28 Bourbon Gifts For Your Favorite Whiskey Lover

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Do you need a gift for that special someone who has a taste for bourbon? We have collated a range of bourbon gifts suitable for every budget. From cocktail sticks to cocktail recipes, there’s a bourbon inspired gift for everyone. Bourbon is the quintessential American whiskey. Served neat or on the rocks, it is a drink that is always best shared with friends.  

  1. Decanter Globe
  2. Decanter Globe

    This bourbon gift is guaranteed to wow your recipient. The whiskey decanter globe oozes sophistication and style. The unique ship in a globe design is sure to be a talking point. With an etched globe design and solid mahogany stand, this will make a great gift for bourbon lovers. Ideal as a focal point on a home bar or kept on display.  

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  3. Bourbon Cherries
  4. Bourbon Cherries

    A tasty gift for a bourbon lover. These bourbon scented, dark cherries are the perfect addition in a Manhattan or other cocktails. They will be creating decadent cocktail combinations in no time. These Woodford Reserve Bourbon Cherries are delicious and moreish. Sweet tasting with a hint of bourbon, just try not to eat the whole jar! 

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  5. Reusable Whiskey Stones
  6. Reusable Whiskey Stones

    These stainless-steel whiskey stones make an ideal gift for bourbon lovers. The reusable cubes will be a memorable gift for years to come. There’s no reason to drink watered down bourbon anymore. The beautifully packaged gift set also includes 2 classy coasters, a freezer tray and barman tongs to elevate the drinking experience.  

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  7. Crystal Glasses
  8. Crystal Glasses

    Crafted from the finest solid crystal, this set of 4 whiskey glasses are a quality gift. Presented in a satin-lined gift box, they are ready to gift for a birthday or anniversary. Your bourbon lover will enjoy the experience of drinking their finest bourbon. The thick sides will keep drinks at the perfect temperature as they sip from these elegant glasses.  

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  9. Bourbon & Oak Body Wash
  10. Bourbon & Oak Body Wash

    This bourbon and oak scented body wash is a great choice for a birthday or holiday gift. The masculine layered scents of bourbon and oak are expertly blended. It will create a moisturizing and rich lather they can really luxuriate in. This body wash oozes quality and sophistication.  

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  11. Canvas Wall Art
  12. Canvas Wall Art

    This set of 3 whisky and cigar canvases provide an excellent gift for bourbon lovers. The modern wall art will display their commitment to quality drinks. Professionally printed with fade resistant ink, all the fixings are provided. They will add an atmosphere of artistic sophistication to any decor as they hang in pride of place.  

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  13. Bourbon Vanilla Lip Balm
  14. Bourbon Vanilla Lip Balm

    An essential grooming gift for the modern man in your life. This certified organic lip balm would make an excellent stocking filler. Soothe and hydrate chapped lips whilst locking in moisture with this practical gift for a bourbon lover. The bourbon vanilla scent is natural, earthy and sophisticated due to the essential oils.  

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  15. Bourbon BBQ Rub
  16. Bourbon BBQ Rub

    Handcrafted in the USA, this organic spice blend adds a smooth and smoky flavor to barbecued food. It will be a welcome gift for bourbon lovers. It can be used as a rub for meat dishes, with veggies or even on popcorn. It will become their go-to seasoning in no time.  

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  17. Nosing Glass
  18. Nosing Glass

    A bourbon gift to heighten the senses. This stainless-steel glass will highlight all the complex notes of a whiskey. Stylishly packaged, this will make a great gift for any occasion. The unbreakable design also makes it perfect for travel. This means that every delicate note can be fully enjoyed wherever they go.  

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  19. Cocktail Kit
  20. Cocktail Kit

    The ultimate bourbon gift for birthdays or a housewarming. This 11-piece cocktail set will encourage them to craft cocktails with confidence. It includes all accessories needed to become an expert bartender in their own home. It includes inspiring recipe cards for a range of whisky-based cocktails. 

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  21. Funny T-Shirt
  22. Funny T-Shirt

    Hopefully you will be one of those 3 people if you purchase this t-shirt for a bourbon connoisseur. They can humorously express their love of whiskey and dislike of people. Made in the USA, this premium quality t-shirt makes a great gift for Father’s Day or a birthday.  

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  23. Camping Mug
  24. Camping Mug

    If it’s not coffee, then it’s probably whiskey in this amusing enamel cup. If they enjoy the great outdoors, this is an ideal gift to use whilst sitting round the campfire. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or other occasions, this cheeky cup is sure to bring a smile to someone’s face. 

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  25. Bourbon Coffee Beans
  26. Bourbon Coffee Beans

    Let’s face it, bourbon can’t be the only drink! Pair a love of bourbon with a love of coffee and this makes the ideal gift. This medium roast is a blend of Vermont Maple Bourbon with arabica beans. Savor the irresistible aroma and relax with a mug of maple and bourbon. Sweet and robust, this is a balanced coffee for any time of the day.  

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  27. Organic Maple Syrup
  28. Organic Maple Syrup

    This bourbon barrel aged maple syrup is the perfect gift for bourbon lovers with a sweet tooth. This sweet, oak flavored syrup can be used to drizzle over foods like waffles and pancakes. It will also become an essential ingredient in cocktails. This elegant bottle is packaged in style to create a great gift. 

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  29. Whiskey Wedge
  30. Whiskey Wedge

    Retain the full bourbon bouquet with this whiskey wedge. This stylish looking glass and ice mold makes a great gift. The icy wedge will keep their bourbon chilled without watering it down. This is a modern way to serve bourbon and will be an interesting talking point at a cocktail party.  

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  31. Novel-Style Cocktail Book
  32. Novel-Style Cocktail Book

    This stunning, collectible book is a quality bourbon gift. Designed in a unique comic book style, this graphic novel is packed with sublime cocktail recipes. Be transported to The Dead Rabbit bar in New York City when you mix these award-winning cocktails at home. Filled with inspiration throughout, the home bar will be transformed.  

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  33. Whiskey Water Dropper
  34. Whiskey Water Dropper

    A unique accessory for the home bar and a thoughtful gift for a bourbon fan. This exquisite gift is handmade in Scotland. The hand-blown glass dropper allows measured drops of water to be added to drinks. Presented in a luxury velvet lined gift box, it will enchant whoever receives it.  

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  35. Bourbon Infused Toothpicks
  36. Bourbon Infused Toothpicks

    For a true novelty bourbon gift, look no further. These bourbon flavored toothpicks are destined to amuse. Infused with the delicious flavor of bourbon, these 12 toothpicks are an ideal stocking filler for men. They could also be included as an additional gift alongside that quality bottle of bourbon.  

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  37. Leather Hip Flask
  38. Leather Hip Flask

    A gift for the traditional bourbon lover. This leather hip flask is embossed with the American flag. This would make a great commemorative gift for bourbon fans. They will be able to sip their favorite drink whilst on the move and enjoy the delights of bourbon on any adventure. A high-quality memorable gift for a loved one.  

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  39. Jim Beam T-Shirt
  40. Jim Beam T-Shirt

    Every bourbon lover will wear this gift with pride. This 100% cotton, classic fit t-shirt is a great gift for bourbon lovers. Especially if their favorite tipple is Jim Beam. A fabulous gift for Father’s Day or a birthday, the man in your life will be thrilled to receive this eye-catching quality gift.  

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  41. Bourbon Cocktail Bitters
  42. Bourbon Cocktail Bitters

    These bitters are delicious when added to a glass of bourbon, an Old Fashioned, a Manhattan...the list is endless. They be an ideal gift for bourbon lovers. With 45% alcohol a natural bitterness of gentian root and a sweetness of cherry and notes of spice this will be enjoyed by any cocktail lover.

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