22 Thoughtful Gifts for Diabetics

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Thankfully we live in a modern 21st century, therefore we have more tools, foods, gadgets, and helpful resources available for anyone living with diabetes. We have put together a list of 22 gifts for diabetics ranging from suitable and tasty treats to lifestyle essentials. We have the ideal gift for your wife, husband, partner, sibling, parent, and friend right here! 

  1. Sugar-Free Caramels
  2. Sugar-Free Caramels

    These sugar-free caramels crafted by Tara, have been kettle-cooked in small batches. A former recipe from her beloved grandma, they have ensured no quality in taste has been lost, hence the small batches. These would make an ideal and luxurious treat. 

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  3. Foot Massaging Shoes
  4. Foot Massaging Shoes

    Portable and compact, these have been designed to soothe feet and offer a protective layer for painful heels. These are ideal for promoting better blood flow, and included are 5 replacing massage buttons. An ideal gift for your parent(s), parents-in-law, partner, husband, or wife.  

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  5. Superfood Cookbook
  6. Superfood Cookbook

    Inside this super cookbook is bursting with superfoods and recipes which are ideal for managing diabetes and weight management. There is so much choice and something that will flavor everyone, as there are 110 gut-busting recipes to discover!  

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  7. Luxury Sweet Hamper
  8. Luxury Sweet Hamper

    There is no need to cut out the finer things in life whilst living with diabetes. These make a great and healthy alternative to standard chocolate and sweets. All produce inside is sugar-free, but each one will still hit that sweet spot you’re so desperately craving. This would make a considerate gift for the loved one in your life who’s looking to get some healthy treats stocked up. 

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  9. Foot Massage Roller
  10. Foot Massage Roller

    No more foot pain! Has a hard day at work taken its toll on your feet? Then ease those aches, pains, and troubles away with this TheraFlow roller. This would be great to use whilst you’re sat at the desk working, or whilst relaxing on the sofa. Reflexology will radiate from your feet and travel upwards throughout your body, allowing you to completely relax naturally in the comfort of your own home. 

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  11. Diet & Fitness Journal
  12. Diet & Fitness Journal

    Nutritional tracking apps are not for everyone, the best apps out there are typically not free to use either. Therefore this is ideal if you know someone who likes to track their food, or is wanting to gain more of an idea of what they’re eating and drinking. There is plenty of space to write on and they will also find motivational tips, training pointers, and nutrition references. 

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  13. Meal Prep For Beginners
  14. Meal Prep For Beginners

    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key for a loved one who is living with diabetes. Meal prepping in general is extremely popular. It’s a great idea for someone who lives a busy lifestyle, yet for someone who is diabetic, meal prepping allows them to reach for a ready-cooked meal that’s safe and healthy for when they don’t have time to rustle something up in the kitchen.  

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  15. Diabetic Awareness Bracelet
  16. Diabetic Awareness Bracelet

    For someone who is dependent on insulin, this will make a very considerate gift and they will feel a sense of relief wearing this when out in public. Whilst we hope the situation never arises where this indicates to someone that they are in danger, it’s potentially life-saving and is more than just a bracelet. We love the simple and sophisticated design making it ideal for every occasion wear. 

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  17. Novelty Mug
  18. Novelty Mug

    This mug would be ideal for the loved one in your life who has a sense of humor and is somewhat comfortable with their condition. It’s easy to clean, dishwasher safe and the design is super high quality so time and time again it can be enjoyed without the worry of the text fading.  

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  19. Blood Glucose Monitor
  20. Blood Glucose Monitor

    This complete blood glucose testing kit gives the user quick and accurate results. Inside you will find test strips, a blood glucose monitor, a pain-free lancing device, lancets, and a user manual. It also comes in a carry bag which makes it ideal and convenient for when out and about and traveling. 

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  21. Diabetes Food Manual
  22. Diabetes Food Manual

    This book in particular is bursting inside with the top 60 foods which will help control blood sugar and aiming to reverse diabetes in the long run. It allows people to not just learn about nutrition, they will also gain in-depth knowledge into type 1, type 2 diabetes, and the symptoms of diabetes. 

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  23. Insulin Bottle Protector
  24. Insulin Bottle Protector

    These bottle protectors will safely hold all 10ml brands of insulin. The flexible silicone material makes these great protectors because they’re durable and reusable - a great eco-friendly present! Give the loved one in your life peace of mind and reassurance, they will certainly appreciate the thought behind the gift and will thank you for finding something which makes it easier and safer to carry their insulin.  

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  25. Sugar-Free Hersheys
  26. Sugar-Free Hersheys

    The good stuff - but sugar-free! It’s great value for money as you don’t just get 1 pack but 3 individual packs which are sugar-free Hershey's chocolate, miniature Reese's peanut butter cups, and York Peppermint Patties. So even if you’re not sure of which one they may like the most, they have got a great selection of healthy sweets and chocolate to choose from. 

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  27. Warrior Necklace
  28. Warrior Necklace

    Show the woman in your life just how courageous she really is with this beautiful ‘warrior’ necklace. We love this because even though the design is beautiful, elegant, and simple - the message behind is extremely empowering. Perfect for your wife, girlfriend, mother, mother-in-law, friend, and sister - they will wear this with price and it will always remind them of you. 

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  29. Sushi Socks
  30. Sushi Socks

    We love the design and packaging of these socks. When you receive the box, it will be easy to think you’re gifting actual sushi. But no, the socks inside are all different colors, some are plain black with just a splash of color, and some are vibrantly colored throughout. The message behind the packaging - take care of yourself and eat nutritious food!  

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  31. Lavender Bath & Body Set
  32. Lavender Bath & Body Set

    Lavender is an amazing natural essence that has been proven that it can lessen your stress levels, boost your mood, and make you feel more calm and relaxed. This luxurious hamper will make a great bathroom addition because inside you’ll find shampoos, body lotion, mist sprays, eye masks and so much more! 

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  33. Novelty Mug
  34. Novelty Mug

    Show your partner, family member, or friend that you love them with this mug. It’s sentimental to them because you love them and understand their condition. This will make a great inexpensive gift for years to come, and it’s 100% safe for the dishwasher making this a great durable mug that is easy to clean. 

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  35. Diabetes Tracker Journal
  36. Diabetes Tracker Journal

    A great place for someone to write down and store their blood level and sugar readings and more crucial information. This is especially effective if they regularly visit their doctor about their diabetes, as they can then see a detailed log of each day too. It also has an incredibly important feature and these are the pages available for writing down emergency contacts and their medication. 

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  37. Slow Cooker Diabetic Cookbook
  38. Slow Cooker Diabetic Cookbook

    If you know someone who has just recently purchase a slow cooker but is stuck for inspiration, this will be their go-to kitchen essential. Inside they will find clear tips for planning ahead, frequently asked questions and the answers to them, and a week of meal plans. Ideal for someone looking to eat better and cook more meals from scratch in the comfort of their own home. 

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  39. Organic Hamper
  40. Organic Hamper

    If you’re still not sure about what to pick or you’ve decided a mixture of things would be great, then you cannot go wrong with this hamper. Not just any hamper, this is packed with organic treats ranging from biscuits to sweets. A truly great gift if you’re struggling to find something for someone that seems to have everything already, we guarantee they don’t have this in their kitchen! 

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