27 Cool Chemistry Gifts For Science Geeks

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We have put together some fantastic gift ideas which any science fanatic will go bubbling mad for. Whether it be a gift for your science teacher or a Christmas present for your science wizard, we have got you covered. Ranging from clothes, accessories, toys and novelty wear you will find something for everyone in our handpicked chemistry gifts below. 

  1. Chemistry Salt & Pepper Shakers
  2. Chemistry Salt & Pepper Shakers

    These iconic salt & pepper shakers would make a great gift for someone who is mad about science, the ordinary salt & pepper shakers will just not do. These are dishwasher safe, elegantly designed and have custom made corks. They will easily be the new kitchen favorite condiments. A great gift overall for someone in the science field or for someone who has a passion for science. 

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  3. Mug and Measuring Cup
  4. Mug and Measuring Cup

    This quirky laboratory beaker mug will definitely get the thumbs up approval. Start the day off right with a fresh beaker of coffee or your favorite tea. The chemistry inscriptions will remind your loved one of the wonders of science and also, you’ll have them questioning why they haven’t thought of buying this for themselves before. You’ll also become the champion of gift giving too.  

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  5. Elements Jigsaw Puzzle
  6. Elements Jigsaw Puzzle

    If they love science, they probably like puzzles too and if so, this jigsaw would be a really great gift for Christmas or birthdays. This beautiful 1000 periodic jigsaw is not too challenging, but definitely engaging. In the shape of Theodore Gray's famous photographic periodic table, this will provide hours of entertainment and can be used again and again.  

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  7. Periodic T-Shirt
  8. Periodic T-Shirt

    Ok two puns in one - that’s incredible. This is a great gift for a chemist, chemistry teacher and science lovers who like chemistry science and who have great sarcasm! It’s machine washable, lightweight, classic fit and features solid colors.  

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  9. Chemistry Novelty Shots
  10. Chemistry Novelty Shots

    This comes as a set of 4 plastic 30ml shot glasses shaped like chemistry lab style containers. These create a fun way to pour and drink shots (not like that’s not already fun), and would be very popular for Christmas, birthdays and work parties. This would make a great gift for chemistry lovers or new and upcoming scientists. Also, a perfect science themed party accessory. 

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  11. Chemistry Elements Mouse Mat
  12. Chemistry Elements Mouse Mat

    It’s vibrant, bold and unique which always makes a great mouse mat. This periodic table mouse mat by Chemistry Elements would look great in a classroom, study or office. It’s a soft material and it’s also non-slip. This would make a great gift for a chemistry teacher and probably one that no one else has thought of! 

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  13. Chemistry Tumbler Set
  14. Chemistry Tumbler Set

    These science themed tumblers would look ideal in someone's kitchen glass cabinet, but even better in their hand. Whether that be whiskey or another spirit, a science lover would love using this to compliment their next tipple. This is also really cool because the glass features a detailed look at the molecules found in whiskey, with a short explanation about how each molecule contributes to it. 

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  15. Funny T-Shirt
  16. Funny T-Shirt

    This cool t-shirt displays some chemistry humor, perfect for the science teacher in your life! It’s simple and casual so can be suitable wear for many occasions. It’s also machine washable, lightweight and comes in a classic fit.  

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  17. Gravity Maze Ball
  18. Gravity Maze Ball

    This gravity maze ball would be an excellent educational gift for a younger child, teenager and adults. It will stimulate inspiration and relieve stress. The perfect gift for people who love science puzzles and interesting things to do whilst killing time. And the best part once finished there is no mess to clean up, no batteries needed and nothing needs to be set up. 

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  19. Chemistry Lab Experiments
  20. Chemistry Lab Experiments

    This chemistry lab experiments set would be ideal for any science lovers over the age of 6. It’s jam packed with 20 risk free chemistry experiments! You’ll also find inside there are flasks, test tubes and so on so young scientists can get stuck in straight away. This would be an ideal gift for someone's birthday or Christmas present and is also fun and educational. 

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  21. Sterling Silver Molecule Necklace
  22. Sterling Silver Molecule Necklace

    Treat your girlfriend, wife, partner or friend with this stunning molecule necklace. It’s simple yet elegant and can be worn for any occasion. It’s a unique and interesting piece of jewelry as they’ve turned serotonin’s chemical structure into a modern necklace. This will make any science lover happy as each time they take a glance, it will remind them of what naturally causes happiness. 

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  23. Periodic Coasters
  24. Periodic Coasters

    High-quality coasters which any science fanatic will appreciate.With their heavy duty design you can ensure no damages are made to any surfaces they are placed on. They would make great inexpensive gift for a student, teacher and anyone you know who loves all things science. 

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  25. Chemistry Beer Glasses
  26. Chemistry Beer Glasses

    These chemistry beer glasses are unique and interesting to the eye. Each glass features a detailed look at the molecules found in Beer, with a short explanation about how each molecule contributes to it. Science enthusiasts will love this and if they’re not a fan of beer, juice or any other cold beverage will work well with these.  

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  27. Chemistry Hoodie
  28. Chemistry Hoodie

    Gift your loved one a brand new hoodie for the winter months, consisting of dark mornings and cold nights. This will lift their mood and keep them cozy throughout. It’s fun, it’s bold but not too bold and we think that anyone who loves science jokes will really dig this present. Suitable for both male and females. 

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  29. Chemistry Bedding
  30. Chemistry  Bedding

    Is your child mad about science? Then this bedding will make getting children to stay in their bed at nighttime so much easier. It’s beautifully modern and is excellent quality. It would be a perfect gift for anyone who’s interested in science and the experiments possible. It’s also a great way of educating children about science as so much can be discussed from the images on the bedding.  

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