30 Extremely Thoughtful Gifts for Grandpa

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A grandfather holds a special place in all of our hearts. So no matter what the occasion, you’ll only want to buy the very best gifts for grandpa. He is generous with his time and his money and he can teach us all a thing or two about life. Say thank you to him, with these wonderful gifts for your grandpa. 

  1. Ancestry DNA Test Kit
  2. Ancestry DNA Test Kit

    As thoughtful and unique gifts go, what could be better than learning about ancestry and matching with long lost relatives all around the globe? A simple saliva test will reveal her complete ethnicity breakdown, from among more than 1000 geographic regions. The intriguing results are presented with a fun animation, while a massive global database links you to your relatives around the globe. Fascinating! 

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  3. Memory Foam Cushioned Slippers
  4. Memory Foam Cushioned Slippers

    When we think of gifts for grandpa, what’s the first thing that springs to mind? A pair of comfortable slippers would have to be up there. So why not consider these genuine suede, moccasin style beauties? With lightly padded insoles and lined with soft faux fur, they’re super cozy. And the non-slip rubber soles mean they’re even okay for light outdoor use. 

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  5. Grandfather's Journal
  6. Grandfather's Journal

    There’s no-one quite like grandpa. And in order to capture his unique charm and spirit for posterity, this memory book will guide him through documenting his life and memories. A beautiful and considerate keepsake, Grandfather’s Journal: Memories and Keepsakes for My Grandchild simply has to feature among any collection of the best gifts for grandpa.

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  7. I Love My Grandpa Picture Frame
  8. I Love My Grandpa Picture Frame

    Preserve those special moments with a wonderful grandfather in this gorgeous picture frame. With space for two 6″ x 4″ photographs, the wooden frame features a stylish love heart design above the words “I love my grandpa”. The perfect gift idea for birthdays, Christmas or Father’s Day. And of all the thoughtful gifts for grandpa, he’ll surely love this the best.  

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  9. Whiskey Rocks and Glasses Set
  10. Whiskey Rocks and Glasses Set

    If your grandfather appreciates a drop of fine Scotch or Bourbon, then what could be a better gift idea than this? This whiskey lover’s gift set contains everything he’ll need to raise a toast to his darling grandchild. The stylish box contains a pair of whiskey glasses, a velvet bag of eight cooling rocks, two slate coasters and a pair of tongs. Cheers! 

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  11. Personalized Leather Wallet
  12. Personalized Leather Wallet

    No compilation of the best gifts for your grandpa would be complete without this personalized wallet. Crafted from genuine cowhide leather, the wallet also blocks out RFID signals, to prevent electronic credit card theft. But what’s best of all about this considerate gift idea for your grandfather, is the laser engraved custom message on the interior. A truly special present. 

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  13. Grandpa Magic Book
  14. Grandpa Magic Book

    Everyone’s grandfather did goofy magic tricks when they were a kid, right? “Got your nose”, removable thumbs, that kind of thing. Well now he can amaze the grandchildren with some proper magic tricks. Grandpa Magic: 116 Easy Tricks, Amazing Brainteasers, and Simple Stunts to Wow the Grandkids is full of cute and entertaining tricks. The perfect Christmas or birthday gift for grandpa. 

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  15. Bluetooth Portable Record Player
  16. Bluetooth Portable Record Player

    Take your grandfather back to his glory days, with the gift of sound. This portable bluetooth record player allows the old-timer to break out the vinyl and boogie along to classics from back in the day. And if he’s a bit more tech-savvy, he can also stream wirelessly. This has to be one of the best gifts for grandpa out there today. 

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  17. Grandpa T-Shirt
  18. Grandpa T-Shirt

    If your grandpa is a fan of super soft, very comfortable, high quality t-shirts with witty slogans, then we have the best gift idea for you! “My favorite people call me Grandpa” declares this tee, which is available in five different colors. Ideal for gifting at Christmas, Father’s Day or for his birthday, this t-shirt is sure to raise a smile. 

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  19. Top Grandpa Socks
  20. Top Grandpa Socks

    Socks always make the best gifts for grandpa, or indeed any man in the family that can be tough to buy for! Practical as well as witty, these novelty socks state “Top Grandpa”, in the style of legendary 1980s action movie Top Gun. Machine washable and one size fits all, these smart and stylish socks could definitely not be considered plane… 

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  21. Keychain for Grandpa
  22. Keychain for Grandpa

    Gifts for grandpa don’t need to be grand and showy. It’s the thought that counts. “Remember I love you grandpa”, states this cute little 2” stainless steel keychain. Whatever the occasion, this is a simple but practical way to show your affection for your grandad. A charming gift idea for a special grandfather, that is sure to be appreciated.  

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  23. Italian Leather Gloves
  24. Italian Leather Gloves

    No list of the best gifts for grandpa would be complete without these luxurious driving gloves. Hand made from hard wearing and stylish Italian leather, with a cozy lining and an adjustable wrist strap, the gloves are also available in a range of colors. Perfect for keeping out the cold when driving in winter – and he’ll look fantastic too! 

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  25. Armrest Organizer
  26. Armrest Organizer

    This arm chair caddy is the perfect gift for grandpa when he’s lounging around in his favorite chair. He’ll never lose the TV remote control again and with the different sized pockets, he can also store his phone, tablet, books, candy and whatever else he might need. Available in 30 different colors, there’s one to suit all tastes!  

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  27. Trowel Bottle Opener
  28. Trowel Bottle Opener

    This novelty gift for your grandpa is sure to raise a smile when he’s working out in the garden. That’s because the handle of this cool hand trowel is engraved with the words “stop for a beer grandad”. And that’s not all, because the trowel actually functions as a bottle opener too! A really cute gift idea for gramps, we’re sure you’ll agree. 

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  29. Best Grandpa Ever Insulated Mug
  30. Best Grandpa Ever Insulated Mug

    Show your grandpa how you feel with this sweet but practical gift idea. The 20 oz, stainless steel insulated cup has the words “best grandpa ever” engraved on the side. It will keep his drinks cold all day long, when he’s out in the garden or at the golf course. And it will keep his hot drinks warm too. 

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  31. Ice Cream Spoon
  32. Ice Cream Spoon

    If you’re on the hunt for the best novelty gifts for grandpa, be sure to check out this cute, laser engraved spoon. Featuring the expression “Grandpa’s ice cream plow“, this is certainly a unique and fun idea for a present. The six inch long spoon is also surprisingly heavy, which really will allow gramps to destroy his favorite desserts. 

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  33. Leather Nightstand Organizer
  34. Leather Nightstand Organizer

    This faux-leather organizer is a stylish addition to any desk or bedside table. So if you’re short of ideas for what gifts to buy grandpa for his birthday or at Christmas, look no further. With this present, he will now be able to easily store his watches, glasses, loose change and mobile phone at the end of the day. Nice! 

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  35. Sudoku Board Game
  36. Sudoku Board Game

    Everyone’s grandad likes to do puzzles. And what better game to keep the grey matter busy than the popular number puzzle Sudoku? This stylish wooden set features a drawer underneath the board for storing the tiles, plus a booklet containing 100 different puzzles. Turn the tiles over and use the black number to place your answer, or use the red numbers when you aren’t sure. Simple! 

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