21 Awesome Gifts For Horse Lovers & Equestrians

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Are you searching for a special gift for a horse lover? A gift that you can see them genuinely wanting and using? Then keep on scrolling! Below you will see 20 gifts for horse lovers which have been hand picked that’ll be perfect for any horse enthusiast. Whether that be personalized jewelry, a piece of wall art or a new mug!

  1. Girl & Horse Necklace
  2. Girl & Horse Necklace

    This beautifully polished necklace would be ideal for somebody who owns and adores their own horse. With a gift box included, it would make the perfect gift for any special occasion. Whether that be mother’s day, anniversary, Christmas, birthday present or just a gift as a surprise to remind that special someone just how much you care.

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  3. Cute Wall Plaque
  4. Cute Wall Plaque

    This wooden heart plaque is a very cute gift for loved ones, and perfect if you’re on a budget too! This is suitable to be gifted for any occasion and for any horse lovers who are the very best of friends. This would hang perfectly on any wall. Perfectly sustainable too as it’s crafted from nature-friendly wood and water-based paints.

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  5. Waterproof Toiletry Bag
  6. Waterproof Toiletry Bag

    Maybe they’ve already hinted that they could really do with something practical. How about a brand new wash bag for when they’re attending to their horse? Not only is the design super cute, it could also be their new secret weapon. Variety of slots perfect for holding all bits and pieces including shampoos. Also suitable for personal use on travel.

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  7. Horse Wall Art
  8. Horse Wall Art

    When your loved one takes a look at this unique oil painted visual effect canvas, they will be deeply touched by how they will instantly feel the love for their horse. This canvas, unlike another, is a skillful art design. Emotional expressions such as deep love can be seen in the eyes. This would be the perfect home gift for loved ones.

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  9. Horse Wine Bottle Stopper
  10. Horse Wine Bottle Stopper

    Why not gift them a wine stopper? But not just any ordinary metal or wooden one, add a playful edge to their next kitchen essential. If they’re not a fan of wine, it can be used for champagne, oil, vinegar and some of their other favorite beverages. The perfect way to top up any bottle ensuring fresh state isn’t compromised! 

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  11. LED Horse Light
  12. LED Horse Light

    This horse light would make a perfect desk accessory in a study or bedroom. Easy on the eye, you can expect a warm, yellow light adding relaxation to any room. More importantly, this will not disturb a baby if they’re resting. Making this light the best for children or adults to maintain a good night’s sleep if they fear the dark. 

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  13. Standing Horse Ornament
  14. Standing Horse Ornament

    Made from high quality resin, this beautiful white sculpture would fit perfectly in the living room of a horse lover. This would also sit nicely on the top of the gate posts at the stables. Available in a variety of colors it has a great design and craftsmanship made of high quality.

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  15. Horse Blankethor
  16. Horse Blankethor

    Snuggle up with this perfect horse floral throw blanket. This would be wonderful for a picnic, to gift, or to use whilst travelling. It is anti-pilling, wrinkle-free hypoallergenic, and does not shed or shrink. Making this throw great for those prone to allergies and asthma. Perfect to use when relaxing on a cold winter night, or a crisp autumn morning. 

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  17. Children’s Horse Riding Gloves
  18. Children’s Horse Riding Gloves

    These durable equestrian gloves are great for summer and winter outdoor horse riding. With a variety of bright colors to choose from, these have been optimally tested and designed for both boys & girls. Machine washable. Gives children the ideal grip when handling the reins and fitted with easy on and off Velcro closure. 

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  19. Horse Door Mat
  20. Horse Door Mat

    This premium doormat features a unique and welcoming design. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, these come with a great durable surface for wet or muddy shoes before entering the home. Keep floors free from moisture. Designed to keep floors free from moisture and prevent a non-slip, safe welcome mat. Great for preventing damage to floors in high traffic areas.

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  21. Horse Fund
  22. Horse Fund

    People with horses will know how expensive they can be. Whether it be vet bills, stables maintenance, riding gear… there should always be a saving fund. This ceramic money box is ideal and if an emergency hits, there’s no need to smash the box! The rubber bung at the base enables you to reuse the piggy bank over and over again.

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  23. Horse Memorial Bracelet
  24. Horse Memorial Bracelet

    This would make a very thoughtful gift for a horse lover who has lost a horse. Engraved words “You’ve Left Hoofprints Forever On My Heart”, the thought behind this present and the engraved words make it a treasured memorial present. It’s simple but an elegant way to remember a much loved horse that is no longer by someone’s side but forever in your heart.

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  25. Personalized Door Sign
  26. Personalized Door Sign

    A beautifully personalized horse name plate plaque is ideal for gifting so that they can brighten up their stable. Or maybe they’ll want to brighten up their tack room door. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. This wooden sign has an elegant finish and perfect for a proud horse owner.

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  27. Horse Clock
  28. Horse Clock

    This wall clock is perfect for the living room, bedroom, kitchen and office. If you know somebody that has asked for all horse things related for either their birthday or Christmas, then you cannot go wrong with this as a present. High quality acrylic, unique design, battery operated and easy to read clock with the option to personalize. 

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