29 6 Year Anniversary Gifts (Traditional Iron Gifts)

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Ok so let’s say you’ve most likely done the flowers, chocolates, novelty cushions and maybe even city breaks, what can we different on the 6th anniversary? We go for traditional! Iron traditional for 6 year anniversary gifts because it represents strength, courage, and so much more. We have put together some ideal gifts we think would be perfect for your upcoming anniversary. 

  1. Affectionate Couple Statue
  2. Affectionate Couple Statue

    This handcrafted iron statue would look beautiful in a living room or bedroom and would make a sentimental gift for a special couple celebrating a 6 year anniversary. It’s strong and durable and has a supportive velveteen bottom ensuring no damage will be left, whether that be your fireplace, coffee table, or bedroom dressers. 

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  3. Personalized Family Name Plaque
  4. Personalized Family Name Plaque

    Sophisticated, stylish and will add a sense of class to anyone’s home. This would work great outdoors and through tough weather conditions. It would also make a great addition to wall decor in a hallway or living room too. It’s a beautiful gift to mark the happy couple’s anniversary and allow them to feel proud of their home.  

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  5. Cast Iron Love Keys
  6. Cast Iron Love Keys

    These beautiful cast iron keys will make a great decor gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife. They would make a great addition to your house decor, and this would be an extra special year if this is your year of moving house, or maybe you’re moving in for the first time! If so, this would be extra special and will gather sentiment over the coming years. 

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  7. Cheese Knife Set
  8. Cheese Knife Set

    If your loved one goes weak at the knees thinking about wine and cheese night, then this would make an exceptional gift. This set of 4 stainless steel cheese knives will look great on any cheese board and utensil drawer. They each have galvanized iron handles and & are extremely high quality.  

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  9. Personalize Steak Pressing Tool
  10. Personalize Steak Pressing Tool

    We’ve all been there, you’re both eyeing up the steaks before they go on the barbie and arguing who’s having the biggest of the plumpest one. If that’s the case, banish heated arguments for good with this personalized steak pressing tool! It has a heat-resistant wooden handle making it safe and comfortable to handle and is super easy to use. All you need to do is add your desired names and wallah - the perfect iron gift is on its way to you. 

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  11. Cast Iron Cat Bookends
  12. Cast Iron Cat Bookends

    If your loved one is into reading and still doesn’t have a suitable place to store their books, then this would make a great gift. It will help them to stay organized and keep their books protected, and safely stored together. These Ambipolar cat bookends will look super stylish on any shelf or bookcase, and they’ll protect any size book from small to heavy-duty.  

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  13. Forged Iron Roses
  14. Forged Iron Roses

    Intertwined and meant to be, these jet-black roses are a statement of a strong and loving relationship. We love these because, unlike real roses, these will never die making them extra special. They have been beautifully finished and designed with a double rustic wooden frame. They’d look beautiful on any wall or fireplace in your home and will make a truly special 6th-anniversary gift. 

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  15. K2 Iron Spike Knife
  16. K2 Iron Spike Knife

    If your husband or partner is a knife collector or hunter, then this is a great appreciation gift for your 6th anniversary together. Handforged by talented blacksmiths, it features a gradual twist on the handle making it a fascinating piece of art as well as a tool. You could make this extra personal and special by adding your customization message to it. 

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  17. Cast Iron Tortilla Press
  18. Cast Iron Tortilla Press

    Get creative in the kitchen and step back in time with this unique cast iron tortilla press. Not a fan of tortillas? No problem, together, you can whip up dinner in a hurry and make mini pie shells, tostones, patacones, arepas and so much more! It’s an 8-inch press so ideal for tonnes of new recipes, and it also comes with 100 pieces of parchment paper rounds. 

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  19. Hand Forged Iron Bottle Top Opener
  20. Hand Forged Iron Bottle Top Opener

    Add style and tradition to any kitchen or man cave with this hand-forged bottle opener gift. It makes for a great conversation starter and will be sentimental for years to come. You could make it extra special by accompanying it with an iron knife, or some unique craft beers.  

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  21. Iron Bookshelf
  22. Iron Bookshelf

    Open bookshelves complement any home, they allow you to not just store your favorite reads, but also succulent house plants and other ornaments or family photos. This super stylish 5 shelf bookcase has a vintage feel and its sturdy iron brackets will bring years of use. 

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  23. Cast Iron Family Figures
  24. Cast Iron Family Figures

    If you’re searching for a gift for your parent’s 6th anniversary, then this would be incredibly sentimental. This handcrafted cast iron sculpture will look wonderful in any family home. It has a sophisticated and rustic feel about it, adding a cozy home feeling to any room. Strong, durable, and holds a protective bottom covering, ensuring no surface is damaged or marked. 

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  25. Cast Iron Cookbook
  26. Cast Iron Cookbook

    Traditional kitchen cookware is extremely popular and rising amongst generations. Create a comforting homecooked meal with endless recipes from this “Cook It In Cast Iron: Kitchen-Tested Recipes For The One Pan That Does It All”. This would be an ideal 6th-anniversary gift for your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend who loves putting homely meals together for the family and their loved ones. 

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  27. Cast Iron Bird Stop
  28. Cast Iron Bird Stop

    Hold your doors open with style with this cast iron bird stop. Crafted from cast iron, it’s beautifully finished with an antique black finish. Because of the simplicity of this decor, it will match any door color or interior design and would look great in a hallway, bedroom, kitchen, living room, or study.  

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  29. Lodge Skillet Cookbook
  30. Lodge Skillet Cookbook

    230 Lodge cast iron recipes await at your fingertips. This historic preservation society of South Pittsburg, Tennessee, has carefully put together this cookbook which features timeless and classic southern comfort food. From upside-down cakes to mouth-watering slow-simmering stews, this classic and traditional cookbook has you covered for when you’re using your lodge cast iron. 

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  31. Japanese Tea Pot With Cups
  32. Japanese Tea Pot With Cups

    This Ufine Koi Fish cast iron teapot set comes with 4 traditional Japanese-style cups, a teapot, and a stainless steel infuser. It works beautifully well on a gas stove, electric stove, and wooden stove. This would make a very special gift for someone who loves Japanese culture.  

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  33. Cast Iron Paper Towel Holder
  34. Cast Iron Paper Towel Holder

    Now, this could be placed in the bathroom and be your new glorious toilet roll holder. However, we think it’s just too pretty to be tucked away. We instead, think this would look great in a kitchen either as a standing decoration or to be used as a kitchen roll holder. Its vintage and antique finished look will complement most homes and current interiors.  

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  35. Cast Iron Bird Chime
  36. Cast Iron Bird Chime

    Bring a smile to their face each time they enjoy quality time outdoors with their loved ones with this beautiful bird chime. When there is a slight breeze in the air, this acever cast iron wind bell chime will give the most elegant sounds, making it a perfect gift to enhance relaxation and mindfulness.  

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  37. Cast Iron Cheese Melting Pot
  38. Cast Iron Cheese Melting Pot

    Upgrade the way they melt their cheese and show them a more pleasant way of doing so. This offers a great traditional fondue experience and would be ideal for when family and friends are over as it’s a great kitchen entertainer. You’ll receive all the necessary accessories to ensure you have a great experience, and with its sturdy figure, you can ensure years of cheesy memories are only just around the corner. 

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  39. Cast Iron Wall Hook Rack
  40. Cast Iron Wall Hook Rack

    Sturdy and durable, this cast iron cat tail hook rack would look great in a hallway or bedroom. Not only would it keep your coats together and out of the way, but it would also make an extra special gift if your loved one is a fan of these beautiful paw friends. 

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  41. Cast Iron Ring Holder
  42. Cast Iron Ring Holder

    Keep their beloved jewels safe and together with this cute stretching feline ring holder. Thanks to its design, there are other places to store jewelry too such as the tail which can be used to hang bracelets and necklaces. This would make an extra special 6th-anniversary gift for someone who is a cat lover. 

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  43. Cast Iron BBQ Swing
  44. Cast Iron BBQ Swing

    This is certainly unique and we’re delighted to find this product and feature it today. This would be absolutely ideal for when traveling or on a camping trip. Don’t let it catch dust in the shed when you return though - it would work great in the garden for a summer BBQ too! It is foldable and sturdy making it ideal to store for longer times such as the winter months. 

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  45. Iron Horseshoe
  46. Iron Horseshoe

    State both of your names followed by the date you met, an ideal 6th-anniversary gift for reminding someone of your love. Its sturdy cast iron finish will ensure years of enjoyment and will sit proudly inside or outside of any home. The two hearts intertwined and the copper wire wrapped around the horseshoe adds a romantic and sophisticated touch.  

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  47. Iron Chemistry Element Glass
  48. Iron Chemistry Element Glass

    If you know someone who is really into their chemistry, and iron happens to be their most desired element, then this glass would make a great gift for a 6th-anniversary. It makes for a great conversation starter, and the frosted glass finish really finishes the unique design in style.  

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  49. Galvanised Iron Bar Set
  50. Galvanised Iron Bar Set

    Bring the bar to your kitchen with this set of 6 bar tools including an 18.5 oz double-wall stainless steel drink shaker, Hawthorne cocktail strainer, jigger, long-handled spoon, bottle opener, iron tong handles, and a magnetic timber organizer stand. Handmade in India, whether you or your loved one already has put together their own home bar - this would make a fantastic addition! 

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