32 Great Gifts For Beer Lovers

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Are you searching for a unique gift for the beer enthusiast in your life? If you answered yes, then keep on scrolling! We have put together the best 32 gifts for beer lovers below. Each of these gifts would make a great main present, or, you can select one of these to add to the crate of beer they’ll be getting too! 

  1. Beer Chiller Sticks
  2. Beer Chiller Sticks

    Whether it’s a hot summer’s day or lounging in front of the tv, keep their beers cooler for longer with these stainless steel beer chiller sticks! Say goodbye to watered-down beer - yuck! They’re easy to maintain and are super durable so they can complement your beers for years to come. 

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  3. Draft Pour Beer Dispenser
  4. Draft Pour Beer Dispenser

    Any beer, any time - Fizzics have invented a must-have bar essential for all beer enthusiasts out there. Simply place your bottle or can of lager on the holder, pop the lid on, and pull the lever! Push the lever away from you to add microfoam for the finishing touch. It’s built to last and has a USB port for power charging, this would make an epic gift! 

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  5. Beer Novelty Socks
  6. Beer Novelty Socks

    Inexpensive and fun - everyone wears socks, and these would make a great gift for your brother, boyfriend, dad, or husband. The premium fabric means you’ll get years of usage out of them and they’re very comfortable too.  

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  7. Cold Beer Glass
  8. Cold Beer Glass

    Keep your beer colder for longer. It looks just like any other glass in the cupboard, right? Wrong. This double-walled glass featuring a unique design is ideal for a beer enthusiast. Top tip - place it in the freezer before using it for a super chilled beer. 

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  9. Craft Beer Kit
  10. Craft Beer Kit

    The best beer gift set for beginners looking to make their own ales from home. Includes everything you need to get started and the ale is ready to drink in around 3-4 weeks. You can brew up a batch in less than 30 minutes too so it’s super fun and none time-consuming. This would make a great gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, brother, or father.  

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  11. Boozy Socks
  12. Boozy Socks

    HotSox brings you these novelty beer socks which are black and are covered throughout with overflowing beer jugs. They’re lightweight, comfortable, and machine washable too. A perfect and inexpensive gift ideal for birthdays, Christmas, or just as a pick-me-up gift.  

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  13. Brewtiful Funny T-shirt
  14. Brewtiful Funny T-shirt

    We love this gift idea because the shirt is casual and would be suitable for day-to-day wear. Made from top-quality material ensuring comfort and a great fit. This would be ideal for someone who has a spark of sarcasm or a sense of humor.  

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  15. Craft Beer Tasting Kit Glasses
  16. Craft Beer Tasting Kit Glasses

    Flavor craft beer more than you ever have in a glass that has been uniquely designed for only ale. This set of 4 lead-free crystal Tulip, Lager, IPA, and Hefe glass has been chosen for a well-rounded selection. High-end glassware that is dishwasher safe too, an ideal gift that will bring pleasure for years to come. 

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  17. Texas Beer Cap Map
  18. Texas Beer Cap Map

    Have a friend or loved one in Texas, or someone who loves Texas ale? Then this would make the ideal gift. This map holds all variations of beer caps from domestic, import, and craft beer bottles. We love the beautiful semi-gloss finish on this maple wood Texas beer cap map.  

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  19. Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener
  20. Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

    Taken a beer to the back of the garden or upstairs and then realized you don’t have a bottle opener handy? Attach this to that area and this may be just for you. Crafted from stainless steel, this beer bottle top opener would be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It’s easy to mount to any wall and will capture many beer bottle tops over its lifetime. It comes in a stylish gift box too so no need to worry about additional gift wrap! 

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  21. Beer Calendar
  22. Beer Calendar

    Keep them organized with this unique beer calendar. Each day will immerse them into the history of ale as every page features a section of expert recommendations of ale you need to try. It’s informative, handy, and would impress any beer enthusiast in your life.  

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  23. Beer Soap
  24. Beer Soap

    Spice up your next shower and lather up with this unique and interesting beer soap. I know the first thing you’re wondering is what it actually smells like. Well, you can expect spicy, grassy, and herbal vibes going on here. As much as it looks mainly a novelty, it’s actually a great soap made from all-natural ingredients and it won’t leave your skin dry! 

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  25. Beer Coasters
  26. Beer Coasters

    This set of 4 wooden coasters would complement any beer in the living room, and you can finally say goodbye to stains and spillages on your table. It comes in a beautiful rustic box meaning you don’t need to worry about additional gift wrap. An ideal eco-friendly unique gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, or father.  

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  27. Home Brewing Beer Gift
  28. Home Brewing Beer Gift

    Stop lining the pockets of the corner shops and supermarkets and start brewing your own brand from the comfort of your own home! This gift set has been designed for even the newbies in this field, and it comes with the exact right supplies you need to get started. High-quality ingredients ensuring once you start brewing, you’ll never look back.  

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  29. Blind Beer Tasting Board Game
  30. Blind Beer Tasting Board Game

    Gather your beer lovers, get together and settle down at home with this blind beer tasting board game. This will get competitive juices flowing especially for someone who has great beer knowledge. Each round players will taste the same beer and then put their mark on the board for which they think it is! 

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  31. Beer Bottle Caddy
  32. Beer Bottle Caddy

    Keep their favorite beers together in this durable vintage-looking caddy. Crafted from just wood and metal, you can store up to 6 beers in here whether they’re homebrew ales or soft glass drinks. Makes the perfect functional accessory for the kitchen, or take it on your travels whether that be camping, parties, outdoor picnic, and so on… 

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  33. Adult Beer Board Game
  34. Adult Beer Board Game

    Take your next party or gathering up a notch with this ultimate party board game! This DrinkaPalooza board features old classic drinking games and the very new trending ones whether it’s beer pong or flip cup, this board has you covered for hours of boozy fun with friends. 

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  35. Drinking Cards
  36. Drinking Cards

    These cards will get you drunk - quite literally. Over 100 unique cards inside, it’s super easy to play with friends and family where you can vote and compete against friends. The card features are quite similar to the classic Monopoly, as there are few cards in the pack where you can screw your friends over such as free passes, keep them safe and use them to get out of drinking! 

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  37. Beer Wall Decor
  38. Beer Wall Decor

    Home is where the beer is waiting - a unique gift ideal for your boyfriend, husband, wife, girlfriend, or father. It has a countryside rustic design, which will add class and style to any wall around the home or in the man cave. Unique and eye-catching design ready and waiting to be framed and hung in your loved ones’ home. 

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  39. Beer Top For Women
  40. Beer Top For Women

    Gift the woman in your life a stylish new tank top ‘This Girl Needs A Beer’. The beautiful vibrant green color gives off a St. Patrick’s day vibe so it would be perfect for wearing when celebrating this occasion. It’s lightweight and made from premium fabrics ensuring comfort and durability. This will light up any female beer enthusiast in your life. 

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  41. Beer Soap Pack
  42. Beer Soap Pack

    Finally - beer soap that actually smells decent! This natural set of 6 soaps are ideal for beer enthusiasts, but also for people who generally love trying out different smellies. Made from quality ingredients and are ideal for shampooing and shaving in the shower. 

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  43. Chilled Beer Glasses
  44. Chilled Beer Glasses

    Finally, no more warm beers! Is there anything worse when you’re enjoying a beer in the sun to find out when you reach for it’s gone warm? Eugh, we don’t think so! Freeze them for two hours before you plan on drinking and then simply remove them and pour your favorite ale, stout, or whatever you fancy. The inside walls are lined with proprietary cooling gel which is the key feature for these unique glasses. 

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  45. Wooden Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener
  46. Wooden Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

    We love this unique bottle opener because it features a handy little net, meaning you can literally walk up, crack open a beer and then head to the couch, garage, study, or wherever you’re going to work or relax. The premium dark solid wood adds style and will stand out in any home. 

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  47. Beer Chiller Sticks Gift Set
  48. Beer Chiller Sticks Gift Set

    Not only do you get 2 chilling sticks with this set, but you also get 4 reusable metal stone ice cubes too. It also comes as a ready gift in a beautiful premium gift box with a red ribbon on the corner. Simply pop both the chilling sticks and stones in the freeze for a minimum of 45 minutes, then take them out and look forward to an extremely cool beverage. 

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  49. Cheers to 60 Years
  50. Cheers to 60 Years

    Celebrate their next big birthday in style with this Vintage 1961 glass. It’s dishwasher safe and will hold up to 16 ounces of its ideal beverage. Not only is it just any old glass, but this will also become a timeless keepsake and will stand out in any glass cabinet.  

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  51. Beer Sample Serving Wrack
  52. Beer Sample Serving Wrack

    This wooden service wrack can hold 4 glasses of samples which would be a great talking point amongst friends or with family. If you’ve been brewing your own ale and want to show it off, then this would be a fantastic way of doing so. It comes with 4 glasses that will hold up to 5 ounces, and the wooden tray makes it ideal for carrying and serving too.  

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  53. Beer Pairing Guide
  54. Beer Pairing Guide

    Typically when it comes to cooking and alcohol, you mainly only ever hear about wine. However, wine is not the only tipple that will add flavor and spice to your meal. This complete guide will get mouths watering as you embark on learning how certain beer can complement certain foods. From pairing BBQ style ribs to upside-down coconut cakes - you can find something weird yet wonderful in this book. 

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