20 Doctor Who Gifts For Your Favorite Whovian

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Doctor Who, the classic drama aired on BBC which has been extremely popular for years and years. Have you got a fellow timelord fanatic in your life who is a huge fan of Doctor Who? Struggling to find the right gift? Don’t panic – we’ve already completed the research for you, and below you’ll find the top 20 Doctor Who gifts.

  1. Tardis Police Box Handbag
  2. Tardis Police Box Handbag

    This is a super unique backpack and would make a great gift for your Doctor Who fan. It’s finished to a very high quality and features finer details such as the Tardis windows on the front of the bag. The shoulder strap is also adjustable, and it can just be carried with the handles so whatever their preference. This would make a great gift for kids!

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  3. Doctor Who Throw Blanket
  4. Doctor Who Throw Blanket

    We love this because it’s completely out there, it’s wacky and the vibrant print is just stunning. More interestingly, this specific throw design was inspired by Van Gogh's Pandorica Painting from the Doctor Who show! The perfect cozy gift come winter for any Whovian or Doctor Who fan!

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  5. Doctor Who Mini Ornament Gift Set
  6. Doctor Who Mini Ornament Gift Set

    If you know someone who is a fanatic of the British BBC show, then these little ornament figures will go down a treat! They would make great collectibles and would complement a hanging glass wall section especially, so they can be viewed with admiration for years to come.

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  7. Tardis Salt & Pepper Shakers
  8. Tardis Salt & Pepper Shakers

    Upgrade the way your fellow Whovian seasons in the kitchen, with these quality ceramic sets of shakers. These would make a great collectible or gift for any Doctor Who fans out there, and they will love these quirky utensils. This particular police box design is based on the 13th Doctor - Jodie Whittaker!

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  9. Tardis Wooden Jewelry Box
  10. Tardis Wooden Jewelry Box

    This Tardis jewelry box would put a smile on any Whovian’s face. Once opened you will find 3 drawers which would be ideal for storing rings especially. And you will also have a large compartment section, ideal for hanging bracelets and necklaces. Overall, this would make a great collectible item for the Doctor Who fan in your life.

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  11. Heat Changing Mug
  12. Heat Changing Mug

    Surprise them with a new mug, but not just any plain mug. Once this is filled with a warm beverage such as tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, a starry night sky will appear slowly featuring a Doctor Who sign. You could make this a greater surprise by not telling them it’s heat changing until they find out for themselves!

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  13. Telephone Booth Bookends
  14. Telephone Booth Bookends

    Decorate their bookshelf with these navy blue telephone booth bookends, the perfect way of keeping books tidy and together in one place. With a sturdy metal frame, these would be ideal for holding large books, DVDs, CDs, video games, and so on… This glossy pair will brighten up any Doctor Who fan’s wall.

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  15. Doctor Who - The Vaults
  16. Doctor Who - The Vaults

    We think this would be an exceptional gift for Doctor Who fans because this is the full and official story of the BBC show. It features key interviews, behind the scenes, crew members and so much more. ‘The Vault’ in particular, is a collector's dream, therefore this would make a brilliant birthday present or Christmas gift.

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  17. Doctor Who Phone Booth Blanket
  18. Doctor Who Phone Booth Blanket

    This comfortable throw will keep any Whovian fan warm and cozy on a cold winter night. It’s soft to touch and 100% polyester. When it’s not needed to keep warm, this would actually make a great rug or it would look great draped over the bottom of the bed, over a chair, or on the sofa.

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  19. Police Telephone Box Hoodie
  20. Police Telephone Box Hoodie

    This staple zip-up hoodie would make a great gift for any Whovian fan in your life. We love it because of its rich but casual color and design. Made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, it’s machine washable and is the official merchandise of the British series by BBC, Doctor Who.

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  21. Dr Who Mouse Mat
  22. Dr Who Mouse Mat

    This mouse mat would look great on any computer desk. It has a fine-textured feel and the size of the mat allows you to use your mouse freely. It also features a non-slip rubber surface underneath the design, making it ideal for your Doctor Who fan who is into computer gaming.

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  23. Police Box Purse
  24. Police Box Purse

    The perfect gift for your Doctor Who loving girlfriend, wife, sister, mother, or friend. We love this because it’s unique yet casual for daily use day in, day out. Its leather texture makes it look expensive, yet it won’t put a dent in your pockets don’t worry! It comes with a zipper closure and is officially licensed merchandise.

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  25. Doctor Who Monopoly
  26. Doctor Who Monopoly

    We’ve just realized that Monopoly literally has an addition to their classic, for everything! Monopoly is a firm family favorite board game, and this particular Doctor Who special would make a great gift for any Doctor Who fans out there. Travel through time and space as you whiz around the board, with your chosen collectible tokens. It comes with 6 tokens including a screwdriver, celery, scarf, bow tie, umbrella, and recorder.

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