39 Must Have Gifts For Expecting Dads

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So, this baby is happening! It’s such an exciting time! Once the news sinks in that you are becoming parents again, the focus is often all on Mumma! Making sure she is happy and healthy and baby is doing well. So here, we have devised a list of gifts for expecting dads to show that he is not going to be forgotten in all of the baby excitement!

  1. Letters To My Baby
  2. Letters To My Baby

    Inside of this sentimental gift, they will find twelve blank letters where they can write to their baby. Throughout their journey as a parent or as parents, they can give these to their child or children and remind them just how much they’re loved. This is super sweet, thoughtful, and will certainly create memories for life.  

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  3. Expecting You Journal
  4. Expecting You Journal

    This is in our opinion definitely up there with the most thoughtful gifts you could think of purchasing. It features a beautiful design on the front and throughout where they will also find uplifting quotes and messages. Inside they can write down and capture special moments such as when was the baby’s first kick, first ultrasound details, and so much more!  

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  5. Man Behind The Bump T-Shirt
  6. Man Behind The Bump T-Shirt

    This T-shirt is perfect for the expectant dad to show off his soon-to-be-delivery! Although there are many designs available, this is our favorite in a classic dark heather grey and comes in sizes small to a generous 6XL. This T-shirt is ideal as a gift for expecting dads, and something that can be put in the memories box with other baby keepsakes after the baby has arrived. 

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  7. Parent-To-Be Book
  8. Parent-To-Be Book

    So, this is a book designed to get the expectant Dad avoiding all the pitfalls of having a pregnant partner, to avoid embarrassment and avoid making those silly mistakes! Penned as the ultimate Guy's Guide to being the best Dad you can be before her due date. This book will have you smiling and working through her pregnancy together with no red-face moments! 

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  9. First Time Father Glass
  10. First Time Father Glass

    This Glass is an amazing idea for that expectant Dad in your life! It can be used to announce to them your pregnancy news as a surprise, at a baby shower and kept as keepsake for long after the birth to signify the special time of your lives! Made from heavy glass for longevity and writing that won't rub off while washing. 

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  11. New Parent Keychain
  12. New Parent Keychain

    This set of keyrings that is perfect to keep on his-and-hers keys to signify a new arrival coming soon to a car near you! With the year engraved on the keyring to mark the very special year of arrival, this is a perfect give for the expectant dad to place on either the car or house keys to remind him of the expectant delivery! 

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  13. Diaper Bag for Dads
  14. Diaper Bag for Dads

    This Tactical changing bag is designed specifically for the Dads of the world and would be a great gift for the expectant dad in your life! It sports a masculine design that men won't mind carrying at all, and has a changing mat and carry straps included for ease of on-the-move changing needs! Very cool and extremely Practical! 

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  15. New Daddy Mug
  16. New Daddy Mug

    There's no doubt that every man loves a good mug, especially one that mark's the occasion of the news of becoming a new dad! This mug has a Clean and simple, elegant design that marks the year the news the baby was coming to meet everyone! An expectant daddy will use this with pride to make sure that everyone who visits knows his new upcoming role in life. 

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  17. Wallet Insert Card
  18. Wallet Insert Card

    This card is designed to be kept in the expectant dad's wallet to carry around with him to remind him that his baby is on their way. The cute message it carries on it can be a reminder to the new expectant Dad that things will be changing but everything will be OK. It is the perfect wallet size and is small enough to be carried everywhere. 

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  19. Father-To-Be Necklace
  20. Father-To-Be Necklace

    A beautiful dog-tag style pendant necklace, finished in Matte Black with a message on designed to be from the bump. This modern and super cool necklace is something that every expectant dad will cherish while wearing it everyday, and will most likely show everyone too! It is a great keepsake of such an exciting time of life for an expectant father. 

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  21. Top Dad Socks
  22. Top Dad Socks

    If your expectant dad in your life is a fan of Top Gun, they are going to love this pair of play-on-words socks! Uber comfy and with a message to let them know they are going to be a Top Dad when the little person arrives! With all the walking they will doing with a babe-in-arms, they will needs some comfortable socks!

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  23. Dad's Guide To Pregnancy
  24. Dad's Guide To Pregnancy

    This book is the quintessential dads guide to pregnancy! This is a perfect gift for dads as it gives some great insights to things you may not have dreamed of thinking about! Displayed as an idiot's guide, this book brings a little humor into the sometime sensitive situations that pregnancy can bring. Perfect bedtime reading for the expecting dads! 

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  25. Magnetic Tool Wristband
  26. Magnetic Tool Wristband

    So, it's always traditional that the expectant father puts all of the baby furniture together when it arrives at the door, right? This is going to be the best thing ever for those 3am tasks that were only meant to take an hour! Designed for the wrist, this magnetic tool belt is super handy for holding all of those screws and bolts needed for the cot and baby wardrobe! 

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  27. Funny Baseball Cap
  28. Funny Baseball Cap

    This is the perfect cap to wear when your expectant Dad is out with the lads! It gives a subtle little message to the boys that you are an expectant father with more responsibilities now, and in the future, so they should go easy on him! Fully embroidered for longevity of the lettering, and fully adjustable clasp makes it suitable for most sizes. 

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  29. New Dad Gift Box
  30. New Dad Gift Box

    This is an amazing treat box, delivered straight to your door for the dad-to-be. It contains a handbook, socks, soap, a key-chain and a onesie. All the essentials ahead of baby arriving. What an absolute treat of a box that every expectant Dad would love to receive! 

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  31. Sculpted Figure of Dad, Mum and Bump
  32. Sculpted Figure of Dad, Mum and Bump

    This is an absolutely beautiful gift for an expecting dad to remind him of a very special time of life in the form of an ornament. This can of course be kept on display for as long as Dad wants, but it is also small enough to be placed in a keepsake box with memories of baby to remind them of a special time. 

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  33. New Dad Fishing Lure
  34. New Dad Fishing Lure

    This is such a perfect gift for those Dads-to-be who are fishing mad! A silver-colored fishing buddy engraved with “new Fishing Buddy, Coming Soon” and two sharks, complete with little hooks for the expectant Dads who love to fish. This keepsake can be carried along with the expectant father or hidden in his fishing ear to remind him that his new fishing buddy is on the way! 

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  35. Hospital Comfort Gift Basket
  36. Hospital Comfort Gift Basket

    While everyone is rushing around making sure that Mumma has everything she needs to go into hospital to have a baby, Dads are often forgotten....Until this box of essentials arrives! Designed specifically to accommodate everything the expecting Dad may need while supporting the birthing Mother is hospital. It is full of 33 essential items that are easily overlooked for Dad so he can stay in the best shape to support Mum-to-be. 

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  37. Baby Blanket
  38. Baby Blanket

    When it comes to new babies recognizing a scent, they often feel comforted with the smell of Mum as it is something they have grown to know. This blanket can be given to the new Dad ahead of the birth of the baby to sleep with to leave dads scent on the blanket, so when baby arrives and is swaddled, baby will know Dad's scent too. 

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  39. Travel Tumbler
  40. Travel Tumbler

    This stainless-steel tumbler is perfect for the expectant Dad to take along to lengthy ante-natal appointments with Mum, as well as taking it along on the day baby arrives to keep his hydration up. The cute message on the cup matches what a bay would have but still points out his new-Dad status! This is a 20oz cup so plenty of room for a decent drink! 

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  41. Sonogram Picture Frame
  42. Sonogram Picture Frame

    The expectant Dad will love this photo frame as a gift that is designed to hold the first sonogram of the baby. It simply reads “Love At First Sight” with a beautiful, crisp white background and frame, with a generous space for the very first sonogram picture of your baby to be popped inside for the father-to-be to look at, always. 

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  43. Stainless Steel Mechanical Watch
  44. Stainless Steel Mechanical Watch

    We all know how important monitoring time is during a pregnancy. What better way for an expectant dad to monitor contractions when the time comes to have the baby than with a sleek and functional gift that they can wear while giving practical help too! Dad's-to-be will wear this watch gift with pride knowing that it looks good, and is helping their partner out too! 

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  45. Ceramic Valet Tray
  46. Ceramic Valet Tray

    A perfect gift for the dad-to-be to remind him to put everything in here that may affect baby cuddles! Printed with “First My Father, Forever My Friend”, This can be a gift direct from the bump where Dad can place his keys, cufflinks and even loose change, or anything else that may need to be removed before cuddling commences. 

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  47. Baby Food Cookbook
  48. Baby Food Cookbook

    Although baby is still in developing stages, it is always good for a new expectant Dad to get practicing some suitable ways of cooking for baby when they are old enough to try a more varied diet. This book guides you through a healthy approach to preparing food for a weaning baby, right up to toddler stage snacks and health and delicious meals for your growing child. 

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  49. Baby Memory Book
  50. Baby Memory Book

    This scrapbook journal is the perfect gift for the expecting father, allowing them to pop in pictures along the journey of their baby. It contains stickers and stories to match stages of the baby and can be kept as a keepsake long after the baby has grown so it can be looked back on by dad to remember this special time. 

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  51. Adidas Men's Slides
  52. Adidas Men's Slides

    These sliders are the perfect Dad-to-be gift, any parent will tell you how important it is to have comfortable footwear that is easy to put on when needed! These are lightweight enough to be packed into a hospital bag when the time comes, and comfortable enough to be work as slipper substitutes when walking round the house settling a brand-new baby. 

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  53. Men's Baby Carrier
  54. Men's Baby Carrier

    It is super important to keep your baby close while out and about, and this men's baby carrier allows Dad to do just that, especially if he is not happy wearing your pink or blue spotty one! This can be gifted to the expectant Dad to show him he is thought of when it comes to crossing over baby safety and masculinity! 

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  55. Tartan Slippers
  56. Tartan Slippers

    These easy-on, easy off, fluffy lined slippers are the perfect Dad-to-be gift if baby is due during the winter. The convenience of the open back design allows the toasty slippers to be slipped on and off with ease when dad is on night feed duty, keeping his feet warm straight from bed and off the kitchen tiles when making bottles! 

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  57. Engraved Guitar Pick
  58. Engraved Guitar Pick

    This is a perfect keepsake to gift to an expectant dad if he is a music lover or plays guitar. A silver-colored guitar pick engraved with “I couldn't Pick A Better Dad” Is a beautiful play on words that any music enthusiast will appreciate receiving on the news of becoming a dad. It is small and lightweight so it can be carried around to remind Dad of baby's pending arrival. 

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  59. The Baby Owner's Manual
  60. The Baby Owner's Manual

    This book is the perfect gift for a Dad-to-be who is completely technically minded! If he is always programming something or trying to fix something, this is a book that will resonate with his technical mind, but in terms of baby maintenance for the first year. It is set out in a way that the technically minded will understand, while giving practical and safety advice on babies and their needs. 

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  61. Collapsible Portable Trunk Organizer
  62. Collapsible Portable Trunk Organizer

    This is totally the gift for the organizing fanatic. Any Dad to be will understand a new arrival will mean more stuff to carry around, especially in the car. Gifting the expectant father this boot organizer will give him more organisation in his pride and joy, and you will see him filling it with all the practical things you and baby need! 

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  63. Daddy To Be Rosette
  64. Daddy To Be Rosette

    A perfect “Daddy To Be” Rosette is a perfect little gift for an Expectant Father to show the world his new status in life. This can be worn with pride at a baby shower or a gender reveal celebration and is a cute keepsake to put in the box of memories your baby will inevitably have to look at in the future once baby has arrived. 

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  65. Portable Changing Station
  66. Portable Changing Station

    This portable changing station with all the pockets you'll ever need! Men love a multi-functional gadget, and this will suit an expectant father down to the ground with all of its functions. It is also an embarrassment saver as most baby changing stations are located within ladies' toilets, so with this, Dad can change the baby anywhere that's needed without the red face! 

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  67. Personalized Leather Wallet
  68. Personalized Leather Wallet

    A personalized wallet is such a thoughtful yet practical gift for the daddy-to-be. You can have it personalized just for him and make sure he has all of the essentials in the ready for the big day, such as cash, emergency numbers and that all important credit card, just in case something is forgotten or Mumma needs that emergency bar of chocolate! 

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  69. Hip Flask
  70. Hip Flask

    A hip flask is one of the most traditional gifts you gave give a father to be, so they can wet the baby's head on arrival. This gorgeous Matte Black hip flask is simply engraved with “Dad” and can be gifted to an expectant father to await the birth of their baby. 6 oz capacity and easy to refill. 

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  71. Slip-On Loafers
  72. Slip-On Loafers

    A new baby means more walks in the fresh air with a buggy, so an expectant dad will need the comfiest, easy-on, Easy off shoes to accommodate all of the extra steps! These shoes are breathable and so comfortable, allowing full movement when you walk with enough support to reduce aches and pains. Walking with a buggy takes some skill so the least you can give him is comfort! 

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