21 Traditional 5 Year Anniversary Gifts To Celebrate Your Love

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This is one of the biggest milestones of any solid relationship, therefore you may be looking for a more traditional and touching gift. We have hand-selected the best 5 year anniversary gifts ranging from posh cheese boards to a new piece of home furniture. If you’re in need of some ideas, we have got you covered.

  1. Engraved Wood Plaque
  2. Engraved Wood Plaque

    This hand-crafted wooden plaque would be an ideal anniversary gift for your beloved wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or husband. Engraved is not only 5 years, but how many hours and seconds you’ve been in each other’s life - super sweet. It’s also been made from only top-quality natural wood so you can be assured that this will look and hang beautifully around their home. 

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  3. Memory Book
  4. Memory Book

    Made only using eco-friendly materials, this elegant and sophisticated scrapbook would be absolutely ideal if you are looking for 5 year anniversary gifts. This makes a really special keepsake and will be treasured for years to come. Get creative and fill it with all your favorite pictures, postcards, stickers, and those old boarding cards you saved from your most amazing vacation together. 

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  5. Wooden Roses
  6. Wooden Roses

    These hand-carved wooden roses are truly unique and would make a lovely traditional wooden anniversary gift. You get 5 wooden roses and a wooden vase too. We love this because as much as you can’t beat a beautiful bouquet of fresh roses, they eventually end up dying and have to be disposed of. However, this will sit perfectly in your living room for so many years to come. 

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  7. Rustic House Sign
  8. Rustic House Sign

    By now you probably already live together, and maybe you’re getting on the property ladder finally by purchasing your very own love nest. This would look fantastic outside the home or inside the home. It’s a beautifully engraved and personalized gift that will be treasured and admired for a long time. 

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  9. Wooden Bookmark
  10. Wooden Bookmark

    Is your loved one usually found with their head buried into a new book? Then this would make a fab gift, especially if you’re looking for a gift to add to something bigger you may have already purchased. It’S been handmade from only the finest sustainably wood too. It’s beautifully finished and will add a real classic and natural feeling to any book. 

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  11. Wooden Engraved Whiskey Glass Set
  12. Wooden Engraved Whiskey Glass Set

    'To My Husband – Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more'. This would make a great anniversary gift for the whiskey lover in your life. These incredibly elegant crystal-cut glasses are extremely durable, highly detailed and they also come with the ace of hearts-themed stones, which will definitely complement their next beverage.  

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  13. Wood Jewelry Box
  14. Wood Jewelry Box

    This high-quality and sturdy wooden box would store your wife or girlfriend’s jewelry safely for years to come. A keepsake that she will love and appreciate for storing her finest pieces of silver jewelry, rings, necklaces, and so on… Its rustic wooden look is natural and it would complement any bedroom dresser, drawers, wardrobe, or dressing room. 

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  15. Wooden Cheese Board
  16. Wooden Cheese Board

    If fine cheese and wine are your things, then this would be a great addition! This gives you plenty of cutting space making it ideal for all your cheese and crackers. It even comes with a pull-out drawer where you will find four stainless steel utensils equipped to help you serve those delicate cheeses. Made from premium bamboo you can ensure high quality, sustainable and all-natural wood designed to last for years to come.  

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  17. Wooden Musical Box
  18. Wooden Musical Box

    Calling all music lovers - this has been handmade from the highest quality of wood material. It has a real retro and rustic look about it, which is why we love it! It will play you 18 songs whilst the handle is turned and would make a really great present for your wife or husband who is a fan of music.  

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  19. Wood Smoked BBQ Grilling Set
  20. Wood Smoked BBQ Grilling Set

    If your husband or wife loves cooking especially over an outdoor open flame, then this set will allow them to really spice things up in the kitchen. It comes with everything they will need including an easy-to-follow guide on how they can make their succulent meats more favorable & smokey. Inside you’ll find 3 unique wood smoker chips, stainless steel smoker box, a thermometer, and a grill scraper. 

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  21. Wooden Abstract Sculpture
  22. Wooden Abstract Sculpture

    This would make the perfect gift for your home. It’s been carefully hand-carved from suar wood, and the elegant design structure would make a brilliant 5th-anniversary gift for your wife, husband, girlfriend, or boyfriend. It would sit elegantly on any fireplace, set of drawers, coffee table, or bookcase.  

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  23. Wooden Cheese Knife Set
  24. Wooden Cheese Knife Set

    For all cheese lovers, this would make an excellent and efficient anniversary gift. You will get a two-prong cheese fork, narrow and flat knives, a spade spreader, and last but not least, a wooden utensil holder made from the finest natural acacia wood. It’s a great way to store specific tools for cheese cutting only.  

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  25. Wooden Shot Glasses
  26. Wooden Shot Glasses

    Designed to serve your favorite liquor, these would be ideal for indoor use and outdoor use. Add an eco-friendly twist when drinking shots! These have been handmade and crafted from the wonderful jujube tree. They’re lightweight, durable, and make a truly unique and wonderful present for a 5th-anniversary gift.  

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  27. Wooden Luxury Bathtub Tray
  28. Wooden Luxury Bathtub Tray

    Add a romantic and relaxing ambiance atmosphere for their next soak in the tub. This premium bamboo wood tray which has been built to be sturdy and durable for many years to come. Light some candles and add their favorite bath conditioner or scents to the caddy, and let your loved one bathe their troubles away.  

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  29. Wooden Accessory Holder
  30. Wooden Accessory Holder

    Organize your husband or boyfriend’s life with ease with this great wooden desktop organizer. Store their keys, phone, glasses, wallet, and watch all in one place with this sturdy caddy. We love this rustic feel this holder has and would complement any bedroom drawer, bedside table, work desk, or workstation. This would make an extra special gift if you’re struggling to buy for the man that seems to have it all! 

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  31. Traditional Wood Buddah
  32. Traditional Wood Buddah

    Add some zen to your home and increase your luckiness if you’re a believer. This meditating Buddha statue. Hand-carved from suar wood, this would make an exceptional anniversary gift for your loved one who has an interest in art & meditation. Not to mention the obvious, but Buddha’s make great decor for around the house. 

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  33. USA Traditional Wooden Board
  34. USA Traditional Wooden Board

    If you’ve spent most of your relationship traveling the states with one another, then this would be a great sentimental keepsake anniversary gift. It’s been built from solid construction and you can spend hours together playing a traditional game of cribbage. However, this could also be used as a new piece of decor for around the house. 

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  35. Traditional Wooden Clock
  36. Traditional Wooden Clock

    Add a rustic, natural feel to the kitchen or living room wall with this beautiful, easy-to-read, front-facing clock. It’s also been designed to not disrupt your sleep as it’s 100% noiseless. This would easily complement a bedroom because it’s also a luminous date clock! It does need to absorb enough light energy in the daytime, however, come nighttime the numerals and hands will glow in the darkness automatically. 

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  37. Wooden Planter
  38. Wooden Planter

    This Dahlia Driftwood stump log would make a perfect 5th-anniversary gift for your loved one who is into gardening. We love it because it’s unique, has a natural feel, and is extremely durable, making it more than ideal for outdoor use as well as indoors. This would make an ideal planter base for plants such as cactus, succulents, aloe vera, and many more. 

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  39. Wooden World Map
  40. Wooden World Map

    If both of you or your loved one has a passion for globetrotting, then they will absolutely love this wall decor. It’s a 3D wooden map that has been completely handmade from not just 1 but 2 layers of birch plywood. It’s ready to hang and is easy to place onto your desired wall choice.  

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  41. Traditional Wood Glasses
  42. Traditional Wood Glasses

    Upgrade their outlook on life - literally, with these premium wooden-built glasses featuring polarized lenses. These have been handcrafted from bamboo and they are definitely unique and stylish. Your loved one can wave goodbye to the days of the blinding sun whether they’re driving on the open road or relaxing for the day on the beach!  

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