21 Rocking Gifts for Drummers

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Good gifts for drummers are not always easy to find. You sometimes have to think outside the box a little. But don’t worry, we have you covered with these 21 totally rocking ideas for drummer gifts. So kick back, relax and snare yourself a neat present for your favorite percussionist. A cymbal of your affection, perhaps?

  1. Roll Up Drum Practice Pad
  2. Roll Up Drum Practice Pad

    Are you in need of gifts for drummers that will allow them to practice in peace, without disturbing neighbors or family? Then this roll up drum set from Paxcess is the one for you. The drum set is fully configurable, to allow you to position the hi-hat and snare drum as you wish. It also comes with built-in speakers and earphone jack.

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  3. String Swing Drum Stick Holder
  4. String Swing Drum Stick Holder

    If you're looking for drummer gifts for a rocking band mate, check out this drum stick holder by String Swing. Built to fit any drum kit, even electronic ones, it is made from heavy duty, black, powder-coated steel that is built to last a lifetime. The clever design ensures that it won't move, even if lifted or bumped. Far out!

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  5. Novelty Pencil Drum Sticks
  6. Novelty Pencil Drum Sticks

    These cute novelty pencils are great fun and would be brilliant stocking filler gifts for drummers. Part pencil, part drumstick, the set of two wooden HB pencils by Suck UK make excellent stress toys for fidgety colleagues who like to tap their pencils. Take a break from your sketching or writing to unleash your inner Ginger Baker!

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  7. Think Out Loud Apparel Drums T-Shirt Artistic Design Drummer Tee
  8. Think Out Loud Apparel Drums T-Shirt Artistic Design Drummer Tee

    This stylish t-shirt by Think Out Loud Apparel comes in two colors, black or navy blue. Featuring an image of a drum kit on the front, the high quality and very soft cotton tee would make a great present for the drummer in your life. With its "fitted crew" style, the t-shirt will fit well without being too tight. Rock on!

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  9. Drumstick Control Clips
  10. Drumstick Control Clips

    These drumstick control clips are brilliant gifts for drummers of all abilities, but especially for beginners. Why? They allow you to practice and play for longer, reducing problems such as cramps, calluses or blisters. And the grips mean you can spin and twirl your sticks without losing control. They also offer a handy pivot point, to allow for faster drumming. Awesome!

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  11. Beyerdynamic Studio Headphones
  12. Beyerdynamic Studio Headphones

    Never miss a beat with these fantastic over-ear headphones, that would make excellent gifts for drummers or sound engineers. Beyerdynamic headphones are well known for their high quality, pure, precise sound and removal of background noise. That's why they are the go-to headphones for sound engineers and percussionists around the world. Perfect drummer gifts, they offer a secure and comfortable fit too!

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  13. Practice Pad & Snare Stand Bundle
  14. Practice Pad & Snare Stand Bundle

    This practice pad and snare set by Slint is easy to use, anywhere. Need a portable practice pad? Want to rehearse at home without upsetting the neighbors? No matter how long you've been drumming or whatever your proficiency level, this is the perfect pad for you. The set even comes with an audiobook and three pairs of drumsticks.

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  15. KickBlock Bass Drum Anchor System
  16. KickBlock Bass Drum Anchor System

    Do you know a drummer who is fed up of chasing their kick drum around the stage? Why not consider getting them a KickBlock? This anchor system was named as “Best Bass Drum Anchor” by Drumming Review. Locking your kick in place, the KickBlock will completely eliminate drum creep, so they can focus on rocking out. Gifts for drummers don't come much better.

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  17. Donner Drumsticks Bag
  18. Donner Drumsticks Bag

    If you're in search of perfect gifts for drummers, check out this neat drumstick storage bag by Donner. With capacity for 10 pairs of sticks, it features six internal pockets of three different sizes, plus an exterior pocket. It holds brushes too, as well as other accessories such as percussion mallets. Hook it to your floor tom with the convenient hanging hook and play away!

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  19. DrumDial Drum Tuner
  20. DrumDial Drum Tuner

    The DrumDial tuner is a totally indispensable tool, that should feature prominently on any list of cool drummer gifts. Tuning drums is such a headache, even for experienced pros. Take the stress out of the process and make your drums sound better than ever, with this exceptional precision instrument. Accurate, easy to use and affordable, DrumDial tuners always make amazing gifts for drummers.

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  21. Heavy Duty Cargo Drum Set Bag
  22. Heavy Duty Cargo Drum Set Bag

    If you're looking for practical drummer gifts, then look no further. Ideal for moving drum kits around, these large, high density polyester duffle bags by K-Cliffs come in three different colors - black, navy blue and camouflage. The waterproof bags fold completely flat for easy storage, while the ultra-strong handles go right around to the bottom of the bag, providing additional support and durability.

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  23. Steel Tongue Drum
  24. Steel Tongue Drum

    Creative drummers can have plenty of fun with this steel tongue drum. It can be made to sound just like bongos, bells, steel drums, chimes and even a trashcan! It even comes with a book of 16 songs to drum along to. And with 11 different tones in all, consisting of pentatonic scales, this tongue drum really does go up to eleven!

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  25. Drum Stand Drink Holder & Tray
  26. Drum Stand Drink Holder & Tray

    This handy accessory tray attaches to your microphone with an adjustable clamp. Ideal for holding small percussion instruments, set lists, keys and other items, it even has a holder for your favorite beverage. A welcome new addition to the band, the Gator Frameworks drink holder and tray should feature prominently on any list of cool drummer gifts.

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  27. Steel Drum Brushes
  28. Steel Drum Brushes

    These two steel drum brushes by JZY are ideal gifts for drummers looking for a soft, jazz sound. Adjustable for greater control, they also feature a retractable loop, allowing you to hang them conveniently. The 5.9 inch long rubber handles provide a comfortable grip, too. The set of two drum brushes is ideal for beginners and experienced players alike.

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  29. Rock Drum Necklace
  30. Rock Drum Necklace

    Does your girl love to rock out on the drums? Or perhaps she's a drum majorette? Or even just a rock music fan? No matter, she's sure to love this cute, drum shaped pendant and chain. It comes packaged in a luxury presentation box too, making it the perfect present. And being made of hypo-allergenic stainless steel, it won't irritate sensitive skin either.

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  31. Drums for Kids Book
  32. Drums for Kids Book

    If your little one is a budding Phil Collins or Meg White, then you should definitely look into Drums for Kids: A Beginner's Guide . The perfect Christmas or Birthday present idea, this simple and fun course is super easy to follow. In the form of a book, with supporting audio materials, the kids will learn to play plenty of popular songs in no time at all.

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  33. Drum Mutes
  34. Drum Mutes

    Whether you are a newcomer to the drums and just learning in your family home, or a seasoned drummer practicing late into the night, this set of durable, rubber drum mutes by SoundOff allows you to drum away as you wish, without worrying about the volume. Offering up to 95% noise reduction, these would make excellent gifts for drummers.

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  35. First 50 Songs You Should Play on Drums Book
  36. First 50 Songs You Should Play on Drums Book

    If you need ideas for drummer gifts to give someone who is still new to playing, look no further. This eclectic collection of songs from Hal Leonard provides a really accessible combination of drum notation and kit legends. So they will be rocking along to everything from the Beatles to Nirvana, with Tom Petty and Queen in between!

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  37. Bass Drum Enhancer
  38. Bass Drum Enhancer

    KickPort's revolutionary designs are widely regarded as the industry standard for natural enhancement of drums, across all musical genres. So their products are sure to be well received, if you are giving gifts for drummers. Sound advice, you might say. This drum enhancer is no different - it's certain to add a real punch to your kick drum.

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  39. Drum Sticks Canvas
  40. Drum Sticks Canvas

    This most stylish of gifts for drummers depicts a pair of drumsticks resting on a drum, spread across five canvas prints. A totally original piece of artwork, with a gorgeous painted texture, it is much more than a generic printed canvas poster. A thoughtful gift that is both chic and unique, it would fit perfectly into an office, bedroom or music studio.

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  41. Personalized Custom Drum Sticks
  42. Personalized Custom Drum Sticks

    You will be hard pressed to find any gifts for drummers that are more thoughtful than these personalized drum sticks. Using precision laser engraving, your custom text will appear along the handles of these durable, made-to-last Maple sticks. And with an optional gift box too, there are no more perfect drummer gifts than these, for any occasion!

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