33 Slam Dunkin’ Basketball Gifts For Fans & Players

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Become the champion of gift-giving this year with these basketball gifts which would be ideal for a basketball coach, fan, or player in your life. Below you will see that we’ve collected 33 amazing gifts ranging from bedroom decor to Lakers merchandise. We’ve covered all ages and genders throughout, so we’re sure you’ll find the perfect basketball gift here.  

  1. Mug With A Hoop
  2. Mug With A Hoop

    Ok, this might be the coolest mug we have ever seen! If you know someone who is notorious for playing with their food, or is just a huge fan of basketball, then this gift would be ideal. Perfect for tossing marshmallows into a hot cup of cocoa, or decorating your Sunday ice cream. Fully functional and dishwasher safe.

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  3. Basketball Themed Bottle
  4. Basketball Themed Bottle

    Perfect for cycling, running, and walking indoors and outdoors. This high-quality insulated bottle features a unique 2 part feature, and is extremely durable and leakproof! Making it ideal to bring on your travels with you. Keep your favorite beverage colder or warmer for longer! 

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  5. Night Light
  6. Night Light

    ‘You’re the best’ - this touching and uplifting nightlight would make a super stylish gift for a basketball fan. You have complete control over the color change aspect, with 7 vibrant colors to choose from. Super ideal for anyone who likes relaxing and sleeping with a nightlight on. 

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  7. Coach Keyring
  8. Coach Keyring

    Keep your basketball coach in high spirits with this precious accessory. ‘A good coach can change a game, but a great coach can change a life’. It’s powerful and meaningful, and it will surely be carried with pride for years to come. A great reminder for when they’re not having a great day, they’ll look down and read this and instantly feel uplifted and appreciated. 

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  9. Basketball Drill Cards
  10. Basketball Drill Cards

    64 basketball drill cards making this an ideal gift for anyone wanting to improve their performance and knowledge. Each drill ranges from passing, ball handling, defense, shooting, and rebounding skill development. Perfectly suitable for home use, gym, or outdoor use. 

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  11. Basketball Fleece Throw
  12. Basketball Fleece Throw

    This super warm fleece throw will be ideal for keeping any basketball fan warm in winter. The colors are intensely rich and the design has been finished to a super high standard. When winter passes, this would look great as a throw on a chair or at the end of the bed.

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  13. Desktop Basketball
  14. Desktop Basketball

    Make working from home more fun! You’ll receive a miniature basketball, post, basketball hoop, suction-cup base, and backboard. Easy to assemble in just a few minutes and providing hours of fun. It also comes with a complete guide inside.

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  15. Basketball Wristbands
  16. Basketball Wristbands

    These adjustable Kobe wristbands would make a great gift for any NBA fan. You’ll receive 5 unique and individual wristbands making them ideal for a choice of selection to choose from. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic. 

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  17. Coach Board
  18. Coach Board

    The ultimate coaching tool that allows coaches to write down the flawless play and is a great way of communication with the team. It features a dry-erase board and comes with 2 suitable pens in red and black colors. Overall, an ideal and useful gift that any basketball coach will highly appreciate. 

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  19. Basketball Arcade Game
  20. Basketball Arcade Game

    This is truly fun for all the family - it’s super easy to assemble with no tools required! Once it’s up and running you can test your skills and show off your competitive side amongst friends and family. Lots of different game options to choose from and is a great way of bringing everyone together. 

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  21. Basketball Duvet
  22. Basketball Duvet

    This unique and super stylish duvet would be a dream for an NBA superfan! It’s super soft and breathable making it great for all-year usage. A great gift for children and adults who are looking for a way of adding more basketball-themed accessories and decor to their bedrooms. 

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  23. Mini Basketball De-Sstressers
  24. Mini Basketball De-Sstressers

    These super squeezy basketballs are brilliant for children and adults. You can throw them around or squeeze the hell out of them when you’re feeling enraged. Making them great to have in an office desk drawer, toy box, and shelves. You’ll also receive 12 of these miniatures, making them great value for money too! 

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  25. NBA Outdoor Basketball
  26. NBA Outdoor Basketball

    You cannot go wrong with gifting them the classic basketball. We love this design and its ultra-durable rubber finish. Designed ideally for outdoor use, but would work great indoors too. The light tones of pink & purple will definitely be easy on the for an aspiring female. 

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  27. Basketball Scrunchies
  28. Basketball Scrunchies

    These would be an ideal and inexpensive gift for any female that’s a basketball fan, player, coach, or someone who’s just mad about sports. You’ll get 6 individual scrunchies all designed differently from each other. They’re soft and elastic and easy on the wrist too, perfect for wearing during sports or for casual everyday life. 

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  29. Basketball Training Flick Glove
  30. Basketball Training Flick Glove

    Anyone you know who is into playing basketball will 110% appreciate these in their life. These 3 resistance bands have been designed to improve and strengthen your shots and to improve form. Making them ideal for a basketball player or someone who plays a lot in their downtime or for a team. 

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  31. Basketball Hoop Game
  32. Basketball Hoop Game

    Get the kids and the whole family involved with this arcade basketball hoop game. It’s perfect for getting everyone off their phones and have them playing indoors together - like it used to be! The simple hoop system allows even the youngest members of the family to be involved. A truly great gift for any basketball fan looking to improve their techniques and have hours of fun indoors. 

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  33. Magnetic Basketball Opener
  34. Magnetic Basketball Opener

    Crack open a beer in style with this wooden magnetic bottle top opener. This stands out from the rest of any bottle opener because once a beer has been capped, the caps fall straight into the attached hoop - cute and stylish. It’s high quality, easy to install, and would complement any basketball fan or player’s home.  

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  35. Basketball Dice Game
  36. Basketball Dice Game

    GoHoops has created a one-on-one game that allows family and friends to come together to score slam dunks with its unique dice twist. Even though it’s simple to assemble and understand, it’s challenging enough to provide hours of endless fun. This would be great for two players who want to come head to head in a challenging game. 

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  37. Basketball Novelty Plasters
  38. Basketball Novelty Plasters

    Whilst Basketball isn’t a rough contact sport such as rugby, for example, players can still make accidents and mistakes. Show your loved one that you care with this pack of 50 basketball-themed self-adhesive plasters. They’re long-lasting, durable and the non-stick pad is absolutely essential when protecting against an injury. 

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  39. Laundry Hamper
  40. Laundry Hamper

    Are you sick and tired of telling your kids to put their used washing in the hamper, rather than letting it pile up on their bedroom floor? Then we have got you covered with this! It’s the perfect way of adding fun to chores and your kids get to improve on their slam dunks too! It’s super easy to assemble and is ideal for de-cluttering and making laundry easier to collect. 

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  41. NBA Sticker Set
  42. NBA Sticker Set

    DIY their water bottle, tumbler, scrapbook, letters, journal and so much more with this set of 40 NBA team stickers. Each individual sticker has been made from the highest quality of PVC so they’re easy on the eye, and super durable so your items can stay personalized for longer. This would make a great and inexpensive gift for basketball lovers out there.  

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  43. Love Basketball Sweater
  44. Love Basketball Sweater

    We love this because everyone loves a brand new sweater when it gets cooler, right? This hoodie is super casual and would complement both males and females. It’s warm and comfortable and shows off their passion for Basketball - we think this gift is a “no brainer” for the NBA fan in your life. 

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  45. Whiskey Stones
  46. Whiskey Stones

    Become the champion of gift-giving with these stylish whiskey stones. You’ll receive 6 reusable stones, stainless steel tongs, and the set is beautifully wrapped in a velvet drawstring bag all contained in a premium box. This makes it a readily available gift for your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend who’s been hinting how they can further complement their next beverage. 

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  47. Kobe Bryant Biography
  48. Kobe Bryant Biography

    Kobe Bryant was one of the most celebrated basketball players of all time. Inside his biography ‘The Mamba Mentality - How I Play’ features his personal take on his career, life, and time on the basketball court. Any basketball fan or player out there will appreciate this gifted legend and will admire it for years to come.  

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  49. Slam Dunk Softee Hoop Set
  50. Slam Dunk Softee Hoop Set

    Brighten up their mornings with this Lakers coffee set, super easy to assemble and requires no tools whatsoever which we always like to hear. Quick to attach to any door within the house or workplace and adds a bit more fun and style! The softee ball is also ideal for indoor play as its softness will limit any breakage around the house.  

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  51. Basketball Player LED Desk Light
  52. Basketball Player LED Desk Light

    This would make such a motivating gift for anyone aspiring to become a basketball player. It features a beautiful 3D effect and would add personality to anyone’s bedroom. Ideal for someone who likes to sleep with a light on ensuring a great night’s sleep. It’s also extremely durable and energy-saving - an ideal eco-friendly gift! 

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