25 Brewtiful Gifts For Coffee Lovers

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If you know someone who may have a slight obsession with their morning caffeine fix, then you’ll probably be seeking a gift relating to their favorite beverage. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new cool tumbler to keep their coffee warmer for longer or a new swanky coffee machine, we have put together the best 25 gifts for coffee lovers below. 

  1. Coffee Humor Socks
  2. Coffee Humor Socks

    These “If you can read this, bring me coffee socks” make a great novelty gift for someone’s birthday or Christmas present. It’s also ideal for those on a budget or if you’re looking for that additional gift to add to the pile of gifts you’ve accumulated so far. These would be ideal for both males and females and they’re extremely comfortable and durable. We’re sure they will get years of enjoyment out of these. 

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  3. Iced Coffee Maker
  4. Iced Coffee Maker

    Iced coffee has become extremely popular and is a great way to enjoy a nice coffee fit for a summer’s day. This primula cold coffee brew maker would make a great kitchen addition and will also stop them from linking the pockets of Starbucks so often! With this gift, they can brew their own rich and smooth coffee in the comfort of their own home.  

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  5. Milk Frother
  6. Milk Frother

    We all know someone that can be a bit extra. This milk frother comes with 4 cool and unique settings, and will allow your loved one to indulge at home with either of the following: lattes, cappuccinos, hot milk, flat whites, and so on… It’s easy to clean and has a fantastic grip and would be a great gift for a coffee lover you know. 

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  7. Don’t Speak Coffee Mug
  8. Don’t Speak Coffee Mug

    We all need that coffee pick-me-up in the morning before anyone even dares to spark a conversation with us. Why not gift someone the perfect mug who is renowned for being grumpy until they’ve had their caffeine fix! More importantly, this would make a great coffee mug because it’s extremely durable and has been crafted from high-quality materials. 

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  9. Portable Espresso Machine
  10. Portable Espresso Machine

    This portable espresso machine is truly unique and handy because no battery or electricity is needed! It’s very lightweight and compact making it suitable for people on their travels. All you need to do is add your preferred brand of coffee to the filter basket & add hot water to the tank! 

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  11. Coffee Mug & Wine Tumbler
  12. Coffee Mug & Wine Tumbler

    This would make a great humorous gift if your coffee lover interacts with the general public on a day-to-day basis. When they have finished a long and stressful day at the office, they can unwind with a glass of wine or alternative beverage, and more importantly, it will remind them of you as you came up with the brilliant gift! 

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  13. Funny Coffee T-Shirt
  14. Funny Coffee T-Shirt

    This would be suitable for humorous coffee lovers whether they are male or female. “A day without coffee is like, just kidding… I have no idea”, it’s lighthearted, casual, and will surely put a smile on their face. This would make a great birthday or Christmas present for any coffee lover, or maybe you’re the one that’s just realized this would look great on yourself! 

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  15. Wooden Coffee Scoop & Bag Clip
  16. Wooden Coffee Scoop & Bag Clip

    Help to keep their espresso coffee beans fresher for longer with this set! It would also be suitable for whole bean coffee too. It a great little kitchen accessory which they’ll never know they needed until they use it daily. It’s also high quality as the wooden spoon has been crafted from solid beech wood ensuring lots of use. 

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  17. Handheld Milk Frother
  18. Handheld Milk Frother

    If you know your coffee lover cannot get enough froth on their coffee, then this would make an ideal gift for them. This handheld gadget is battery-operated and has been designed by PowerLix. It’s great to bring on the go as it doesn’t require any sockets! Upgrade the way they drink their coffee, and allow them to make a professional-looking espresso in the comfort of their own home, genius. 

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  19. Starbucks Flavored Coffee
  20. Starbucks Flavored Coffee

    Bring Starbucks to them this Christmas with this set of flavored coffee. You will receive 1 bag each of vanilla, caramel, and hazelnut coffee. This would be a fab idea for someone to explore different flavors of coffee. All they need to do is have their mug at the ready, and brew away! They’ll also appreciate you saving them a costly trip to Starbucks too! 

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  21. Starbucks Syrup
  22. Starbucks Syrup

    Following on from our above gift idea - why not consider gifting syrup! Adding syrup to your morning coffee will most likely leave you feeling elevated if you have a little bit of a sweet tooth too. With this gift set, you’ll receive two vanilla, one caramel, and one hazelnut flavored bottle. A great gift idea for coffee lovers all round. 

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  23. Wood Coffee Sign
  24. Wood Coffee Sign

    We love this “Coffee Warms The Soul” hanging plague because it quite literally does what it says on the tin. It has a lovely rustic feel about it and will add a cozy feeling to any room within the house. It would also look great in a coffee shop and restaurant. You can either hang it on a wall or leave it sitting proudly on a countertop.

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  25. Floating Wall Shelf
  26. Floating Wall Shelf

    This great storage floating wall shelf will look fabulous in any kitchen. Your coffee lover probably has one too many mugs and maybe they’re probably taking up way too much space in the kitchen cabinet. So why not gift them something useful and handy and more importantly, where their most favorite mugs can hang for easy access too! 

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  27. Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor
  28. Coffee Themed Kitchen Decor

    Everyone who cooks in a kitchen needs a dish towel, pot holder protectors, and an oven mitt. So why not replace their plain and boring set with this coffee-themed set! These will add a splash of color to any kitchen and would make an exceptional home gift for someone who’s moving into a new home or apartment. 

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  29. Antique Manual Coffee Grinder
  30. Antique Manual Coffee Grinder

    This cast iron manual coffee grinder would look great even as a decoration in the living room. However, it’s fully useable and would be ideal for a coffee lover looking to improve the taste and quality of their morning beverage. Its pinewood base and antique solid grinder make this look so elegant it would stand out in any kitchen or coffee bar.

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  31. Country Themed Coffee Jars
  32. Country Themed Coffee Jars

    We love these coffee jars because they really bring a farm-house, country feeling and would complement any kitchen or coffee bar. You receive a set of 4 stylish and decorative tins, made from safe and high-quality metal, you can be assured your coffee beans will be kept lovely and fresh inside of these. 

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  33. Coffee Hamper Box
  34. Coffee Hamper Box

    If you’re still unsure of what to choose, this coffee hamper box will surely tick the box. Inside are a variety of different items suitable and chosen carefully for any coffee-loving female in your life. It also comes beautifully gift wrapped so it makes an ideal and ready gift! This would be perfect come their birthday or Christmas time. 

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  35. Cute Coffee Bean Necklace
  36. Cute Coffee Bean Necklace

    “Good Coffee Is A Pleasure, Good Friends Are A Treasure” - we think this would make a super cute gift for the coffee-loving friend in your life. It’s super simple but stylish and is casual enough to be worn to any occasion. Every time they wear this they will think of you and your friendship. 

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  37. Coffee Monthly Planner
  38. Coffee Monthly Planner

    Organize the coffee lover in your life with this fantastic 5-year monthly planner. “Yes, You Can - Coffee” is a great gift for improving one’s goals in life and will also help one to stay focused and organized.  

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  39. Coffee Lover Socks
  40. Coffee Lover Socks

    The design on this set of 3 socks will be ideal for any male or female. Made from only high-quality material you can expect comfortableness and style, making them a great accessory to their sock drawer. They also come in a stylish gift box so they make a readily available gift! 

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  41. Cup Of Coffee Charm Pendant
  42. Cup Of Coffee Charm Pendant

    This super cute and elegant charm pendant will look beautiful on any bracelet. This would be a specifically good gift for someone who maybe owns a Pandora bracelet and charms. It’s sterling silver, lead-free, and nickel-free making it super comfortable and safe to wear for long use on the wrist.  

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