22 Great Gifts For Guitar Players

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Scrap the idea of chocolates and flowers this year, let’s surprise them with something they really want! Check out our handpicked best gifts for guitar players below. Maybe they’re a little out of tune, just beginning or they’re a true guitar hero – there is a gift for all levels of experience, ages and genders below.

  1. Guitar Capo with Pick
  2. Guitar Capo with Pick

    This is suitable for electrical guitars, ukulele, bass, mandolin and Banjo and it comes in different widths. You’ll receive 1 x Guitar Capo and 5 x guitar picks. Absolutely ideal for beginners who are wanting to lower the strings starting out. It’s a very useful guitar accessory for anybody starting out.

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  3. Guitar Card Gift Box
  4. Guitar Card Gift Box

    This music gift would make a really great present for guitar players, guitarists and musicians. These practice prompts enable the person to get into their creative flow during their practice sessions, whether that be for leisure or work. It’s fun but also allows someone to develop core essential skills. The pack includes 49 cards to learn the chords A-G.

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  5. Guitar Player Mug
  6. Guitar Player Mug

    The perfect kitchen accessory for the world’s number one guitar fan. This ceramic cup is both super cool and practical with music note design and guitar handle. Any dad, brother, partner, husband or friend would happily make this their go to choice when they next stick the kettle on.

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  7. Anniversary Guitar Pick
  8. Anniversary Guitar Pick

    If you’re searching for something that will complement their guitar playing, then this might just be the ideal gift. Express your love for your husband or boyfriend on your anniversary with this “I pick you Always & Forever” guitar pick. It’s sweet and they will appreciate the thought behind the gift. Perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s day, birthdays, Christmas or just as a sweet gift to show your appreciation.

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  9. Guitar Picks Case Keychain
  10. Guitar Picks Case Keychain

    You can never have enough picks – so why not keep them safe in this leather case bag where you can hold up to 5 picks at a time! It’s a great little fashion accessory and it’s a very unique and handy gift. Suitable for all guitar players and yes we would definitely class this as an essential for any guitarist. Especially if they’re on the road often.

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  11. Pen Holder
  12. Pen Holder

    Amplify the decor in your guitarists office, bedroom or studio with this cool guitar figure pen holder. It’s the ideal desk organizer and it can hold more than just pens. Whether it be used for staples, pencils, notes, scissors, rulers etc… It’s completely ideal for keeping a workspace clean and organized.

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  13. Guitar Towel
  14. Guitar Towel

    This electric guitar towel is a great novelty guitar gift for music lovers, and it would look epic on the beach, at the pool or out for a picnic on a summer’s day! Or if they’re not planning a vacation it will look just as cool hung up in the bathroom. The musical notes in the background and how this towel looks will get any guitar enthusiast hyped up for warmer days.

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  15. Night Lamp
  16. Night Lamp

    This 3D visual guitar lamp will really add an artistic feel light to any bedroom, study or workspace. It comes with a smart touch controller and the colors can vary between 16 different ones! It would make an ideal gift for Christmas or a birthday and is suitable for all ages. This would also add a quirky feel to any cafe, bar or restaurant too.

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  17. Care & Maintenance Tool Kit
  18. Care & Maintenance Tool Kit

    This guitar care tools kit is absolutely essential to anyone wanting to keep their guitar in good condition. It includes 45 pieces of crucial tools that will soon become indispensable. With this tool kit the most common guitar repairs and adjustments can be made without even leaving home. Suitable gift for all year round.

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  19. Guitar T-Shirt
  20. Guitar T-Shirt

    Yes – they really do need all of those guitars! But hey that will be expensive, so why not get them this shirt instead! It makes a wonderful gift for an acoustic, rock, or electric guitar player. Machine washable, comfortable, lightweight and it’s another cool tee to add to the collection pending, because I guarantee they will want more guitar shirts when they see this.

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  21. Guitarist Stool
  22. Guitarist Stool

    This Kinsman guitarist’s stool is perfectly ideal for home use, stage performances and shop practices. It’s portable, lightweight and collapsible – absolutely ideal for anyone who has been hinting they’re in need of a new stool. It also folds flat for transportation and storage. This would make a great Christmas gift for any guitar enthusiast.

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  23. String Cleaner
  24. String Cleaner

    We’ve covered a few practical and novelty gifts so far, but maybe this is what you’re looking for instead. Most guitars probably already own one of these, but giving an additional one will be great if they’re in need of a replacement. It will keep the guitar strings clean and increase their lifespan. It’s also durable and a handy gadget to have.

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  25. Lesson Chart
  26. Lesson Chart

    If your loved one is just starting out as a beginner, this lesson chart will definitely assist with their development. It clearly shows each finger with enlarged letters along with really clear diagrams. It’s also finished on a beautiful gloss laminated deluxe card, therefore it’s easy to wipe down if there are any spills. Overall it’s an inexpensive and ideal gift for casual practice starting out.

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  27. Guitar Themed Socks
  28. Guitar Themed Socks

    Everyone uses socks so you really just can’t go wrong with this idea. Also these guitar themed socks will be a useful and inexpensive gift for your dad, brother, uncle, partner, husband or friend! They’re premium made material, versatile and they add class. Made from high grade combined cotton, these socks would look great under the Christmas tree.

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  29. Guitar Heaven Poster
  30. Guitar Heaven Poster

    This would make such an epic gift and would look amazing on someone’s bedroom wall or somewhere around the house. It’s a guitar player’s heaven featuring some stunning guitars and is very vibrant. To really give it the wow effect, we recommend before gifting placing it in a frame to add that extra final touch. A great suitable gift for partners, husbands, wives, fathers or teenagers.

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  31. Wall Mount Bracket
  32. Wall Mount Bracket

    This is functional, it saves space and is a great organizer for any guitar lover. It comes with a top shelf which would be perfect for storing clips, plants, letters. And the guitar wall mount is suitable for most musical instruments. Not only does it store the guitar safely and out of the way, it can also store the guitar picks, straps, tuner, capo and so on… All they need to do is just grab and go, and make sure they get into a routine of putting all equipment and accessories back, so that the next time is just as easy.

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  33. Guitar Gift Box Set
  34. Guitar Gift Box Set

    If you’re still unsure of what to get, this gift box may just tick the boxes for you. It’s beautifully presented and inside there are a variety of tools and accessories the guitarist will appreciate and use. These gift boxes have high quality products inside and are beautifully designed so they make the perfect gift.

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  35. Stainless Steel Wristband
  36. Stainless Steel Wristband

    This wristband would be an ideal gift for a male or female guitarist. It’s black, sleek, comfortable and features a wrap weave linking the guitar at the front. Perfect for any occasion and any special event. This would particularly go down well with teenagers and anyone in a band looking to add a little bit of eye candy.

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  37. Guitar Monthly Planner
  38. Guitar Monthly Planner

    Grab this weekly and monthly organizer and agenda which would make a perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas present. This planner is designed to help make you more productive, get more organized and to manage your time more effectively. Guitar Tabs Notebook – an epic guitarist will prioritize their list of things to do.

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  39. Grip Strengthener
  40. Grip Strengthener

    6 x grip strengtheners included, absolutely ideal for anyone learning to play the guitar. It’s a handy set to have for anyone looking to improve their overall grip strength, recover from injury and increase their finger strength. They’re also lightweight and portable so can be taken anywhere and they’re 100% eco-friendly premium silicone which is super important when doing hand and finger strength training.

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  41. Guitar Player Sculpture
  42. Guitar Player Sculpture

    This high quality sculpture will look so good in anyone’s living room, bedroom, study, or work place. It’s modern, elegant, smooth and will fit all room decors. Delicately handmade artwork is a great idea for a gift, especially this one for a guitarist. Or maybe you don’t know someone who owns a guitar but you know they love music, this would also work nicely as a present.

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  43. Lunch Box Tin
  44. Lunch Box Tin

    This might be one the coolest lunch boxes I have ever seen. It’s shaped exactly like a normal guitar, it comes with a few stickers to personalize and it’s made from tin metal material – spot on. This unique design would make such a great gift and even if they don’t want to use it as a lunchbox, it can be used for around the house storage of toys, LEGO, stationary and so on… Therefore this gift would be suitable for all ages and would make a great Christmas or birthday gift.

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