nice! 

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  3. Funny Hanging Wall Art
  4. Funny Hanging Wall Art

    You won’t see too many knitting gifts quite like this funny and blunt wall art, that will leave your friends and family in stitches! The 5″ x 10″ sign is illustrated with a pink ball of wool and the very cheeky slogan “F**k off, I’m knitting”. A decorative accent for any indoor space and a perfect gift for knitting lovers. 

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  5. Ceramic Brown Yarn Bowl
  6. Ceramic Brown Yarn Bowl

    If you’re looking for a simple but stylish way to keep yarn organized and untangled, then you’re in luck! These hand crafted, ceramic bowls are an excellent solution. And they make cute gifts for knitters too! If you’re on the go, you can easily slip it into your knitting bag. And if you’re at home, it makes an attractive decoration when not in use. Cute! 

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  7. Knitting Needles Holder
  8. Knitting Needles Holder

    This handy knitting needle organizer has 24 slots for storing your crotchet hooks, circulars and needles (up to 14″). It also has a useful zipper pocket on the side, to store smaller things like stitch markers. Simply roll it up, tie the drawstring and carry your projects around with you. Gifts for knitters don’t come more practical! 

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  9. Knitting Keeps Me From Unraveling Mug
  10. Knitting Keeps Me From Unraveling Mug

    If you need cool ideas for knitting gifts, you’re not going to find much better than this coffee mug. An ideal stocking filler or Secret Santa gift, this coffee mug looks exactly like a ball of yarn and will put a smile on the face of any knitting enthusiast. And better still, it carries the cheeky and humorous slogan “knitting keeps me from unravelling!  

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  11. Knitting Needles Set
  12. Knitting Needles Set

    If you’re in search of knitting gifts, what could be better than this set of 36 knitting needles? With 18 different sizes in the set, ranging from 2mm through to 10mm, the single pointed, lightweight bamboo needles are brilliant for a beginner just venturing into the world of knitting. They would make the best gifts for knitters! 

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  13. Vogue Knitting Book
  14. Vogue Knitting Book

    First published back in 1989, The Ultimate Knitting Book has been the complete knitting reference for more than 30 years. Published by Vogue, probably the world’s most well-known and respected knitting publication, the book will surely feature on any wish list of gifts for knitters. With around 1,600 color images and all new sections on techniques and designs, it’s a must read for knitting fans! 

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  15. Kookaburra Wool Wash
  16. Kookaburra Wool Wash

    Kookaburra Wash contains Tea Tree Oil and Lanolin, as well as a delightful floral fragrance. Hypoallergenic, so it’s safe for those with sensitive skin to use, Kookaburra Wash prolongs the life of your most delicate woollen garments. It’s just what knitters need in order to enhance the luster of their wool and it would be a great gift idea.  

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  17. LED Neck Light
  18. LED Neck Light

    With multiple color, temperature and brightness settings, this hands-free light allows you to focus on your knitting without straining your eyes. The light is restricted to your own field of vision, meaning that it’s bright enough for you, but dim enough not to disturb others around you. It would be a practical gift idea for any fan of knitting. 

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  19. Yarn Boss Yarn Bag
  20. Yarn Boss Yarn Bag

    Take your knitting projects with you and travel in style and comfort, courtesy of this Yarn Boss bag. A neat gift idea, it features three large pockets and a zip-up top, to easily store all of your notions alongside your yarn. With capacity for either 6 normal sized yarn skeins or 10 to 15 yarn balls, the bag also has grommets to prevent snagging.  

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  21. Knit Blockers & Pin Kit
  22. Knit Blockers & Pin Kit

    Speed up blocking on a whole range of projects, with this set of knit blockers and pins by Knitter’s Pride. The design makes for even tension across the blocking pins, which are made from stainless steel, so they won’t rust. Perfect for scarves, shawls or sweaters, this set of knit blockers is a perfect gift idea for any fan of knitting! 

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  23. Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles
  24. Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles

    What knitting lover wouldn’t appreciate an interchangeable set of circular, premium Takumi bamboo knitting needles? Featuring 12 tip sizes, ranging from 3 to 15, along with 5 different cord lengths. Stored in a faux-leather, zippered presentation case, the needles have a precision finish from tip to cord joint, to ensure a smooth ride for each stitch. Ideal knitting gifts for enthusiasts! 

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  25. Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible
  26. Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

    Hitomi Shida’s book Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible: 260 Exquisite Patterns is just the perfect book for any experienced knitter. If they are looking for new, original stitches that form the basis for beautiful knitted fashions, this is probably the best gift idea for them! With step-by-step diagrams, this Japanese stitch dictionary will be a whole new adventure for any lover of knitting.  

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  27. Multicolor Yarn Set
  28. Multicolor Yarn Set

    Looking to get started in yarn crafts? Or perhaps you’re searching for knitting gifts for friends and family? Well don’t be a knit-wit, make sure you check out this excellent value set of 12 large, multicolored yarn skeins by Mira handicrafts. In addition to the high quality yarn, this beginner’s set also comes with seven e-books featuring “how to” guides and patterns. 

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  29. Silver Knitting Stitch Markers
  30. Silver Knitting Stitch Markers

    Each set of these 5 slip-on style stitch markers comes beautifully gift wrapped and would make thoughtful gift ideas for knitting fans. The 10mm markers in the style of balls of yarn, plus a Knitting Diva charm, would also make cute additions to a charm bracelet. Whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, the thoughtful gift will surely be well received. 

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  31. Knitted Animal Friends
  32. Knitted Animal Friends

    Learn how to knit an amazingly adorable collection of 12 different animal toys, courtesy of these patterns by Louise Crowther. The author of My Knitted Doll, Louise now brings her completely unique style to this brand new compilation of toy animal knitting patterns, that would make the most perfect of gifts for lovers of knitting. 

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  33. Cat and Wool Pencil Case
  34. Cat and Wool Pencil Case

    This cute little bag is brilliant for storing your knitting notions. With its charming design, which features a black cat playing with a ball of yarn, it would be a delightful addition to any wish list of gifts for knitters. That said, it could also be used as a makeup bag or even a pencil case too! 

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  35. Love Ties Us Together Couples Mugs
  36. Love Ties Us Together Couples Mugs

    These two adorable coffee mugs would undoubtedly make fantastically thoughtful gifts for knitters and their partners. Featuring a cute cartoon couple who are quite literally tied together, both by love and a ball of yarn, this gift-boxed set of mugs would be a splendid present for any pair of love-birds. Knitting gifts don’t come any sweeter! 

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  37. Alpaca Wool
  38. Alpaca Wool

    Alpaca Warehouse sources its sustainably farmed, premium wool directly from baby Alpacas in Peru. They provide yarn that is unique, surprisingly strong, and even hypoallergenic! Lightweight and breathable, it makes amazing garments for babies. So if you’re on the hunt for unique knitting gifts, you could do much worse than this set of 3 luxuriously soft skeins.  

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  39. Yarn Storage Bag
  40. Yarn Storage Bag

    Gifts for knitters on the go don’t come better than this multi-functional tote bag . Whether it’s for travelling to the local knitting group, or going on vacation, you can now move your projects around in style. With a variety of different sized pockets and compartments, it’s ideal for storing needles, hooks, patterns, thread and yarn. Knit to be missed! 

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