30 Quality Gifts for Engineers that fit their Curious Mind-Set

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Do you have an engineer in your family and friends circle? Are you searching for the right gift to give an engineer? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have a collection of 30 quality gifts for engineers that fit their curious mind-set. These gifts are all exciting, fun, and stylish!  

  1. Professional 3D Printing Pen
  2. Professional 3D Printing Pen

    A 3D printing pen is one of the coolest gifts to give to an engineer. Two types of filaments can be inserted into this 3D printing pen, allowing you to turn your creative ideas into reality. With its temperature and speed control features, beautiful art pieces can be created safely and efficiently. Buy it if you’re searching for gifts for engineers. 

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  3. Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler
  4. Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

    Both practical and fun, this stainless-steel insulated travel tumbler makes a great gift for engineer friends, brothers, coworkers, father, husband, etc. It comes with witty text “Trust me; I’m an engineer,” beautifully printed on it. It’s highly functional and stylish with a black exterior, double-wall vacuum insulation, and sweat-proof design. The perfect gift for the coffee drinking engineer in your life!

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  5. CanaKit Raspberry Pi
  6. CanaKit Raspberry Pi

    For those engineers who love to do fun and creative stuff through programming, this CanaKit Raspberry Pi 4 makes a great gift. It lets you create your own credit card size computer to carry it anywhere you want. Your engineer friend can turn it into a digital media device, gaming console, and computing machine. It’s one of the best engineer gifts for programming enthusiasts.  

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  7. Elon Musk Poster
  8. Elon Musk Poster

    Because of his incredible and unimaginable inventions, the engineering world also calls him the real world, “Tony Stark.” Elon Musk is one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs with some of the biggest and successful ventures in the space-exploration industry, electrical-vehicle industry, and many more. This beautiful and inspiring Elon Musk poster is one of the wonderful gifts for engineers.  

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  9. Bamboo Cutting Board
  10. Bamboo Cutting Board

    If you have an engineer friend, father, husband, or brother who also loves to cook, this engineer bamboo cutting board makes a great gift. One of its sides has a funny saying “Engineer by day chef by night” engraved on it while the other side is used for cutting. A simple but thoughtful gift. 

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  11. Engineering / Scientific Calculator
  12. Engineering / Scientific Calculator

    If you want to give your engineer friend something practical and useful, then an engineering calculator makes a great choice. Engineers need to perform complex calculations all the time, requiring them to have a scientific calculator on-site or lab. A scientific or engineering calculator will be useful to them, but it will make them remember you every time they use it. 

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  13. The Way Things Work Now Book
  14. The Way Things Work Now Book

    This bestseller book makes a great gift for anyone with an inquisitive mind from 14 year old boys to engineers. David Macaulay’s best-selling book “The Way Things Work Now” takes an interesting and funny look at the science behind many of the latest technological developments in the world today. Lasers, touchscreens, 3D Printers – no tech is left untouched!  

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  15. Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multi-Tool
  16. Screwdriver Pen Pocket Multi-Tool

    An engineer would adore a multi-tool pen pocket that can open screws, check the surface level, and help measure dimensions. This is why you should consider this screwdriver pen pocket multi-tool if you’re looking for cool gifts for engineers. It’s sturdy, stylish, and practical at the same time. Its bit can be removed from the tip and kept inside the pen, making it safe to carry around. 

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  17. 3D Wooden Puzzle and Model
  18. 3D Wooden Puzzle and Model

    Puzzles and models help improve creative thinking, focus, and patience. This 3D wooden puzzle and model makes a great gift for your engineer friends and loved ones. What makes it amazing and cool is its complicated structure — making it a puzzle and decoration at the same time. Your friend won’t need any tools to assemble this wooden puzzle and model.  

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  19. Nikola Tesla Autobiography
  20. Nikola Tesla Autobiography

    For any electrical engineer, Nikola Tesla is an inspiration. This autobiography details Nikola Testa amazing and exciting life. The book is a must read. If you’re looking for unique and exciting engineer gifts, this Nikola Tesla autobiography is a great choice. 

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  21. Tesla Patent Wall Art Prints
  22. Tesla Patent Wall Art Prints

    Any engineer would love these Tesla Patent Wall Art Prints. These prints make a fun and useful gift for your engineer friends. These prints can be used as home decor and office decor, making them truly versatile.  

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  23. 101 Engineer Jokes For Engineers
  24. 101 Engineer Jokes For Engineers

    Everyone loves a joke and we are sure that your engineer friend will absolutely love reading the jokes in this book. If you’re looking for fun and exciting gifts for engineers, consider giving this 101 engineer jokes book. The jokes book is ideal for engineers as it’s created for those with a scientific and mathematical mind that enjoy a laugh.  

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  25. Robot Kit
  26. Robot Kit

    This cool Robot kit makes a great gift for both mechanical engineers and electrical engineers interested in robots. This robot kit can be built effortlessly, and it has a few fun features, including obstacle avoiding, line-follow mode, etc. It’s equally fun for both pro engineers and aspiring engineers. It’s durable and comes with long-lasting batteries. Very cool gift! 

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  27. Learn to Solder Kit
  28. Learn to Solder Kit

    Soldering is a major part of engineering, which is why every trained engineering and kid aspiring to be an engineer should practice soldering. This soldering kit helps to learn to solder. It comes with the complete soldering equipment, including soldering iron, circuit, wire cutters, etc. You can give this Learn to Solder Kit to your friends or family members studying engineering and young teens too.  

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  29. Robotic Arm Edge Kit
  30. Robotic Arm Edge Kit

    A robotic arm is one of the most popular tools in the engineering and technology world. If you are looking for exciting gifts for engineers, this Robotic Arm Edge makes a great option. It can perform 4 different movements that are controlled by the controller attached to it. It’s fun and easy to use. Its range of motion is extensive on all pivot points.  

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  31. Bridges & Skyscrapers Structural Engineering Models
  32. Bridges & Skyscrapers Structural Engineering Models

    If you’re looking for engineer gifts for your structural engineer or architectural engineer friends or family members, this structural engineering model makes a superb choice. It’s fun to assemble and allow engineers and aspiring engineering to bring out their creative and logical skills. Aside from being a load of fun, it also helps learning too!  

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  33. Laser Distance Measure
  34. Laser Distance Measure

    When on-site, engineers need to measure the distance between two points or measure dimensions. This laser distance measure tool can help them determine the distance easily. If you’re looking for useful and exciting gifts for engineers, this laser distance measure makes a great choice. Its accuracy and convenience are brilliant with several other useful functions too.  

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  35. Programmable Robot Ball
  36. Programmable Robot Ball

    This programmable robot ball has a collection of exciting and fun features. You can give this programmable ball to your engineer friend and let them do fun experiments with it. Its mobile app controls this ball to perform all its functions. It’s not just fun but also helps programmers learn by experimenting with code.  

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  37. Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
  38. Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

    Every one of us is intrigued by Artificial Intelligence’s wonders, but engineers tend to be fascinated by the subject. If you are looking for engineer gifts, then this book is a great choice. It will help them learn about different aspects of AI, its rise, recent advancements in AI, and its potential to transform everything.  

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  39. Formulas Beer Glass
  40. Formulas Beer Glass

    We might hate math formulas, but engineers love them! If your friend or family member love beer and engineering, then this math formulas beer glass will be the ideal gift for them. The math formula is laser etched all over the glass. 

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  41. 3D Printer
  42. 3D Printer

    No list of gifts for engineers would be complete without a 3d printer! It can make cool items, missing or broken pieces of equipment, and do experiments; a 3D printer is probably the best gift for an engineer. 3D printing is one of the most popular technologies going in the engineering and technology world. There’s nothing more exciting than giving an engineer their own 3D printer so they can use their creative mind to create!  

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  43. Elon Musk Book
  44. Elon Musk Book

    Considering he is everyone’s favorite, your engineer friend or loved one will find it interesting to read more about Elon Musk. If you’re looking for something informative and useful for your engineer friend or family member, then consider giving this beautifully written best-selling book on Elon Musk. This book explains everything extensively about his venture, including SpaceX and Tesla.  

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  45. Engineering Scale Ruler
  46. Engineering Scale Ruler

    Something that engineers use daily is an engineering scale for measurements and drawings. If you want to give an engineer something useful that’s durable and stylish; then this engineering scale makes a good choice. It’s a 12-inch long triangular engineering scale made from a solid aluminum core. It has imperial measurements printed on it.  

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  47. Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
  48. Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

    As a child, we all made paper airplanes. We might have grown up, but it doesn’t mean our love for them has diminished! You can help an engineer recall memories of the good old days with this smartphone-controlled paper airplane kit. It’s a small, fun, and exciting gift for an engineer.  

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  49. Da Vinci Construction Models
  50. Da Vinci Construction Models

    One of the most phenomenal and diversely talented individuals to ever live, every engineer adores Da Vinci’s work. If you’re looking for gift ideas for an engineer, then this Da Vinci construction model is a brilliant option. When assembling these pieces to create a bombard, catapult, or ballista, it’ll be fun and involve problem-solving skills, making it a superb gift for logical and scientific minds.  

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  51. Stirling Engine Model
  52. Stirling Engine Model

    If you want to give an engineer something elegant, useful, and fun, then this Stirling engine motor model is a great choice. It’s an intricately crafted model to place in an engineer’s office or home. It’s not just used as a decor piece either, it’s functional and can run all day without stopping. 

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  53. Pi Necktie
  54. Pi Necktie

    Every engineer has something in the wardrobe that shows their love for engineering. If you’re looking for beautiful, classy, and useful gifts for engineers, then this Pi necktie is a good option. While wearing this tie, it helps an engineer show their passion for engineering.  

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  55. 5 in 1 Engineer Ballpoint
  56. 5 in 1 Engineer Ballpoint

    Tools and equipment always surround engineers. This 5-in-1 engineer ballpoint makes a brilliant gift for them as it can be used as a screwdriver, ruler, level, capacitive touchscreen stylus, and ballpoint pen as well.  

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  57. Quadcopter Drone
  58. Quadcopter Drone

    Every one of us wants to have a drone camera and so do engineers. If you want to give an engineer something useful and exciting, consider gifting this quadcopter drone with a camera. This is one of the best available drones on the market. 

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