28 Gifts for Bakers That They Knead In Their Life

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Find the perfect gift for the Mary Berry in your life right here! We have ideal gift ideas that will suit beginners to the most advanced, elite bakers. Whether that be a posh new pinny, baking essential cookbook, or a brand new kitchen gadget, we’re sure you’ll find it right here with these handpicked gifts for bakers.

  1. Design Your Own Baking Mold
  2. Design Your Own Baking Mold

    This would be essential for the baker in your life who likes to mix things up in the kitchen. They may want to bake a fresh sponge cake in the shape of a love heart, or they may just want to make pancakes. Either way, these are ideal for shaping things up because once they are connected they won’t fall apart when baking.  

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  3. Bread Proofing Basket
  4. Bread Proofing Basket

    Bread making is pretty fun, yet you can still upgrade their experience with this bread proofing basket. Say goodbye to boring bread and get extra creative and show off home baking with this professional styling tool kit. We think this makes a great gift because it also includes 2 removable patterns and it comes beautifully boxed so it makes a ready gift!  

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  5. Rolling Pin
  6. Rolling Pin

    This adjustable solid beech rolling pin will evenly flatten out the toughest of doughs. A baking essential to be used when making pizzas, cookies, pie crusts and so much more! We love the multicolored handle ends which feature removable rings.  

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  7. Baking Socks
  8. Baking Socks

    Keep their feet toasty and cozy with these super cute baking socks. Their super comfortable and would make an ideal inexpensive gift for the baker in your life. We love the design on these which feature whisks, flour, mixer, measuring cups, and so much more! 

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  9. Sweet Keychain
  10. Sweet Keychain

    This is super adorable featuring a sweet message saying ‘Bake the world a better place’. A great gift to prompt them of their passion and to keep them uplifted throughout their day. It’s stainless steel, lead-free, and nickel free ensuring it won’t rust over time making it a great quality gift. 

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  11. Cake Decorating Kit
  12. Cake Decorating Kit

    This would be ideal for a baking enthusiast who is just starting out. It would also be super handy for the most experienced baker, as you can never have too many cake decorations, right? Included in this great set is the following rotating cake stand, 32 numbered cake decorating tips, cake leveler, 1 silicone icing bag, 2 couplers, 30 disposable piping bags, and so much more! 

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  13. Bakers Coffee Mug
  14. Bakers Coffee Mug

    Put a smile on their face as they eagerly await for the kettle to boil in the morning with this cute baking mug. It’s personal to them and showcases their passion & skills in baking. The perfect way to show off around the home or at the workplace. 

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  15. Baking Apron
  16. Baking Apron

    Bakers can never have too many aprons, but we’re sure this will become their new favorite one. It comes with 2 incredibly useful front pockets and is water-resistant making it ideal for a busy kitchen. We love the pockets especially because they can be really handy for keeping certain tools on you at all times and even keeping your recipes within quick reach too! 

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  17. Cleaning Tool For Whisks
  18. Cleaning Tool For Whisks

    If you’ve ever had to clean a whisk quickly to use on a separate dish, then you’ll know the trouble it takes to clean these fidgety things. However, with this cleaning tool, you can save so much more time in the kitchen. You can easily wipe away any excess from whisks or cake bowls with this handy little gadget. 

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  19. Baking Necklace
  20. Baking Necklace

    Stylish and durable, this necklace would make the perfect gift for the female baker in your life. It’s been handcrafted to a great quality and the 5 individual picturesque charms really make this stand out. This would make a great memorable present for the girlfriend, wife, sister, friend, and mother in your life. 

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  21. Bakers Dusting Wand
  22. Bakers Dusting Wand

    Perfect and essential for bakers who want to evenly decorate and season their cakes. It’s super easy to use as well because it opens with just a simple twist. This would be great to use when making dough and for when sprinkling cinnamon and other spices.  

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  23. Electronic Hand Mixer
  24. Electronic Hand Mixer

    Equipped with a 300w motor, this handy kitchen gadget will fight through the toughest of dough. Ideal for a beginner just starting out and the most experienced bakers out there. You get to choose from 5 different speed options and it’s super easy to clean as all attachments come apart easily making it safe for dishwasher use too. 

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  25. Pie & Cake Cooking Rack
  26. Pie & Cake Cooking Rack

    This 3 tier cooking rack would be great for when you’re cooking up various dishes for a party or large group of friends and family. It allows you to truly get the most out of your oven because it utilizes space meaning you can cook up a casserole, pasta dish, and mince pie for dessert - all at the same time! 

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  27. Conversion Chart
  28. Conversion Chart

    This magnetic chart makes it ideal for placing on a fridge or magnetic surface. Superb gift for someone who’s just starting out who may just need this for a quick reference. Its glossy finish makes it easy to wipe down and keep clean which is especially important when baking because flour is like glitter it ends up everywhere! 

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  29. Pie Weights
  30. Pie Weights

    Do you often bake pies and find that when they come out of the oven, they’re bubbling through the crust? If so, we have found an ideal solution to fix that issue. Each weight is individual making them easy to place. These are great for keeping bubbles at bay in pie dough ensuring a more professional finish once they’re removed from the oven. 

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  31. Baking Unicorn Set
  32. Baking Unicorn Set

    We love this set because it's great for adults and children to get involved. Inside you will find one unicorn-shaped silicone mold, 1 frosting bag, 3 frosting tips, 7 fairytale cookie cutters, stickers, and a recipe. This will be ideal for anyone aged over 6 and would make a great birthday or Christmas present. 

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  33. Baking Book For Young Chefs
  34. Baking Book For Young Chefs

    This recipe book is a New York Times bestseller for a reason, it has been carefully put together as the recipes inside have been thoroughly tested by more than 5000 kids! Therefore the recipes inside are designed for all skill levels where you can learn to make anything from loaves of bread, pizzas, cupcakes, and so much more. We especially love this recipe book because of the step-by-step photos inside which are ideal for any beginner or child that is wanting to bake. 

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  35. Recipe and Tablet Holder
  36. Recipe and Tablet Holder

    Whether you're cooking or baking from scratch, if you're following a recipe this would be ideal as a handy essential in the kitchen. This will keep your recipe, cookbook, or tablet nicely elevated whilst you’re cooking and away from any spillages. We also love the decor on this so that when you're not using it in the kitchen, it will still look great on a kitchen countertop.

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  37. Baking Wall Art
  38. Baking Wall Art

    Comes in a set of four, these modern quoted canvases will look absolutely amazing in any kitchen. We love the vintage feel these prints have and the fact that they are environmentally friendly. They're super durable, water-resistant, and will complement your existing interior style. An extra special gift if these are for someone who has just moved into a new home. 

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  39. Bakers Notepad
  40. Bakers Notepad

    Bakers are always jotting stuff down whether that be a certain measurement required for a cake recipe or perfecting their current recipes by tweaking ingredients. Inside they will have 120 pages to doodle and note take on, we think this would make an ideal gift for the baker in your life. 

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  41. Baker Bracelet
  42. Baker Bracelet

    Show the baking enthusiast in your life just how fabulous they are with this stainless steel premium bracelet. Featuring 5 picturesque charms, any female baker will fall in love with this and treasure it for years to come. It also comes beautifully gift wrapped so you needn’t worry about arranging that! 

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  43. Recipe Generation Book
  44. Recipe Generation Book

    You may be familiar with your grandma or mother handing down recipes to you. This is a really special way of keeping those recipes safe and together in one place. Inside, you can write the recipe name, who’s kitchen it was inspired from, and a full page for writing ingredients and cooking methods. In time this will be a very special keepsake book that will be admired and passed down within generations. 

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  45. Trivia Foodie Game
  46. Trivia Foodie Game

    Gather your foodie friends and family members together and get involved in this Foodie Fight game. Providing hours of endless fun, this game allows players to show off their skills with over 1000 questions ranging from celebrity chefs, cuisines, culinary science and so much more.  

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  47. Complete Baking Beginner Set
  48. Complete Baking Beginner Set

    This 25 piece set has everything someone will need for just getting started in baking. All items are BPA-free and stainless steel making this set fantastic value for money. This gift, in particular, would suit anyone who also likes a bit of pink, as there is a lot of pink in here!  

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