32 Incredible Firefighter Gifts for the Hero in Your Life

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Are you searching for the perfect gift for your hero? Then you’ll want to stick around as we’re about to save you some precious time searching because below, you will find our top handpicked firefighter gifts for the hero in your life.  

  1. Firefighter Water Bottle
  2. Firefighter Water Bottle

    This water bottle is firefighting themed and will make a great gift for anyone that you know who is a cadet, volunteer, firefighter and more. Help keep them hydrated with this 100% BPA-free premium plastic water bottle. They’ll be protected from any nasty chemicals and super hydrated - it’s also shatterproof. This would make a great gift for a birthday or Christmas present.  

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  3. Firefighter Mug
  4. Firefighter Mug

    This will definitely put a smile on your husbands, wifes or partners' faces when they see this. “World's Best Looking Firefighter” It’s unique, quirky, complementary and is a classic “can’t go wrong” gift idea. The thin red line shows your support of their hero role and it’s suitable for microwaving and washing in the dishwasher. 

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  5. Fire Hydrant Water Bottle
  6. Fire Hydrant Water Bottle

    This quirky water bottle is a great gift idea. It’s shaped and formed in the style of a H20 tank and is vibrantly red. It’s double-walled insulated so it will keep their favourite beverage cold for up to 24 hours. If they prefer a warm drink it will stay warm for up to 12 hours. Making it perfect for firefighters who are on those long shifts. 

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  7. Firefighter Bracelet
  8. Firefighter Bracelet

    This premium branded paracord bracelet will make a great gift for anyone you know who is a fireman or firewoman. They will feel pride and accomplishment wearing this and it would be suitable for any gender. Show the hero in your life how proud you are of them for risking their lives daily to help the people who are in an emergency. 

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  9. Firefighters Challenge Coin
  10. Firefighters Challenge Coin

    This beautifully designed coin showcases the heroes’ valor prayer of protection and will always encourage and protect your loved one who is on duty. Firefighters cross the red line more frequently and more than the average person ever will. It’s got a glossy durable finish and long-lasting colors. This would make a perfect keepsake gift that for years and years to come can be passed down to family members from the same generation. 

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  11. Beverage Can Cooler Sleeves
  12. Beverage Can Cooler Sleeves

    These cooling sleeves showcase America’s flag and the red line. Help to keep their cold drinks colder for longer with this cool gift. These would make a great accessory in any fire station department and they look professional and sophisticated. They’re lightweight, extra thick and will work well keeping a juice or beer extra cold. 

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  13. Whiskey Glasses
  14. Whiskey Glasses

    These whiskey glasses are stylish and completely free from lead. It would make a great funny gift for someone and they will appreciate the funny quotations. They’re dishwasher safe and durable so will be used for years and years to come. Whether it be whiskey, scotch, bourbon or another alcoholic drink, they will absolutely love their new glass. 

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  15. Red Line Firefighter Socks
  16. Red Line Firefighter Socks

    Whether it’s for a birthday or Christmas - you cannot go wrong with gifting socks. Everyone uses them and needs them at some point in their life, so why not make them extra stylish and remind them just how bad-ass they are every day with a quirky new pair like these? They’d make an ideal and inexpensive gift for any gender who’s a firefighter enthusiast.  

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  17. Grilling Spatula
  18. Grilling Spatula

    If the fire fighter in your life loves to cook when they’re off duty, then this would make an ideal gift for any birthday or Christmas pending. This premium utensil features a laser-cut out logo with the “Fire Dept.” and on the wooden handle it’s engraved with “Fire & Rescue”. It’s even got a bottle opener on the end so you’d actually be gifting two things at one time - winner! 

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  19. Fire Wife Bracelet
  20. Fire Wife Bracelet

    This fire wife bracelet would make a sweet gift for an anniversary, valentine's day, birthday or Christmas time. What better way to show your appreciation to your beloved fireman or firewife. Statement piece of jewelry that is unique and showcases your support for firefighters in general.  

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  21. Firefighter Wall Clock
  22. Firefighter Wall Clock

    This is a great gift for firefighters who are looking for something to fill that missing spot around their home walls. This is pretty awesome too as it’s extremely durable and made from premium materials only. In contrast we think this would be an ideal gift if you’re looking to gift something for their home this year. 

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  23. Volunteer Mug
  24. Volunteer Mug

    Get the firefighting volunteer in your life a brand new mug reminding them how incredible they are. It’s high quality and makes a great novelty gift for a birthday, Christmas or work anniversary. This is one of the best appreciation gifts out there that’s inexpensive, simple but powerful as each day they go to make their favorite drink, you’re going to make them smile once they’ve finished reading the design. 

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  25. Sentimental Wristbands
  26. Sentimental Wristbands

    These showcase great workmanship, pride and passion for the industry they work in. Rubber wristbands that are waterproof and suitable for any male or female who is a firefighter or who works in the fire department. Eco-friendly and durable for plenty of usage and will make a great birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift. 

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  27. Challenge Coin Holder
  28. Challenge Coin Holder

    This military coin display stand is a great idea for a collector or fellow veteran who’s collected these throughout their career. Made from solid walnut wood which makes it look and feel elegant and will sit proudly in anyone's living room, study, fire station, bedroom or front porch.  

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  29. Retired Firefighter Whiskey Glass
  30. Retired Firefighter Whiskey Glass

    If you know someone who has just retired and finished their service, then this would make a great retirement gift. Most people give chocolate or flowers in this situation so why not go that extra step and make it personal? We can guarantee that any retired firefighter will absolutely love this and it will be used on many occasions.  

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  31. The Red Line Blanket
  32. The Red Line Blanket

    Tradition. Dedicated. Sacrifice - this cozy throw blanket would be superb for a firefighter or volunteer firefighter. It’s 100& polyester, high quality and super soft to touch. It also adds great to the decor round the house as it will drape proudly on the back of a chair, couch or bed. It could even be pinned on the wheel as proud wall art. Overall, it’s a gift idea that will give 100% satisfaction.  

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  33. Stainless Steel Flask
  34. Stainless Steel Flask

    It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s out there and we love it! This stainless steel flask will go down a treat when they’re next attending a party, BBQ, works do or any other celebration. It’s humorous and would be great for both males and females who are firefighting enthusiasts. 

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  35. Outdoor Birdhouse
  36. Outdoor Birdhouse

    Vintage, fire and rescue birdhouse. This is remarkably unique and you don’t see many of these in peoples gardens. This makes it perfect for gift giving and it shows a lot of thought behind it as it’s personal to them if they’re a firefighter. It’s made with durable resin material so you can expect high quality and years of usage that will survive bad weather too. 

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  37. Fire Hydrant Cups
  38. Fire Hydrant Cups

    Whether it be for a party, work do or any other celebration, if you’re looking for a firefighting themed gift then these are perfect and will work really well. You get a pack of 4 which include the straws and they’re reusable too! They would also work great around the house and kids in particular will be drawn to them as they’re super vibrant.  

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  39. Fire and Rescue Coffee Cup
  40. Fire and Rescue Coffee Cup

    The ultimate gift pack for a firefighting enthusiast. They’ll receive a fire and rescue cup, 1 x Saint Florian coin, American flag keychain, thin red line keychain, and a firefighter decal. A great gift for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, work anniversaries and Secret Santa's. Items are heavy duty too so high quality is expected. 

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  41. Firefighter Cross Memorial
  42. Firefighter Cross Memorial

    This makes a sentimental gift for any firefighter who would like to display their service and faith with an ornament for the house or work station. Crafted from durable polystone it’s also built with a weighted base so it will be sturdy and secure. It’s absolutely optional also whether they wish to have this indoors or outdoors too.  

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  43. Retirement Firefighter Mug
  44. Retirement Firefighter Mug

    If your loved one has only just retired or has been out of service for a few years, then this would be marvelous. It’s funny, lighthearted and will bring happiness to the person who will receive it. Superior quality that is dishwasher & microwave safe and will be used for many years to come. 

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  45. Firefighter Bracelet
  46. Firefighter Bracelet

    Show her how much you care and how proud of her you are with this elegant charm bracelet. Made from stainless steel, it’s comfortable to wear and is casual so can be worn to any occasion. This would make a great little gift if they’ve just qualified for the role, or if it’s for a birthday or Christmas present. 

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  47. Firefighter Courage T-Shirt
  48. Firefighter Courage T-Shirt

    A great recreational and casual t-shirt that can be worn professionally whilst on call as a firefighter. Gifting clothing is extremely popular, and your loved one will definitely wear this with pride and will be filled with encouragement. Perfect present for a birthday, anniversary, work anniversary or Christmas time. 

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  49. Firefighters Engraved Pen
  50. Firefighters Engraved Pen

    Beautiful, stylish and elegant. Add some class to their stationary with this meaningful gift pen that even comes with its own flashlight making it great for some night time writing. Packaged in a satin-lined presentation box, this is a readily made gift and would suit a firefighter on any occasion. 

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  51. Firefighter Parking Only Sign
  52. Firefighter Parking Only Sign

    A parking plaque for firefighters only. Would look great inside and outside their home, office, study, workplace or garage. Embossed metal and baked on finish. Comes with two holes for easy mounting and will be enjoyed amongst any firefighter.  

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  53. Thin Red Line Table Runner
  54. Thin Red Line Table Runner

    Thanksgiving, Christmas or some good old home cooking - this table runner adds elegance and pride to any home. It's been built with a selection of quality materials, it’s easy to care for and would be suitable for any occasion. It makes a perfect gift for a firefighter if you’re unsure of what they’d like to be gifted. 

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  55. Fire Chief Costume Fancy Dress
  56. Fire Chief Costume Fancy Dress

    Ideal for children whose mummy or daddy is a fire chief or firefighter themselves. It’s super cute and sparks creativity and play time. It’s a complete set which comes with a bright red jacket, fire extinguisher, walkie-talkie, plastic axe, water gun and badge. This makes a fantastic pretend play set as it’s filled with realistic play tools. 

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  57. Firefighter Wall Sticker Art
  58. Firefighter Wall Sticker Art

    High quality Fire Dept. sticker made from removable vinyl. Would brighten up any wall in a bedroom, living room, office, study or workplace. Perfect gift for anyone you know who aspires to become a firefighter or who already is one. It will add a refreshing look to whichever room it’s in. 

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