22 Modern & Traditional 30 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Being together for 30 years is an amazing milestone and deserves an amazing gift. So if you need gift ideas for your husband, wife or favorite couple then look no further than this collection of 30 year anniversary gift ideas. Traditionally the gift for a 30th Anniversary is pearls but this guide also includes more modern and thoughtful gift ideas. 

  1. Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Mug Set
  2. Mr Right & Mrs Always Right Mug Set

    If you’re considering something simple and useful yet special, then consider this 30th anniversary mug set. Having beautiful finishing of stylish “Mr. Right” on one mug and “Mrs. Always Right” on the other makes an ideal 30 year anniversary gift. The perfect gifts for that special coffee loving couple!  

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  3. Silverplated Photo Frame
  4. Silverplated Photo Frame

    This timeless pearl anniversary gift is a great choice for your spouse, your parents, or a couple in your family celebrating their 30-year milestone. It features silver detailing and stunning embossing of design, making it very appealing and royal. This photo frame can hold two photographs.  

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  5. Personalized Sundial
  6. Personalized Sundial

    If you feel like giving something unique to your spouse on your pearl wedding anniversary, then nothing beats this Personalized Sundial. This sundial is a model of premium craftsmanship and elegance. You can give it to your spouse, parents, or favorite couple with a personalized message.  

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  7. Silver Plated Keepsake
  8. Silver Plated Keepsake

    This gorgeous silver-plated keepsake makes a fabulous gift idea for a happy couple celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary. It’s completely made of metal. The two silver hearts hanging in this keepsake have crystal Swarovski beads housed in them. 

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  9. Pearl Earrings
  10. Pearl Earrings

    Every woman adores a pair of stunning Pearl Earrings. For your wife on your 30th year of togetherness, Pearl Earrings make a timeless and classic gift. These earrings are perfect for everyday wear. From the office to dinner night with you, your spouse can wear these sterling silver earrings anytime she wants.  

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  11. Pearl Clutch Bag
  12. Pearl Clutch Bag

    One of the best 30 year anniversary gift ideas for your wife is this stunning Pearl Clutch Bag. This bag is covered in many pearl beads, giving it a royal elegance and luxurious touch. Your spouse will carry this Pearl Clutch Bag with pride and confidence. It’s both functional and stylish at the same time.  

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  13. Engraved Wallet Inserts
  14. Engraved Wallet Inserts

    If you want to give your spouse something unique on your pearl wedding anniversary, consider these Engraved Wallet Inserts. These stainless-steel inserts come with beautiful messages engraved on them with laser engraving. It’s a beautiful gift for him, or for her.  

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  15. Pearl Bracelet Compatible with Apple Watch
  16. Pearl Bracelet Compatible with Apple Watch

    Today, everyone uses technology in one way or another. If your spouse owns an Apple Watch, this bracelet is ideal for her. It’s compatible with Apple Watch and can be worn separately. It’s a stylish bracelet with pearl beads, a strong elastic stretch band, and an elegant design.  

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  17. Mother-of-Pearl Dial Watch
  18. Mother-of-Pearl Dial Watch

    A watch is a timeless gift, and when the watch is as beautiful as this one, it makes a perfect gift to give to your partner on your pearl wedding anniversary. If you’re looking for something stylish, functional, and durable then this Mother of Pearl Dial Watch is an excellent option.  

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  19. Picture Frame
  20. Picture Frame

    Give this elegant picture frame to your spouse, parent, or favorite couple celebrating their 30 year anniversary. This picture frame has beautiful beads housed on its skirt, making the frame even more beautiful. It can sit both horizontally and vertically, and its high definition glass front shows the photograph clearly.  

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  21. Anniversary Keychain
  22. Anniversary Keychain

    This keychain is made from stainless steel and has 30 years & counting engraved on it, making it an excellent 30 year anniversary gift. The beautiful engraving of the “30 years & counting” will make the happy couple recall all the beautiful moments they have spent together.  

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  23. Pearl Necklace
  24. Pearl Necklace

    No list of 30 year anniversary gift ideas would be complete without a beautiful pearl necklace. The two hearts, metal chain, and a handpicked, high quality freshwater pearl combine in this amazingly well-crafted necklace.  

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  25. Diamond Stud Earrings
  26. Diamond Stud Earrings

    If you’re looking for something luxurious and beautiful, then these stunning Diamond Stud Earrings are a perfect choice. Your wife will wear these earrings with love and pride. These beautiful diamond earrings are ideal for showing your love to your spouse for being with you for 30 years of your life.  

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  27. Pearl Necklace
  28. Pearl Necklace

    Giving this simple and beautiful Pearl Necklace to your spouse is one of the best ways to show your love to her on this landmark occasion. This would make a perfect traditional 30 year anniversary gift. Your spouse can wear it every day without getting tired of it, making her fall in love with you over and over again.  

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  29. Pearl Bracelet
  30. Pearl Bracelet

    This timeless bracelet is perfect gift to be worn on any occasion. From everyday wear to occasional wear, this bracelet never feels out of style. The pearls are handpicked and put together for a beautiful, timeless look. Each bracelet features a 14k high-quality gold clasp, giving a luxurious outlook to this bracelet.  

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  31. Anniversary Canvas
  32. Anniversary Canvas

    This beautiful wall canvas is perfect for your pearl anniversary. This will make you recall every moment of your 30 years of togetherness. Your spouse will recall the friendship, love, understanding, and affection you have shown throughout the 30 years. It’s a simple yet thoughtful 30 year anniversary gift. 

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  33. Anniversary Wine Glass
  34. Anniversary Wine Glass

    This Anniversary Wine Glass makes a perfect item for your pearl anniversary. Every time you’ll have wine in this glass, you’ll recall all those moments you drank wine together. It has “30th Happy Anniversary” written on it in a very elegant font style. It makes a perfect gift for your spouse if they are a wine lover.  

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  35. 30th Anniversary Mugs
  36. 30th Anniversary Mugs

    This beautiful personalized 30th anniversary mug set would make the perfect gift for any couple celebrating their Pearl Wedding Anniversary. Anyone would enjoy a tea or coffee out of these wonderful mugs. 

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  37. Wall Plaque
  38. Wall Plaque

    This LifeSong Wall Plaque is a special gift to mark the 30-year milestone. The plaque shows in an elegant way just how much time the happy couple have spent together in days, weeks, months, years. Honor the happy couple with a treasured and lasting personal keepsake for their 30th anniversary. 

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  39. Pearl Champagne Flutes
  40. Pearl Champagne Flutes

    These Pearl Champagne Flutes are perfect for toasting the special day. These glasses enamel stems, and rhinestones & pearl embellishments, making them highly elegant and luxurious. Give this pair of beautiful glasses to your spouse, parents, or favorite couple completing their 30th anniversary.  

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  41. Anniversary Party Backdrop
  42. Anniversary Party Backdrop

    This Anniversary Party Backdrop makes a great choice for any 30th wedding anniversary party. It’s not just useful but stylish as well. It’s suitable for both outdoor and indoor parties. The atmosphere will be given an amazing boost with this backdrop on the happy couple’s memorable day. 

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