20 Flamingo Gifts That Will Make You Pink Outside The Box

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If you have a Flamingo enthusiast in your life, then you’ll most likely be gifting them something neon pink this Birthday or Christmas. In this guide, we have saved you precious time and put together 20 flamingo gifts that we’re sure we will have something to gift that will tickle them pink!  

  1. Flamingo Fairylights
  2. Flamingo Fairylights

    Light up their bedroom or outdoor space with these super cute LED string lights. These 20 cuties will definitely add a tropical vibe to any room or garden, and they’re waterproof and easy to use so most importantly they’re safe to use. We think this would make an extra great gift if their birthday is in Summer! 

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  3. Flamingo Keyring
  4. Flamingo Keyring

    Remind your pal or partner that they’re ‘flamazing’, with this super stylish flamingo keyring. It’s been crafted from high-quality stainless steel so it will not rust, break, or discolor easily. A great little gift that shows encouragement to your loved one! 

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  5. Flamingo Cosmetics Travel Bag
  6. Flamingo Cosmetics Travel Bag

    You can never go wrong with these types of gifts because usually, most washbags are on their way out or maybe they need a separate one to their makeup for something else. If they’re a fan of flamingos, then this is a no-brainer - perfect for using around the house, traveling, work, or in their car. It’s waterproof, lightweight, durable, Lightweight, and flamingo-themed, needn’t we say more

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  7. Outdoor Flamingo Light
  8. Outdoor Flamingo Light

    The perfect garden ornament is pending… It’s solar-powered, waterproof, pink, and features LED lights. Super stylish, chic, and will definitely add a tropical vibe to their outdoor space. This would make an ideal gift for anyone who enjoys spending most of their time in the garden, and thanks to its premium quality design it will upstand most weather conditions so you’ll be happy to know they’ll get years of experience out of it. 

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  9. Flamingo Wine Tumbler
  10. Flamingo Wine Tumbler

    Searching for a fun and useful gift? Then look no further with this bright pink stainless-steel tumbler. It will keep their wine chilled for hours which is absolutely ideal on a hot summer night, and their coffee warm for hours the following morning. It also has the most important feature of the non-slip lid, ensuring beverages are not wasted because we can’t have spilled wine, can we!? 

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  11. Flamingo Wall Art
  12. Flamingo Wall Art

    Spruce up their walls and add a splash of color with these 3 piece flamingo sets. These lotus art prints will make your friend feeling happy, warm, and beautiful on the inside. Made of environmentally friendly materials, and they’re chic and classy making them a perfect gift for your flamingo lover whether it be for their birthday or Christmas present. 

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  13. Flamingo Snowglobe
  14. Flamingo Snowglobe

    If Christmas is pending, then remind them of summer with this snowy globe. These two neon pink flamingo friends would make a great addition to someone’s desk, drawers, shelf, or tabletop. Give it a shake and watch the snowfall down. Overall, it makes a truly unique gift for your flamingo enthusiast. 

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  15. Flamingo Kitchen Decor
  16. Flamingo Kitchen Decor

    Ok so they have the flamingo journal, socks, pencil case, blanket, and outdoor lighting covered, so what are they missing? I bet they haven’t got these handy kitchen tools! They will receive two dish towels, two pot holders & one oven mitt. We love these because not only are they sophisticated and easy on the eye, but they’re great kitchen tools that they most likely are lacking or require a replacement. 

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  17. Frosted Flamingo Tumblers
  18. Frosted Flamingo Tumblers

    How cute would their freshly squeeze morning orange juice look in these! Each tumbler features frosted glass & the flamingo design wraps around both sides of each glass. They’re dishwasher safe and lead-free making them an ideal gift for someone who requires some additional glassware.  

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  19. Flamingo Salt & Pepper Shakers
  20. Flamingo Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Show them you know just how much they love flamingos with these two little kitchen friends. These are fun, unique, stylish, and will really spice any kitchen up! They’re also super practical as they both feature small holes at the top which will allow easy usage when needed. These would make an extra special gift if they’re just moving into a new place too! 

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  21. Flamingo Ring Toss Game
  22. Flamingo Ring Toss Game

    Have you got a little one in your life who is mad about flamingos and is always looking for a new game to play? If you answered yes, then I think we have found the one. This pack of 3 inflatable flamingos also includes 12 rings varying from different colors. They are great for all ages and would also work well in the pool! Durable, non-toxic, and easy to inflate and deflate making them an ideal gift for hours of fun. 

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  23. Flamingo Lacoste T-shirt
  24. Flamingo Lacoste T-shirt

    Just because flamingos are pink and delicate creatures, doesn’t make them just favorable to girls and women. This 100% Lacoste classic t-shirt features the classic croc design above the top pocket on the right side of the chest. It would make an ideal gift for your boyfriend, brother, husband, or father who likes a dash of pink in their style. 

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  25. Flamingo Throw Blanket
  26. Flamingo Throw Blanket

    Keep them snug this winter with this super soft flamingo-themed blanket. It’s soft, lightweight and even once winter has passed it would look great draped over a bed, couch, or chair in their living room or study. It’s also machine washable so super easy to care for and look after. 

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  27. Flamingo Glasses Stand
  28. Flamingo Glasses Stand

    If they’re renowned for always misplacing their glasses around the house, then this would make a great novelty gift. It’s been hand carved from sustainable wood has been beautifully painted which will make any room pop! This is a great organizer gift and safe place for them to store their glasses once they’re done with them for the day. 

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  29. Flamingo Wine Holder
  30. Flamingo Wine Holder

    Isn’t this the most unique wine holder you have ever seen? It definitely is for us! This hilarious wine holder would put a smile on just about anyone’s face who is a lover of fine wine. It’s a great conversation starter and thanks to its felt base bottom, you can rest easy knowing this won’t scratch or damage their kitchen or tabletop. 

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  31. Flamingo Outdoor Planters
  32. Flamingo Outdoor Planters

    These planters come as a set of two and would add elegance to anybody’s outdoor area. Made from premium metal, they’re sturdy and durable and make great decorative planters for their garden or to be used indoors. Wherever they will be, once filled with their flowers or plants they will surely add a smile to their face and anyone who’s in their company. 

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  33. Flaming Wall Art
  34. Flaming Wall Art

    Doesn’t this just scream summer!? This design of a flamingo inflatable resting easily on the water will add happiness to any room! Ease relaxation into their life with this gift that is ready to hang and will be admired for years to come in whichever room they decide to place it in.  

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